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Jessi Morse Bio, Age, Net Worth, IG, Chris, Life Below Zero

If you are a survival docuseries fan then you might know Jessi Morse and her husband Chris from Yukon Men, or The Last Alaskan. Well, they are back again for another adventure on season 4 of Life Below Zero: Next Generation.

Keep reading this Jessi Morse Bio to learn everything about her. 

Jessi Morse On Life Below Zero

Season 4 of Life Below Zero: Next Generation premiered on National Geographic on  January 18, 2022, and fans were introduced to a family face Jessi and Chris Morse, who defends their home.

But the show wasn’t just about them. Facing the freezing temperature in Alaska were their co-stars — Sonta and Chevie Roach (who teaches their children survival skills), Johnny Rolfe (who looks for food in the new territory), Kaleb and Brittany Rowland and their children, Gilbert and Elovie (who complete necessary building projects), Alex Javor, and the father-son duo Robert and RJ Miller (working as a team to provide food for the village elders.)

And from what we can say, the Morse couple might be the least favorite on the show. Yes, if you look around, you can find several Reddit threads full of fans asking to replace the husband-wife for being “super annoying.”

A user wrote, “Chris and Jesse Morse—- puleeeeeze!!! Incompetent, inept, blundering actors with deeply annoying personalities.”

Did you know: While filming Yukon Men Season 7, Jesse’s toes suffered frostbite, and Chris had a bad leg injury as a result of rubbing up against the blade of some ax.

Chris And Jessi Morse’s Relationship

Jessi Morse and Chris first met in high school, but only got into a relationship in 2007. To be precise, it was July 20, 2007, when the duo went on their first date.

Fast forward to August 2012, the couple then walked the aisle in front of their family and friends in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. One of Chris’s friends who attended her wedding was Travis Olsen who also doubled as the best man.

As of 2022, the pair were still together and spent much of their time in a cabin on the outskirts of Fairbanks, Alaska. However, with businesses popping up around them at record speeds — ultimately resulting in an inability to hunt, fish, and live life on their own terms — the lovebirds were planning to permanently move to their remote cabin along the Cosna River.

According to Chris, his wife has “been such an amazing part of (his) life, (he) couldn’t imagine life without her.”

And same goes for Jessi.

Jessi Morse Age

Jessi Morse was 35 years of age when she appeared on Life Below Zero: Next Generation in 2022.

Fans often confused her birthday to be on October 5, when in fact it falls either June or July.

Jessi Morse Net Worth

Jessi Morse garnered a net worth of above $300 thousand by 2022.

However, she doesn’t care about money. This adventurous lady wants to live a life rejecting conforming to societal norms where wealth is measured by your car or the clothes you wear.

For her, wealth is determined by the “fulfillment and happiness they get from living in the wild.”

Also, “wood” is as valuable as gold to her. “Wood is how we do everything out here. If I want to cook, I am going to use my wood stove, if I want to heat the house, that’s fired by wood, if I want to shower, that’s fired by wood,” she explained.

Nevertheless, one needs money to survive. Jessi earned roughly $4,500 per episode from reality shows and the rest by selling her pottery works online. Yes, she was into pottery.

Recalling when her passion began, Jessi said, “When I got into high school there was a great pottery program, I latched on to that and did that all throughout high school.”

She then went on to graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism from the  University of Alaska.

Last we checked her cups and mugs cost anywhere from $75 to $165.

If you’re into fine arts, do check her smoking devices that are unique and practical at the same time.

One other thing Jessi needs to survive is “music!” Yes, she and her husband downloaded music to old cell phones that they charge off solar and even owned an old cassette player they found in the cabin.

As per IMDb, she appeared in 19 episodes on Life Below Zero: Next Generation (2020 – 2021).

Is Jessi Morse On IG?

Yes, as of January 2022, find Jessi over Instagram @jessicarnage with 2.3K followers. Most of her posts then featured her pottery works, herself, her husband, and the Alaskan snow.

Also, here’s her Facebook @alaskanhomestead, Twitter @Jessikarnage, and Youtube @Chris & Jessi Morse.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Jessi Morse?

Jessi stands tall at a height under 5 feet 3 inches.

Her distinct features include — amazing hazel eyes, brown hair, and a beautiful smile.

  • Where Is Jessi Morse From?

She was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  • What Is Jessi Morse Maiden Name?

Jessi Morse’s maiden name is “Huffaker.”

She’s the daughter of a hunter and fisher who came to visit her in Alaska.

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