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Christian Gold Bio, Age, Net Worth, Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams of VH1’s Basketball Wives is getting married. On 28 August 2023, she surprised her fans by showing off her beautiful wedding ring and a “Future Mrs… 💎❤️” caption. Naturally, her fans since have wanted to know about her investor fiance. His name is Christian Gold. We shall tell you more about him in the rest of the writing.

Meet Christian Gold, Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams Boyfriend-Turned-Fiance

Many of us already have known Christian Gold since June 2023 when Jennifer Williams took their romance public on Instagram wishing him a happy birthday with a picture that she said described them in “pure bliss”.

Then, in early August, the couple took to Christian’s IG to explain to interested fans how they first met. They also made this a platform to promote their new YouTube channel, Life with Jen & CG. Without revealing the location and date of when they crossed paths, Christian told viewers, “So I walk around the corner and I turn and I see this beautiful woman.” And when they actually met they both thought felt a connection. Jennifer also recalled them hugging each other and Christian came to quickly add “We hugged each other but it wasn’t a church hug.”

After that meeting, Christian wanted confirmation from his friends that luckily they too had noticed a spark between the two. Jennifer also texted ex-Basketball Wives costar, Imani Showalter, and got the green signal.

Since becoming a couple, Christian and Jennifer started a YouTube channel to “share” their love story with the world. Here, they describe themselves as a “couple in love who met at a very transformative time”. They also claim to have been inseparable ever since.

Jennifer previously dated Jelani Harrison. This should be before 2022 because she herself has admitted not seeing him since 2022. Fans of the VH1 reality TV series also witnessed the breakdown of her former marriage to former NBA star Eric Williams. They divorced in 2010.

How Much Is Christian Gold Net Worth?

Christian has not already revealed his exact net worth but has given cues about it every now and then. In March 2023, he talked on FB, about how he was able to acquire a $3.5 million dollar watch, out of only 170 in the world.

Christian Gold describes himself as an investor, a master trader, a wealth coach, and an “8-Figure Wealth Portfolio Manager.” In his social media BIO, in bold letters, he also cited “90% of Millionaires come from Real Estate and 100% of Billionaires come from Private Equity.”

Christian has said this time and again that his “Lifetime Account Management” fee is $2500. At times he also brings it down by $1250.

Christian Gold Age

Because Christian Gold was born in 1993, he turned 30 years old in 2023.

Where Is Christian Gold From?

On his Facebook, Christian has referred to Atlanta, Georgia as both his hometown and current city.

Christian Gold Family

Christian’s mother Gigi Monea as per her social media is a published author, podcast influencer, day trader, seed thrower, and cultivator. “A mother” is also how she loves to introduce herself.

On 17 January 2020, as Gigi turned 50, Christian made time to wish her on social media. With love, he wrote that he could not believe his mom was that many years of age. Also, he gushed that she still has the energy of an 18-year-old.

On other occasions too, Christian has talked about having been blessed with the best mother.

In his family, Christian also has a brother. His name is Dee Brown, a former personal financial advisor at Brown Assets Group. Today too, Christian goes around coaching people on how to build their personal and business credit. At the same time, he has been also married to Jocanna Stephanie Brown. These two were based in Atlanta, Georgia as of 2023.

Christian considers Jocanna less as his sister-in-law and more as his big sister.

We don’t yet know about Christian’s father, but for sure it is obvious that he himself is also a father. Christian actually has two kids. His firstborn is a boy named Hayden who turned 13 in June 2023. Christian loves the fact that Hayden is also his “birthday twin.”

Often on social media, Christian can be seen talking about his love for Hayden. One time in November 2021, he took to FB to tell everyone “My firstborn and I reunited today after years.”

On 11 September 2021, Christian also made what looked like a baby arrival announcement post on FB. Introducing baby Billionheir Switzerland Gold, he gushed “I’m honored to be your father, your provider, and your hero 🖤.”

Christian Gold Height

Christian Gold stands around 5’10” in height one can clearly tell that he loves getting into shape. Just in June 2023, on social media, he promised himself that in his 30s, he would get into the best shape of his life. Also trying to inspire others to better their own health he gushed that one cannot accumulate wealth and live an abundant life if their health is not intact.

Related FAQs

  • Is Christian Gold On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Christian Gold was on Instagram and Facebook as of 3 September 2023. His IG @thelordinvestor included 33 posts and 20.8K followers.

He also has been talking about “Liquid, Asset Automation, and Compounding Assets Daily” on ‘Christian Gold’ Facebook.

Christian also has a Twitter account (@xiancollective) and a YouTube channel where he and Jennifer uploaded content from their adventures together, their daily routines, date nights, travel vlogs, and so much more. Here, they have promised to share their tips and tricks for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

On his social media, Christian also often talks about the time he spent in prison. Three years of his life before August 2018, he was there. About that time, he says, his 7-year sentence was chopped down to a little under 3 years because he decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one. He said he read over 300 books and wrote 3 books himself. Also, he said he published his first book and it became a best seller.

  • When Is Christian Gold’s Birthday?

Christian Gold’s birthday is on June 18th.

  • What Is Christian Gold’s Real Name?

Christian’s real name is Christian LaSalle Walden.

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