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Hai Giang Bio, Partner, Height, Family, Ethnicity, Survivor 42

AddedMeet Hai Giang, one of the 18 all-new castaways on a new 2022 season of Survivor. After 22 years and 41 seasons released, the CBS series Survivor stays one of the most desired reality competitions on television. In the time of spring this year, the series has returned for Season 42 and is called Survivor 42.

And now, in the rest of this ‘Hai Giang BIO’, we shall tell you about Hai Giang’s partner, height, family, ethnicity, and journey on Survivor 42.

Hai Giang On Survivor 42

The competitors traveling to the Survivor this season were from very different walks of life. Hai Gang, meanwhile, was introduced to the viewers as a data scientist.

A self-proclaimed aggressive, astute, and audacious, he believed he had in him to become the ‘sole survivor’. “I am a well-rounded individual with great logical sense, a strong ability to read social situations, amazing speaking abilities, and a strong desire to better my family’s lives. There is no alternative besides coming home with a million-dollar check”, he had told CBS with utmost confidence.

Hai also had a few things that he was concerned about when it came to his alliance partner on Survivor 42. He said he was looking for someone who is risky. Someone who s like, “We gotta go one more vote. Okay, now’s the time to go and fight against each other” and someone who is willing to be patient, but also willing to go and jump in.

Every week, at least one person gets voted off the island on this survival reality show. Hai, however, was not one of them as of the time of this writing.

Zach Wurtenberger was the first player to be voted off and Jackson Fox was forced to leave the show because his medication could lead to some negative long-term side effects.

Hai Giang Partner

Hai Giang celebrated his five years of being together with his steady partner Caleb on 25 January 2022. “From our first date to buying our first home together, thanks for always standing by me through so many special moments. Cheers to 5 years! Something tells me this next year is going to be a fun one 🥰…”, Hai gushed to his beau over social media.

Hai Giang: “Sat in Brooklyn crying today because some 14 year old on TikTok called me a middle-aged man, but here’s a cute picture of us ☺️” (PIC: Instagram)

Hai, who also considers Caleb as his best friend, assured the partner that 2022 is going to be even more fun, for them as a couple.

How Old Is Hai Giang?

Hai Giang was 29 years old when he decided to go on Survivor 42.

Hai Giang Height

Good-looking Hai Giang with boy-next-door vibes stands above 5-foot-7-inch tall.

Hai Giang Family

Like Maryanne Oketch, also from Survivor 42, Hai too, believes his mother to be his hero.

Hai’s mom came to the U.S. with her husband and Hai. She was a 23-year-old refugee with no grasp of the English language and $40 in her pockets. Hai also talked about how she worked so hard taking no breaks. “People would never guess that I grew up in extreme poverty by looking at me now. My family and I have very comfortable lives today, but we’ve had to hustle and fight for the past two decades to improve our socio-economic class”, Hai shared recalling those times in a one-bedroom apartment that they shared with another family.

His parents both worked seven days a week to provide for Hai and his little brother (Caleb).

Is Hai Giang On Instagram?

Yes. Hai Giang could be found on Instagram @areyouhai where he entertained 3,836 followers as of 12 March 2022.

Hai Giang Job

As per LinkedIn, Hai started working as a director of marketing analytics at Bully Pulpit Interactive in Washington D.C. as of November 2021. Before this, he was Neo@Ogilvy‘s associate director for Analytics for more than 4 years.

Hai got his bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Economics with Magna Cum Laude from Georgia State University.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Hai Giang Birthday?

Hai Giang celebrates his birthday sometime between the 28th of December and early January. “Everyone please text Caleb to let him know that I want a 3rd dog for my birthday coming up”, Hai wrote on Instagram on the 28th of December.

  • What Is Hai Giang Ethnicity?

Hai Giang immigrated to the United States from Gia Rai, Bac Lieu in Vietnam in 1996 and lived at a refugee camp (maybe for a while). So, Hai has Vietnamese roots and he loves to celebrate his community and culture every chance he gets. He said he especially loves going to Vietnamese weddings.

Hai also shared that the Atlanta Vietnamese community, which he is a part of, is so expansive, loving, and fun.

He calls Atlanta, Georgia hometown and New Orleans in Los Angeles residence (as of March 2022).

  • How Much Is Hai Giang Net Worth?

Hai Giang reportedly held $250K as net worth as of March 2022. And this is a big deal to Hai who once was proud to have paid off all his student loans ($40 thousand). He was 26 at the time and two years prior he had also bought his first home.

Fast forward to now, he was the youngest associate director of analytics at his company. What he was also proud of was being able to mentor his younger brother to ensure he surpasses him in all aspects. “Watching him make strides in school and his personal life is my greatest accomplishment”, Hai told CBS.

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