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Chris Gillette Now, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Gator Boys

Animal Planet’s The Gator Boys has not been on our TVs since 2015. Yet, the show and its cast members have not been forgotten. Fans especially have kept wondering if their Gator Boys left or are still in Mississippi. Back then people also loved to see Christopher “Chris” Gillette and his partner Ashley Lawrence on the show. Both have since made quite a name for themselves in the world of animal conservation as well as content creation.

Stay tuned and in this writing, we shall tell you more about Chris and his and Ashley’s relationship.

The Gator Boys: What Is Chris Gillette Doing Now?

Chris Gillette these days has made quite a name for himself. Other than his impressive social media presence, he has been primarily working under the banner of Underwater Gator Tours, through which he provides his clients the chance to see alligators, crocodiles, snakes, sharks, and several other under-the-water beings.

Is Chris Gillette Still With Ashley Lawrence?

Back then, Ashley Lawrence, who now has transitioned to a real estate career, was the only female cast of The Gator Boys show. In addition to her ability to put an alligator’s mouth under the clasps of her chin while she had her hands tied up, fans at the time also knew her as then-24-year-old Chris’s girlfriend. Chris worked at the Everglades Alligator farm in Miami, where most of the filming for the show was done. It was also Chris who had first introduced Ashley to the world of alligators.

So, at the time, Chris and Ashley really great together as the world-leading experts in alligators and crocodiles, working together to educate people about them. They were even dubbed the “real-life Tarzan and Jane”.

These two met sometime in 2011 when Chris was running an alligator display at the same animal park where Ashley ran a tiger show. They shared how to catch her attention, Chris would turn up to her shows wearing a snorkel and mask. But what about now? Are they still together?

The answer is no. These two remained no more together as of August 2023. Chris instead seemed to have found someone else and Ashley (on IG @lifeloveallthingswild) in July 2023 had a scare when her beloved dog Hank went missing. Luckily, he was found in a matter of days. Before that, in February 2020, she made history by being the first woman to partake in the Freestyle Alligator Wrestling Competitions in Brighton, Florida.

Chris Gillette Girlfriend Or Wife

Chris Gillette was not married still as of August 2023 but had been dating the social media famed Gabby Nikolle. Gabby, like Chris’s ex, is a wildlife and animal enthusiast. She enjoyed 444K followers on IG @gabbynikolle, 63K followers on Facebook, and another 561.8K followers on TikTok @gabbynikolle, as of 22 August 2023.

Just on 17 March 2023, Gabby on IG made an announcement about her and Chris starting their dream and opening a huge animal sanctuary of their own. On this day, they had closed on a house on a 40-acre property. Gabby also updated that they will be moving 5 hours north to Putnam County, Florida. So, that is how she finally revealed to people their plan on building the largest alligator sanctuary in Florida.

Chris and Gabby have seemingly been together since at least 2018. That year in August, Gabby gushed about feeling so blessed to have “such an incredible boyfriend” who, she said, supports her, is a mentor, and continues to inspire her every day. On Valentine’s Day the next year, she also raved to him that she would be lost without him. Another year, it was Chris’s turn to wish his girlfriend on International Women’s Day. He described Gabby as someone fearless with wildlife and works hard to raise awareness for their animal friends. He said he is the luckiest to have her in his life and to be able to have so many amazing wildlife experiences with her.

How Much Is Chris Gillette’s Net Worth?

Chris Gillette reportedly had more than $600K net worth by 2023.

With a B.S. in Environmental Studies background, he is believed to be currently involved in monitoring American alligators and American crocodiles as indicators of Everglades Restoration, a Collaborative Program to Remove and Necropsy Spectacled Caiman, and Everglades Invasive Reptile and Amphibian Monitoring Program (EIRAMP).

Chris Gillette Age

Because Chris Gillette was born in 1987, he turned 35 years old in 2022.

Chris Gillette Family

Talking about his family, Chris has often shared how his father and brother heavily influenced his interest in diving. His father Kenneth George Gillette, he said, was the first to take him snorkeling. Valium

His older brother Phillip Gillette, whom Chris has always looked up to, is a marine biologist. Currently a researcher at Aplysia Resouce Facility at Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science, he also studied in this same school. He turned 41 in May 2023 and at this point, he was located in Pembroke Pines, Florida while being married to Amy Gillette.

Chris has one more sibling and she is his sister Destiny Smith. And not to miss, his mother is Catherine Pickford who turned 64 in May 2023.

How Tall Is Chris Gillette?

Chris Gillette seems to love the way he stands almost 6’1″ in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Chris Gillette From?

Chris Gillette originally hails from Palm Bay, Florida. Recently though, he relocated to Putnam County, Florida from his place in Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Chris Gillette’s Birthday?

Chris Gillette’s birthday is on October 1st.

  • Is Chris Gillette On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Chris Gillette was on Instagram and Facebook as of August 2023. He enjoyed 1.2 million followers on ‘Chris Gillette’ Facebook. Here, he introduced himself as a biologist, animal handler, and photographer and predominantly showed glimpses of his adventures. He also happened to have another ‘Christopher Gillette’ Facebook, a lesser popular one.

Chris also entertained as many as 1.1 million followers on his IG @gatorboys_chris. Also, he was subscribed by some 30.4K subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘GatorChris’.

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