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Clifton Pettie Bio, Height, Job, Age, Ready To Love

Meet Clifton Pettie on OWN’s “Ready To Love”. The show is back for the fifth installment and here is what you should know about Clifton. This article covers details on his height, job, age, and his ex-wife and previous marriage.

Delve in, as this Clifton Pettie Bio unfolds information.

Clifton Pettie On Ready To Love

OWN TV has returned with “Ready To Love” to kick off season 5 of the show. The first episode of the show premiered on 28 January and a batch of new men are featured on the series and are looking for love. The show features men in their 30s and 40s who are ready to get serious about their love lives.

They are all successful and they are serious about settling down and starting a family. “Ready To Love” explores the perspective of older men into romances. The season 5 casts hailed from Washington, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

The viewers who’ve watched the show already will meet Kina (age 39), Precious (age 34), Tiffani (age 37), Joi (age 41), Ace (age 37), Sabrina (age 36), Dakiya (age 39), Demetrius (age 42), Laverne (age 44), Tory (age 39), Fernando (age 34), Paul (age 48), and Wiley (age 32).

In the first episode, the casts of the show are introduced. They reveal career paths, job titles, and also share if they have kids of their own or not. It also reveals that several people involved in the show are choosing to participate because they’re genuinely ready to meet their perfect life partner.

Back to Clifton, when he arrived on the show with the utmost class. The female casts were flabbergasted meanwhile male casts were no less surprised. Software Analyst Paul said Clifton came with this “voice of God.” He added, “Barry White James Earl Jones, all wrapped up in the one, now we got competition.”

At the end of the episode two contestants were eliminated, Kina and Fernando.

But, before his arrival, Clifton had shared, “Happy Hump Day. The wait is almost over! Check out me and my castmates on a very intentional mission to find love. The first episode airs this Friday at 8 pm EST on OWN. Uhhh Exactly which muscle are we talking about dammit!!.”

Clifton Pettie Relationship Now

After the premiere of the show, Clifton Pettie stated on his IG post, “Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In my lane. Focused. 40 lbs lighter.” He is more likely single or could have found someone when he came out of the show.

Whereas, Clifton came into the show looking for a woman who is like him, outgoing, loud, and wants to have fun. Joi seems to have taken a liking towards Clifton and she shared that she is enjoying everything that includes getting to know him. Clifton wanted to know how adventurous Joi was. They flirted and enjoyed each other’s company and they certainly hit it off.

Then, Clifton started having conversations with DaKiya, Senior System Engineer. But Kina intervened which didn’t thrill DaKiya at all. Kina the budget analyst chimed in with her 5-year plan and shared that she would like to go to Houston or Atlanta which didn’t parallel with Clifton and DaKiya’s plan of Island hopping.

As for his relationship before the show, Clifton was previously married to his ex-wife Christa Pettie. They reportedly tied the knots in 2013. According to the wedding registry, they had their wedding on 30 December 2013.

Also, the married couple ended up having kids out of their marriage, who turned 3 years old in September 2021.

As for his wife, Christa is the owner of Cakes by Christa which she started in July 2019. She has also worked as Scientific Research Corporation a Cyber Security System Analyst since July 2016. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2020 in Reliability Engineering.

Christa also holds a master’s degree in Systems Engineering in 2014. Moreover, she earned her undergraduate degree in engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She is available on Facebook.

How Old Is Clifton Pettie?

Clifton Pettie is 45 years old as of Jan 2022. He celebrates his birthday on December 4 every year.

Clifton Pettie Job

Clifton Pettie started his career in 2005 as Northrop Grumman Corporation as Senior Project Scheduler. He worked there for five months and right after quitting his job, he started working at TSA as Senior Project Scheduler/Project Planner for 4 months until August 2005.

From August 2005 to February 2006, Clifton joined SAIC as Senior Project Scheduler/Earned Value Analyst. From February 2006 to August 2006, he worked for Fannie Mae as Senior Project Scheduler/Project Server Administrator.

After leaving Fannie Mae, Clifton joined BAE Systems as senior project scheduler and then worked for Internal Revenue Service as Senior Project Scheduler/Earned Value Manager. In February 2008, he started working for Accenture as Senior Project Scheduler/Project Server Administrator.

Moreover, he worked in the company for a little over three years.

In addition, Clifton returned to SAIC as Senior Project Management Analyst followed by Sustainment Manager and then Senior Project Management Analyst. He worked for five years in NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a master scheduler. He worked for OneWeb as Master Scheduler, Fannie Mae as Master Scheduler/Project Server Administrator, and Navy Federal Credit Union as Project Manager.

Moreover, Clifton has been working as President at ASAP Everything since December 1999 and Master Scheduler at General Dynamics Information Technology.

Clifton Pettie Height

Standing tall to the height of 6 feet 4 inches, Clifton Pettie weighed 40 pounds lighter after the show.

Where Is Clifton Pettie From?

Clifton Pettie currently resides in Washington DC – Baltimore Area.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Clifton Pettie Birthday?

Clifton celebrates his birthday on 4 December.

  • Has Clifton Pettie Revealed His Family?

Clifton was born to his mother Thelma Pettie. He featured her on his socials when he wished her birthday on 18 January 2021. He has an uncle Mark Kimbrough.

Moreover, Clifton lost his first cousin Corey Kimbrough, son of Mark, in November 2021 at the age of 41 and was a father of 3. He also lost someone close to him named Anitra in January 2021.

  • Is Clifton Pettie On Instagram?

On Instagram, Ready To Love’s Clifton goes by the name (@cliftonthe4th), and on Facebook, he goes by (@clifton.pettie).

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