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Chris Morse Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Life Below Zero

Meet Chris Morse from “Life Below Zero: Next Generation”. He is returning for season 4 of the show with his wife Jessi Morse.

Learn about him, his net worth, his age, and his height in this Chris Morse Bio. Scroll down this article to learn more about him.

Chris Morse On Life Below Zero: Next Generation

Chris Morse is the star of “Life Below Zero: Next Generation” on the National Geographic channel. Season 4 of the show has officially kicked off on 18 January 2022 which documented the life of people trying to survive in the harshest Alaskan climate and topography. The original show “Life Below Zero” to this spin-off originally premiered in 2013.

Chris is joined by his wife Jessi Morse, Chevie, and Sonta Roach and their three children, Sydney, Ryder and Emery, Johnny Rolfe, Kaleb, and Brittany Rowland, and their children, Gilbert and Elovie, Robert and RJ Miller, and Alex Javor.

For Chris and his wife Jessi, this season is all about Chris and his wife defending their home.

Chris first starred in the season in season 2. He has by far appeared on 19 episodes of the show, excluding season 4.

Jessi And Chris Morse’s Relationship

Jessi and Chris Morse started dating in 2007. They celebrated the 14th anniversary of their first date in July 2021. Chris took to his Facebook page and wrote, “Thank you, everyone, for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. Jess has been such an amazing part of my life I couldn’t imagine life without her. It is also the anniversary of our first date 14 years ago.

More about their relationship: Chris and Jessi met each other for the first time in high school. They tied the knots in 2013 and have been happily married ever since. On Flickr, they have a picture from their wedding day that shows beautiful bride Jessi on her white wedding dress smiling while holding a bouquet and talking with her friends in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.

The married couple has spent much of their time in a cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska. Because businesses started establishing around them, their ultimate goal was to move 100 miles away to their remote cabin along the Cosna River.

But, besides all the challenges, they also understand that off-grid living is very expensive. Hence, the couple works 9-to-5 jobs in the City of Fairbanks to save up and move out to their cabin and leave city life behind – for good. They are definitely among the group that rejects the societal norms where wealth is measured by cars and clothes that they have.

Wealth for Chris and Jessi holds a different meaning. It is the fulfillment and happiness they get from living in the wild.

Talking about Jessi, she is 35 years old and allegedly celebrates her birthday on 5 October. But, our research shows that her birthday falls in June or July. She has by far garnered above $300 thousand in net worth. She goes by the handle name (@jessicarnage) on Instagram and @jessikarnage on Twitter.

Chris Morse Age

Speaking of his age, Chris Morse turned 37 years old in 2021.

Chris Morse Net Worth

There are no details on Chris Morse’s current net worth although it should be under $300 thousand.

Chris and his wife Jessi revealed that they don’t have a figurative sum on how much they are worth. They shared that they don’t have much use of it no matter how much they hold in their life. They assured that currency holds no weight in their lifestyle because everything that they need all comes from nature.

However, the married couple considers wood as their most valuable currency.

From heating to cooking to showering, everything is made possible by the wood so it holds the utmost value to them rather than money. But, his wife does need music to survive. They download music to old cell phones which they charge of solar. She kept a few phones with music saved in it.

According to TVStarBio, Life Below Zero cast makes roughly $4,500 per episode. The outlet reported further that Chris’s fellow cast Glenn has a total net worth of $1 million. Then comes Sue Aiken, Jesse Holmes, and Jessie Holmes with $500 thousand. Likewise, Erik and Martha boast $400,000.

Besides the pay from the TV show, they also rely on their online store where they sell their painted pottery mugs and caribou antler knives which Chris forged. While the mugs cost a minimum of $75, the knife costs $220.

How Tall Is Chris Morse?

Coming to his height, Chris Morse stands tall above 5 feet 8 inches.

Chris Morse Accident

On Reddit, one fan wrote that he found Chris Morse and Jessi Morse annoying. He was pleading to bring Glen back to the show. Some fans were concerned about his leg after Chris had an accident. On the teaser there was a stretcher being taken “somewhere” and he also thought that the injury looked very serious.

But, Chris has recovered and is back for a new edition.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Chris Morse’s Birthday?

Chris Morse celebrates his birthday in early November, probably on 6 November.

  • Who Are Chris Morse’s Parents?

Chris Morse was born to his father Stuart Morse and his mother Debbie Morse. In 1974, Stuart spent a year building the homestead – one main cabin, a guest cabin, and a bathhouse. Chris spent much of his childhood in the cabin and was looking to continue those traditions and skills as an adult.

He also posted pictures of his parents in October 2017 on his Facebook page and wrote, “Photo of my dad and his wife when he first built his cabin on the cosna. Wow he was skinny back then”. Chris commented on Facebook that the time he spent on the homestead was the most cherished part of his life.

Sadly, his mother has passed away tragically in her 60s.

Chris’s father is currently 71 years old. He was a Grunt at Speciality Products Inc in 2003.

  • Is Chris Morse On Instagram?

Chris Morse’s social media includes his Facebook (@alaskanhomestead), YouTube channel (@Chris & Jessi Morse), and his Instagram (@chris_morse_ak).

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