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Clint Godwin Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Tyler Henry Partner

Tyler Henry, who first gained notoriety in 2016 as E!’s Hollywood Medium, returned for a new show on Netflix that they named Life After Death with Tyler Henry (premiered on 11 March 2022). This time for a change, the clairvoyant is doing readings for ordinary people instead of celebrities. At the same time, the nine-episode series also promises to solve his family’s mystery, reveal the real background of his mother Theresa, whom he adorably calls his best friend. Fans being fans, however, have also be wondering if his partner Clint Godwin will have any part to play on it.

Meet Clint Godwin, Tyler Henry Partner

Tyler Henry has been dating steady partner Clint Godwin since at least 2017.

The year we reckon them to have started going out they brought in a dog named ‘baby Mindi’ into their lives. 3 years later in October 2020 the couple were very much devasted as they bid goodbye to Mindi. “I’ll remember every run on the beach, every sleepy morning kiss, and her passionate love for peanut butter and tummy rubs. Clint and I thank you for your prayers today and always”, Tyler had written back then on Instagram @tylerhenrymedium.

Both Tyler and Clint have Instagrammed their memories together as a couple more than often. The recent one was from Valentine’s Day (2022) when Clint took to his, to write “I am so thankful to have this love and to share another Valentine’s Day with @tylerhenrymedium 🥰 Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!”.

Are Clint Godwin And Tyler Henry Married Yet?

Most of the time, Tyler claims to have foresight for anticipating what’s next. We have seen him predicting the outcomes of other people’s ventures more or less like his day job in Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

However, in an exclusive interview with E! News ahead of Hollywood Medium’s fourth season premiere in February 2019, he said when it comes to the details of his future, specifically, his future with Clint, he tends to draw more of a blank.

Replying to a question about whether he foresees wedding bells anytime soon, he laughed and then said “I always say, I can tell everybody else’s future except my own.” Be that as it may, he also implied that he is anyway grateful for the present and is eager to see where it leads.

Two years since the revelation and they have still not walked down the aisle.

Clint Godwin Age

Clint Godwin turned 26 early in 2022. This means he is the same age but a couple of months younger than Tyler born on 13 January 1996.

Clint Godwin Job

Clint Godwin is a professional photographer and painter who proudly runs CLINT GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHY, a portrait photography business.

On his official website, he claims of providing Studio Portraits, Portraits at Home, In-Home Studio Portraits, and On-Location Portraits ​as his services to his clients.

Clint shares his paintings are very spontaneous and even he never knows what the end product is going to be and also often talks about his sold paintings on social media.

As per the average photographer salary in Los Angeles, California is $75,786, ranging typically between $66,547 and $87,747. Clint, working in Los Angeles, might have earned accordingly as he reportedly had less than $300K as net worth as of March 2022.

Who Are Clint Godwin’s Parents?

Clint Godwin has not yet talked about his parents, the kind of upbringing they gave him if he has any siblings, and similar things. (Though he shared, from a very young age, he has always been artistic, painting, drawing, photography, design, and digital painting.)

He was, however, can be often seen together with Tyler’s beautiful mom Theresa Koelewyn on social media, hinting that they two have a good relationship. A couple of years into Clint and Tyler’s relationship and she was already baking Clint a birthday cake.

Clinton may be also have been acquainted with Clint’s dad David.

Is Clint Godwin On Instagram?

Yes. Clint Godwin could be found on Instagram @clintxgodwin, which included 33 posts and 12.6K followers as of 12 March 2022.

Clint also seemed active on Twitter @clintxgodwin which he joined back in April 2017.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Clint Godwin?

Clint Godwin stands a couple of inches taller than his beau who is 1.78 meters tall. Yet, they make a very good-looking pair. Amusingly, they even kind of look alike only countered by Clint’s shoulder-length hair and blue eyes.

  • When Is Clint Godwin’s Birthday?

Every year the 7th of March marks Clint Godwin’s birthday making him a Pisces.

  • Where Is Clint Godwin From?

Clint Godwin was based in Los Angeles, California, as of the time of this writing. Back when he was 19, he was living in Georgia.

  • Does Clint Godwin Appear On Netflix’s Life After Death?

To our dismay, Clint Godwin, who joined Fine Art America in February 2016, has not been listed as the cast of Netflix‘s Life After Death, not even in a guest or recurring role.

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