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Christian Junkar Bio, Age, Married, Job, Survive to Race

Race to Survive Alaska is a new survival show on USA Network. It dropped on 3 April 2023 and introduced to viewers eight teams battling it out in the Alaskan wilderness, to win the hefty $500,000 prize. And among these athletes, wanderers, mountaineers, and experienced hikers were Christian Junkar and Max Djenohan presented as a team.

In this writing, though we shall tell you about one of them only and it has to be Christian Junkar.

Christian Junkar On Race to Survive: Alaska

Christian Junkar is an experienced ice climber. While his partner Max Djenohan, reality TV aficionados may remember him from the show Naked and Afraid. A proficient climber and expert snowboarder, he competed on the show and survived 156 days on four different continents.

Together, Christian and Max had already been on numerous adventures before they decided to also compete in Race to Survive: Alaska.

To the cameras on Race to Survive: Alaska, this pair appeared extremely opinionated butting heads. But, between Christian terrain reading and navigational skills, and Max’s bushcraft abilities, they seemed ready to take on their most difficult challenge yet.

Before forming this comradeship, the two outdoor enthusiasts met through mutual friends when Christian started working as a mountain guide.

Max alone actively collaborated with snowboard sponsors, other athletes, production companies, and outdoor brands, before landing on this show. Today, he is also part of The Service Board, a non-profit organization that serves BIPOC youth in Seattle, making it easier for them to experience the outdoors. Max also is a fantastic writer who occasionally pens travel blogs for Ski Utah.

Is Christian Junkar On Instagram?

Yes. Christian Junkar can be found on Instagram. As of 10 April 2023, his IG account @alpineachilles included 102 posts and 427 followers.

Besides, he also kept his people posted on ‘Christian Junkar’ Facebook and YouTube channel, of the same name.

Christian Junkar Job

Christian is a mountaineer, athlete, and personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He delivers services to several clients and claims that he has spent thousands of hours in his profession, achieving mastery. (mrbonespumpkinpatch) In November 2021, he became the brand ambassador of Arc’teryx Seattle, an outdoor equipment shop.

On his IG profile, Christian Junkar introduces himself with: “Hedonism/Masochism/Cyclism Certified Personal Trainer”. Also, here’s what we know from his Facebook profile.

Since 8 February 2019, Christian has been employed at Elite Fitness Training. Before that, from 2015 until 2018, he was a professional “Shoe Nerd” at REI of Seattle, WashingtonEven prior, i.e., from 2013 until 2015, he worked as a pasta slinger at Pappardelle’s Pasta of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Here, he said he created a bridge between delicious pasta and peoples’ mouths.

Today, it seems, Christian also continues to make money from selling his several goal-based coaching packages from Goal-Based Training. There is a one-month plan which costs $99, a two-month plan which costs $149, and the monthly one that is said to be of $300. He claims of using these goal-based training approaches to manage his clientele and bring results for them.

As for his education, Christian went to Seattle Central College and Roosevelt High School in Seattle, Washington (Class of 2014).

Is Christian Junkar Married?

Christian Junkar’s relationship status was unknown as of now. But, still, he looked like someone who was not yet married. He may have been able to successfully hide his girlfriend from the tabloids or even social media. But, had he been married he would not have been able to do that. One way or another, news like a celebrity marriage is bound to cause a stir.

So, to put it simply, he seemed to be unmarried and single as of April 2023.

Christian Junkar Age

Because Christian Junkar was born in 1996, he turned 26 years old in 2022.

Christian Junkar Family

Christian’s mother is Stephanie Sharp-Junkar, a former Phoenix College alumni who turned 52 years old in October 2022. She again is the daughter of the late Margaret Mary Sharp, AKA Peggy, and Lanny Z Sharp. Lanny died first in August 2015 and his wife reunited with him in two years.

Then we have Greg Junkar, Christian’s dad who turned 54 in October 2022. Per LinkedIn, he is a surveyor at David Evans and Associates, Inc.

“I have to say how lucky we are to have such an awesome son, Christian. I want to take this opportunity to wish him and his climbing buddy, Max Djenohan, godspeed as they are on the cusp of an incredible 2-month adventure. I will share more in a few months when I can”, this is how Greg talked about his son and Max’s journey on Race to Survive in June last year.

Christian’s mom was also seen showing him support earlier in February 2023. In a Facebook post, she wrote “I can’t wait to see if my son Christian wins this race. I’ve been waiting so long to find out. Looks like it will be a little while longer.”

Also so you know, Christian parents were still married and together as of the time of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Christian Junkar Birthday?

Christian Junkar’s birthday is in September. So, he is either a Virgo or a Libra.

  • Where Is Christian Junkar From?

Christian Junkar originally hails from Anthem, which is a master-planned community within Arizona. As of 2023 though, he was based in Seattle, Washington.

  • How Tall Is Christian Junkar?

Christian Junkar stands below 5’11” in height.

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