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Courtney Brown Bio, Husband, Age, Next Level Chef

Meet Courtney Brown who stands out as the oldest contestant on a new cooking show called Next Level Chef on Fox, which is set to be the next evolution of cooking competitions. And of course the main attraction of the show: it is Gordan Ramsey, the most celebrity chef in the world, who has designed the cooking competition.

So, Next Level Chef premiered on 2 January 2022 with the country’s very best line cooks, home chefs, social media stars, food truck owners, and everything in between. Courtney, whom we are about to discuss in the rest of the writing, is among them.

Courtney Brown On Next Level Chef

Courtney Brown and the others (including Tricia Wang, Devonnie Black, and Gary Marandola) are vying for a $250,000 grand prize in a reality TV program that is aiming to be the next evolution of cooking competition. So yes, these people have beat out 50,000 people for a spot on this nationally televised cooking show.

So, Courtney lands on the show after years of experience in the industry working as a private chef and baker for many famous names.

Tyronn Lue, Chauncey Billups, Kevin Garnett, Larry Hughes. Kyle Lowry, Trae Young, Onyeka Okongwu, Dexter Fowler, Preston Brown, Unytd, and Adidas are some of the notable clients, Chef Courtney has worked with.

Courtney honed her craft by immersing herself in other cultures, traveling to various parts of the world, and bringing back recipes, spices, and hands-on experience. Now, she can prepare a variety of authentic cuisines; that includes Asian, Caribbean, American, Mexican, French, Mediterranean, and Cajun.

(Of course) the chef has also created an artisan line of cookies, which she bakes and ships to customers throughout the States.

Courtney Brown Age

As Courtney Brown turned 49 years old late in 2021, she had a blast celebrating two weeks with people she loves. “2021 owes me nothing! I accomplished so many things I never dreamed of doing! Next Level Chef is a labor of love, sweat, and tears! 2022 is gonna be DOPE!” she wrote on her social media hinting at her accomplishments of the year.

Where Is Courtney Brown From?

Courtney Brown hails from Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States.

Courtney Brown Husband

As there was no mention of any husband or a partner, Courtney Brown appeared to be single as of the time of this writing.

However, everyone who sees her on social media must be aware of the fact that Courtney has a son named David whom she is extremely proud of. For her, he is always going to be her “strong-willed Taurus”.

David turned 25 years old on 27 April 2021. And on this day, the blessed mother took to her social media to write “25 years have flown by. Happy Birthday David! Amilah will be six months next week and is 11 pounds. May God continue to bless them. #birthday #blessed”. Amilah, here, is David’s daughter and Courtney’s grandaughter.

Courtney also often shares pictures of young Amilah. “My David, his Amilah! I just love them!” she would write as a caption and would go on to reveal that unlike Amilah her son David started walking when he was only eight months old. “Look at those #StrideRite walkers and the two teeth! Amilah is eight months old and just started crawling (she was a premie). His Dad sent this picture to me and it brought back so many great memories of him as a baby.”

So, you know, Courtney’s “happy and busy baby” granddaughter turned one on 6 November 2021. She was born 10 weeks early. Yet according to her family, she continued to thrive.

Courtney Brown Career

As per LinkedIn, Courtney Brown continued working as a private chef, baker, and estate manager at Healthy Living by Court; she has been doing this since January 2006.

Before that, from August 2000 to December 2005, Courtney was a Sr. E-Business Developer at Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Courtney studied BBA with Information Systems major at the University of Cincinnati back in 1992 – 1997.

What Do We Know About Courtney Brown Family?

Lately, Courtney Brown mentioned nephew Adam on her social media, who according to her is doing this amazing job in the clinical research space, specifically with sickle-cell disease.

On 18 December 2021, Courtney teased her brother Rico (Ricardo) on getting turning 50 years old and older than her. Of course, she also wished him well and shared a funny story.

So, according to what she spilled, when Rico was a senior in high school, his sophomore grade sister, i.e, Courtney hung out with him and his friends. She went everywhere except Homecoming and Prom. The downfall to this was no one from Purcell was allowed to date her in high school, because Rico was not having that.

“I hope he’s having a great day! He’s getting old! He told me I was two years away. I said that’s a long time from now! #happybirthday #brother #50yearsold”, Courtney, done with recalling their memories, said.

Courtney then shared glimpses also from the time when she went to pick up uncle Michael so they could hang out in Los Angeles.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Courtney Brown Birthday?

Every year the 3rd of December marks Courtney Brown’s birthday making her a Saggitarius.

  • How Tall Is Courtney Brown?

Courtney Brown stands above 5’7” tall.

  • Is Courtney Brown On Instagram?

Yes, Courtney Brown could be found on Instagram as @chefcourt1. And until 25 January 2022, the account included some 4,773 posts and 2,357 followers.

You could also see her skills with food and beverage on her ‘Chef Courtney Brown’ account on Facebook and Twitter @chefcourt1.

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