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Raina Chassagne Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Tory Lanez Wife

Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Tory Lanez, while still in the middle of his appeal and bail process, has gotten married to his fiancee and baby mama. Her name is Raina Chassagne and we shall tell you more about her in the rest of the writing.

Meet Raina Chassagne, Tory Lanez Wife

On 23 December 2022, Tory was convicted in the Los Angeles County Superior Court of three felony charges related to shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. Following this on 8 August 2023, he was convicted of 10 years in prison, for the very shooting. Some very intriguing information was opening up around this case when out of nowhere reporter Meghann Cuniff released the full bail motion from the Tory’s legal team. And on it, it was stated that Raina Chassagne is no longer his fiancée but his wife.

This has the media outlets saying that from his sentencing hearing engagement announcement to his bail motion wedding announcement, the relationship has progressed rapidly in the last few weeks.

Raina also is the mother of Tory’s six-year-old son, Kai. Back in December 2022, during the sentencing hearing, Raina was also present in the court with Kai. She was spotted crying outside the court. She is also said to have emotionally asked for a lighter sentence while describing her beau as ambitious and trusting. Of course, she also spoke about Tory’s commitment.

As for Tory, that day, he was seen lifting their boy into his arms as he and Raina exited the car they had traveled in. He was also noticed adjusting the boy’s suit before they both entered the courtroom together.

That day in her emotional plea that she wrote to the judge, Raina also explained how she and Tory met. She explained about meeting him when she was 12 years old at Glades Middle School. Since then she said they have shared so much of their life together.

Raina and Tory have not always had a great relationship. The latter’s lifestyle in the limelight is believed to have put a wedge between them. Yet, it is said, they remained steadfast in their friendship and always cooperated in co-parenting Kai. Raina’s mother herself has confirmed that Tory has always been a responsible father and ensured Raina and Kai are provided for.

Tory once said that he is on good terms with every girl who has ever been in his life. But, his baby moms, he said, he is “never on no bad terms”. He said he has not had one of those child support situations but always has had a “good understanding of what’s going on”.

Raina Chassagne Age

Because Raina Chassagne was born in 1994, she reached the age of 29 in 2023. If you also need to know, her full name is Raina Nancy Chassagne.

Raina Chassagne Job

Raina Chassagne is believed to have been working at GNA Sales & Services LLC, an active Floridian business entity incorporated on 6 March 2023. Raina’s mother Nancy is described as the agent for this company and together the mother-daughter duo also are mentioned as the officers of this company.

The internet also reveals that Raina studied at West Broward High School.

Is Raina Chassagne On Instagram?

Raina Chassagne did not have any Instagram or Facebook accounts as of September 2023. However, she could be found on Twitter @rainaredbaby, on her self-titled YouTube channel, and Pinterest account of the same name.

Raina Chassagne Family

Raina’s mother Nancy L Laguerre, AKA Nancy Laguerre-Altenor can be found on IG @nancyl7794. She turned 66 years old in August 2023. At this time around, she was also seemingly living in Macclenny, Florida with her new husband. There have been more men in her life including her two baby daddies. One of them is Raina’s father Gary Chassagne who passed away when she was little. He was actually killed when she was just 18 months old, Raina’s mother confirmed lately to the judge during Tory’s trial.

Nancy also mentioned her other baby father as she wrote this on social media on Father’s Day: “Happy Father’s Day to the men in my life who have passed on. My brother Gerald “Caco” Laguerre. The Dad that I never knew, Rene Laguerre. My babies’ dads, Gary Chassagne and Gregoire Ronald Chery. RIP 🖤.”

Other family members of Raina known are her maternal uncle Jean Y Laguerre of Laurelton, New York, and her maternal grandfather Rene.

Raina Chassagne Height

Raina Chassagne stands below 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Raina Chassagne From?

Raina originally hails from Miami, Florida. As of 2023, she had been residing in Miramar, Florida.

  • When Is Raina Chassagne’s Birthday?

Raina Chassagne’s birthday is in January.

Lately, Raina made headlines one more time for different reasons. RadarOnline and others reported that she was injured in a “nasty” car accident that left her with serious injuries. She was also reported to be demanding damages from the driver of the other car involved.

According to court documents obtained, Raina sued a man named Angelo Perry Thrower, claiming that because of his negligence, she suffered significant and severe bodily injury that is permanent. She said the accident not only brought her pain and suffering, physical impairment, but also hospital expenses loss of earnings, and loss of ability to earn money in the future.


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