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Park Se-jeong Bio, Single’s Inferno, Age, Job, Plastic Surgery

Get to know Park Se-jeong from season 2 of Single’s Inferno. Netflix’s Single’s Inferno, which debuted its successful first season on December 18, 2021, is back for season 2 with a fresh cast of handsome single castaways. If you’re not familiar with the plot of the program, 12 stunning singles search for love on a remote island named “Inferno.”

To escape the inferno and go to “paradise,” a place with sumptuous mansions where they may enjoy their new connection, the competitors must establish a romantic bond with another person and persuade them to reciprocate. They can disclose more intimate details like their ages and employment while enjoying a romantic date there. However, the job is challenging, and finding love is challenging because there is so much drama happening.

The program is essentially a Korean adaptation of Too Hot To Handle. The program made Netflix’s global top 10 lists for the first time ever for a Korean reality series.

Park Se-jeong On Netflix’s Single’s Inferno Season 2

Coming back to the season 2 cast member, Park Se-jeong is one of the cast members we meet in the brand new season. Hosts Lee Da-hee, Kyuhyun, Hong Jin-Kyung, and Hanhae were all taken aback by Park Se-entrance jeong’s and commented that she was “very different” and “beautiful.”

Se-Jeong arrived on the island with a sense of assurance while dressed in a similar yellow co-ord set that wonderfully fitted her curves. She confessed that she wants to meet someone on the show who is as attractive to her. She even acknowledged that she is appealing because of her “sexy body,” “sexy eyes,” and lively nature.

Se-ideal jeong’s type, in her opinion, is a man with a charming smile and monolid eyes who emanates a sense of responsibility and can take good care of her. The stunning brunette claims that she will pursue a man once she has found him and that she almost never fails in her endeavor.

The other cast members joining Se-jeong this season are Shin Seul-ki, Choi Jong-woo, Lee So-e, Jo Yoong-jae, Lee Nadine, Kim Han-bin, Shin Dong-woo, and Choi Seo-eun. Season 2 of ‘Single’s Inferno’ stars Kyuhyun, Lee Da Hee, Hong Jin Kyung, and Hanhae appear as MCs.

Is Park Se-jeong Dating Anyone?

In the show, Park Se-jeong was attracted to Jo Yoong-jae who also gave his postcard to her which didn’t come as a surprise.

After the introduction, the Season 2 cast of Single’s Inferno was split up into groups of three and instructed to complete specific tasks. Yoong-Jae, Lee Soe, and Se Jeong were partners in one group. Se Jeong looked to be more talkative and tried to capture everyone’s attention during their brief conversation. Se Jeong announced just before they were ready to leave that she had a splinter in her leg and was unable to walk.

She admitted to Yoong Jae that walking hurt. Yoong Jae approached to quickly inspect the splinter. And in no time at all, he was able to remove it, and Se Jeong quickly recovered. The entire scenario didn’t seem too real to the fans. And, many slammed the show for “creating” the fake scene.

Her “splinter” situation enraged fans and slammed her on several social media platforms. However, tension arose when So-e and Seo-eun revealed that they had picked Yoong-jae to be their partner.

Se-jeong’s dating show after the show is a mystery.

Park Se-jeong Age

Park Se-jeong’s age is currently a mystery. But, she appears not a day older than 24 years old. However, a few sites have claimed that she is currently 25.

Park Se-jeong Job

Park Se-jeong is a professional model who is currently signed to KPLUS. She was one of the three models who inked an exclusive contract to join the agency with KPLUS. One of her first gigs as a model working with KPLUS was appearing on a video pictorial for Vogue Korea x Malfy Gin.

Se-jeong added that she enjoys lifting weights and works out three to four times each week as a fitness enthusiast. She also dabbles in lawn tennis once or twice a week. She claims it’s her constant effort to work out and keep herself in shape that results in her brilliant confidence.

Has Park Se-jeong Undergone Plastic Surgery?

After the show’s premiere, some viewers wanted to know if she underwent plastic surgery to gain her perfect appearance. However, she is yet to make comments on such rumors.

Park Se-jeong Height

While many of her fans inquired about her height, based on her pictures, she should be around or under 5’8” tall.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Park Se-jeong Birthday?

Park Se-jeong recently celebrated her birthday on 12 November. She was in New York in 2022 while celebrating her birthday.

  • Where Is Park Se-jeong From?

Park Se-jeong appears to be from Seoul, South Korea.

  • Is Park Se-jeong On Instagram?

Yes, Park Se-jeong is on Instagram (@jennonpark) with 22K followers.

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