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Lan Ho Bio, Age, Family, Married, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Lan Ho is one of the contestants on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Instead of a cookery program, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is a hunt for the next great food and beverage sector entrepreneur.

Lan is one such contestant who thinks she has what it takes to launch her own business and collaborate with Gordan Ramsay. She is listed as the Founder and Owner of Fat Miilk in her bio. The other fourteen competitors, who are bringing their culinary expertise to the program, must be surpassed by her.

Additionally, the line-up of competitors for the cook-of for the investment opportunity of $250K includes Aaron Valentine, Ashley Davies, Caroline D’Amore, Chanel Goodson, Chris Kanik, Elisa Strauss, Jake Aronskind, Jourdan Higgs, Kagen Cox, Tony Balestreri, Luther Chen, Megan Meza, Queen Precious-Jewel Zabriskie, and Sydney Webb.

Teams of competitors were given the task of building a snack shack on the beach after being separated into groups. Finally, the team that had the most valuable shed was spared from the elimination phase.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Lan wrote, “THE SECRET IS OUT. For the last year, I’ve had to keep this on the DL, but now I can finally announce what’s been brewing. Fat Miilk is coming to PRIMETIME TV and you don’t want to miss it! Catch me on FOX and Hulu next month on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s #FoodStars where I compete for his partnership and a $250K Angel investment among 14 other promising Food + Beverage entrepreneurs 🔥 Peep the official trailer and give this post a like + a share for #teamFATMIILK #teamHO … Let’s go. Series Premiering Wednesday, May 24th on FOX! @realityclubfox @foxtv Gordon Ramsay.

Get to know Lan more in this article below.

Lan Ho On Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

In the show, Lan had quite a rivalry with Caroline (of Pizza Girl, Inc.). Two teams are given the task of designing a visually appealing menu for a delivery-only restaurant that serves office professionals taking their much-needed lunch break in Episode 4. The goal is to capture mouthwatering food images that would entice people to place an order through the app. Despite how challenging this endeavor actually is, Caroline and Lan’s passive-aggressive fighting makes it seem easier.

“Did you guys pick the hero shot to be this?” Lan asked while gesturing to a photo of a bowl that prominently features eggplant. “We did yes, we did,” says Caroline in a rather tense way. In another photo, the entire bowl can be seen but the focus is now on several beautifully prepared cuts of steak. Honestly, we’re ready to jump through our screens. “I love the steak picture,” says Lan.

“Several times Caroline has jumped at whoever says something in opposition to what she says,” Queen explains. “We are all bosses here. We’re all entrepreneurs. If I have something to say, I’m gonna say it. If Lan has something to say, she’s gonna say it.” Some people perceive a different opinion as a judgment, which might be Caroline’s situation.

Unfortunately at this particular moment in the show, Caroline disagrees without explaining why she feels differently. Lan believes the steak photo looks more “high-end.” Caroline disagrees, but we have no idea why. “That doesn’t look like what would sell it. Sorry, you’re wrong,” she fires back. “I’m not scared of Caroline nor am I here for her,” Lan declares, “I’m gonna voice my opinion, 100 percent.”

According to Lan, the eggplant does “not look appetizing.” She is offering her thoughts as any other person would. Caroline, however, considers this to be “reaching,” and after that, she accuses Lan of “trying to find something wrong” with the eggplant image. She adds that they are in Los Angeles where things are lot more “veggie-driven,” and she seems unusually engrossed in this one picture.

After the premiere of the show, three chefs and business owners said goodbye to their dream to have Gordon as their business partner. The contestants who went home are Kagen (on the premiere day), Elisa (ep. 2), and Jake. Other than them, contestant Chanel left the competition for personal reasons.

Whereas, Jourdan also left as his business needed him back.

In the third week, there are now two teams with eleven contestants remaining,

  • Yellow Team: Ashley, Lan, Queen, Jake, Chris, and Tony
  • Blue Team:  Sydney, Caroline, Luther, Megan, and Aaron

Lan Ho Career

Lan Ho is a registered pharmacist turned entrepreneur. She worked as a Registered Pharmacist at RO starting in August 2021.

What’s more? Lan is a graduate of Lindenwood University and received a liberal arts master’s degree in finance from Harvard University and a doctorate in pharmacy at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. She moved to Chicago in August 2019 and continued to work as a pharmacist for Walgreen’s until the pandemic hit.

“I ended up getting furloughed as I marked my two years at Walgreen’s – it was a company-wide furlough due to COVID,” Lan said. “When I was furloughed, I received severance, which set me up to transition,” she explained. “It gave me about two months to make strides. I actually enjoyed my time at Walgreen’s…and just a few weeks later, they asked me back and I declined.”

In September 2020, she co-founded Fat Miilk, a direct-trade Vietnamese coffee company based in Chicago, IL with her partner Tuan Huynh. It is a direct-trade Vietnamese coffee company sourced ethically from Vietnam.

“We’re emphasizing the cultural aspect, the storytelling, the local farmers of the coffee culture in Vietnam,” Lan told Gazelle Magazine in 2020. “Yes, the coffee industry in America is a 100% saturated industry, but there are opportunities to stand out.” The idea to become involved in the coffee business began years ago, when she, along with her sisters, envisioned building something together.

“I conceptualized doing something with coffee in my early 20s. I have two sisters and we were always talking about being in business together—that was about 10 years ago,” she told the outlet. “I’ve been in higher education for so long that coffee is a pick-me-up. But beyond that, if you ask any Vietnamese person, coffee is not anything novel, it’s embedded in our lifestyle. In every corner of Vietnam, there’s always someone drinking coffee.”

Furthermore, Fat Miilk’s mission is to make Robusta beans more accessible while sharing Vietnam’s coffee culture. Lan hoped to use her Fat Miilk as a way to inspire women in entrepreneurship and encourage others to disrupt the status quo. Connect with Lan’s business on IG (@fatmiilk) and FB (Fat Miilk).  You can find Lan in Daily Coffee News, Gazelle Magazine, Trillest, Fodor’s, and most recently Bon AppĂ©tit.

Did You Know? Lan was crowned Miss Asian Global 1st Princess while representing the Vietnamese community of Chicago, Illinois. She played lacrosse throughout high school and even got recruited to play at a collegiate level.

Is Lan Ho Married?

No, Lan Ho is not married. In fact, whether Lan is currently dating someone or not is a mystery. She is active on social media but has shared very little about her personal life most of which are related to her friends and family. It appears she is consumed by her thriving career and most likely doesn’t entertain sharing about her romantic life like others do.

So, all we can say right now is that Lan is single.

Lan Ho Age

Born in 1990, Lan Ho is 33 years of age.

What Is Lan Ho Ethnicity?

Regarding ethnicity, Lan Ho is Vietnamese-American.

Lan Ho Family

Lan Ho was born to Vietnamese immigrant parents in California. During an interview in 2022, Lan shared that her parents met in Oakland, California. Not much is known about her parents, however. Additionally, she also mentioned that she has two sisters.

They are named Linh Hoang who is 36 years old and Lien Hoang who is 34 years old. Both of her sisters are based in Dallas, Texas.

Linh is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. You can find her on IG. Not much is known about Lien except she is also on IG which is private.

Lan Ho Height

Lan Ho’s height measures under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lan Ho Birthday?

Lan Ho’s birthday is in June.

  • Where Is Lan Ho From?

Lan Ho was born in the Bay Area in California. She was raised there till 6 years of age but later moved to St. Louis, Missouri, her hometown. Meanwhile, she resides in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Is Lan Ho On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Lan Ho is available on Facebook (@lan.ho.14) and Instagram (@iamlanho).

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