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Drag Queen Sugar Bio, Real Name, Out Of Drag, Partner

The cast of season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, when it premiered on 6 January 2023, also included Drag Queen Sugar. She is in fact one-half of the show’s first-ever identical twin contestants in franchise history.

RuPaul’s Drag Race cast, as always, is filled with performers from all different drag scenes, including a few who have made names for themselves on TikTok. Among them are Drag Queen Sugar and her twin sister Spice. Yet, in this writing called ‘Drag Queen Sugar Bio’, we shall mostly talk about the Sugar one.

Drag Queen Sugar On RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15

Drag Queen Sugar decided to go on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a package deal with none other than her twin Spice. However, she also made it clear beforehand that when it comes to snatching the Drag Race crown, she is ready to taste victory all on her own.

As to how to tell them apart, she teasingly said “it’s easy” because she is the prettier one.

Together, the two are making history as Drag Race’s first-ever identical twin contestants. And when introducing them, it was said that despite the living dolls being new to performing, they are ready to double the fun and the drama this season on Drag Race.

As to how the twins got the drag names Sugar and Spice, it comes from the line of the nearly 200-year-old English nursery rhyme “What Are Little Boys Made Of?, What are little girls made of?”. “Sugar and spice. And everything nice”, they say and that is how the twins got their names.

Drag Queen Sugar Out Of Drag

Out of Drag, Sugar is no more a drag queen. She instead looks this way without the fake-ly eyebrows and loud makeover.

Drag Queen Sugar looks like this out of the drag (PIC: Instagram)

So, out of drag, Sugar is this good-looking “feminine” guy in a male form. Yet, even without the makeover, Sugar’s out-of-drag state seems to have it in him to be a good performer.

Sugar’s pronoun out of drag is He/Him, and when in drag is She/Her.

How Old Is Drag Queen Sugar?

Though Drag Queen Sugar was born later, the person who brought her into existence was born on 19 July 1999. So, the age should be 23 by 2022.

Drag Queen Sugar Job

When not becoming a drag queen Cooper is a fashion photographer and of course, also a social media influencer/content creator. His and his twin brother, Luc’s careers have always gone parallel and collaboratively.

Their YouTube channel’s most watched content included reaction videos to music and social media content. But, it was not on YouTube that they first landed their prominence. It was rather on the now-defunct social network Vine. Atreward, they had parlayed their success over to a YouTube channel in 2016. Their biggest viral moment was the earlier discussed video “Twins come out to mom & you won’t believe her reaction.” (This of course had not come as a shock to her. She was mostly like “Okay… so what?”.)

On the Cooper-LinkedIn it is said that he received an Associate’s degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology between 2016 and 2018. And before this, he is said to have gotten his Advanced Regents Diploma from West Babylon Senior High School between 2012 and 2016.

As for the drag, it particularly happened after Cooper and his brother were no longer tethered to presenting a masculinized version of themselves. Also, anyway, the duo grew up obsessed with glamour and photography. They started taking pictures of our dolls and in middle school, they would turn them into models and start doing their hair and make-up. Looking back and they think they were also literally doing drag back then.

What Is Drag Queen Sugar Real Name?

Drag Queen Sugar’s real name is Cooper Coyle.

If you don’t already know, Cooper and his real-life twin Luc Coyle (AKA Drag Queen Spice) previously made headlines as “Coyle Twins on YouTube”. It was from the time they were 20 and thought it was “cool” to be feminine boys, fashion, and into fast food. One of their most popular videos, back then, showed them coming out to their mother. Back then, they also often talked about the best and worst things about being identical, gay, and about being mistaken for a couple by a “lot of creepy people”.

Drag Queen Sugar Family

Drag Queen Sugar’s dad is Daniel K Coyle and he turned 68 years old in November 2022. Also, her mom, Glori Lucarello Coyle turned 62 in January 2023. The folks were still married and together at the time of this writing. They were based in a place called Blue Point in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York.

Back in 2021, we saw the twin Drag Queens give their mother a beautiful makeover. She was really happy with the result and so was her husband Daniel. “Who is this person?”, he reacted a bit teasingly and a bit surprised,

Drag Queen’s Cooper has another brother named Kerrigan Fox, a Le Moyne College alum, and a sister named Katherine Coyle.

Drag Queen Sugar Height

Queen Sugar likely stands above 5 feet and 7 inches in height. She was yet to brag about her height which is seen mostly in her exotic heels.

Related FAQs

  • Is Drag Queen Sugar On Instagram?

Drag Queen Sugar could be found on Instagram @sugarsworld with 451 posts and 357K followers as of 7 January 2023. Besides, there was a Twitter account @sugarsworld_ and ‘Cooper Coyle’ Facebook account.

Also, together Sugar and Spice went around as “the dolls that came to life” on TikTok @sugarandspice. So far, they entertained 7.5 million followers and 160.4 million likes on this account. Also, they enjoyed 626K subscribers on the YouTube channel, Sugar And Spice Twins.

  • Does Drag Queen Sugar Have A Partner?

Drag Queen Sugar’s relationship status was unconfirmed as of early 2023. So, if she had a partner, no one knew of it.

Queen Sugar’s social media does not catch many real-life glimpses of the real him when not becoming a drag queen. But, this aspect of life that we have been wondering about still remained unseeable.

  • Where Is Drag Queen Sugar From?

Queen Sugar hails from Long Island in southeastern New York State in New York City. Although, at the time of this writing, he was based around Los Angeles, California.

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