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Creed McKinnon Bio, Family, Height, Job, Too Hot To Handle

Netflix announced its cast for season 4 of the hit dating show Too Hot To Handle. Although there have been nearly 14 to 15 cast members in the previous season, season 4 will only have 10. One of the singletons who made the castaways of this season is Creed McKinnon.

Learn more about Creed McKinnon. Learn about his age, family, height, and job.

Creed McKinnon On Too Hot To Handle

The LA-based entrepreneur Creed McKinnon is used to being the center of attention when he enters a party, so he will anticipate the same treatment while at the retreat. He joins Queensland-born Harry Jowsey, who made an appearance in season one in 2020, and Georgia Hassarati, who made an appearance in season three, as the third Australian to appear on Too Hot to Handle.

Creed has described himself as having “the Aussie flair with my Prince Charming hair.” His bio reads: “Creed is anything but a typical bad boy. He is used to walking into a party and having all eyes on him so during his stay at the retreat he will be expecting similar treatment. He’s used to dating, DMing, and ditching a plethora of girls without being held to account, so how will he survive living under Lana’s roof?”

The story of Too Hot to Handle centers on ten seductive singles who are notorious for having meaningless hookups and one-night stands and failing to establish committed partnerships. The next group will be sequestered together on the picturesque Turks and Caicos Islands, where they are forbidden from kissing, having sex, and even enjoying themselves.

Every time the chastity rule is broken, money is subtracted from the huge prize pool, which starts out at $100,000. Other cast members joining him on the show are Brittan Byrd, Dominique Defoe, James Pendergrass, Jawahir Khalifa, Kayla Richart, Nick Kici, Nigel Jones, Seb Melrose, and Sophie Stonehouse.

The cast members come from a variety of nations, including the U.S. and Australia, and they have a variety of interesting jobs. Entrepreneurs, models, and even racecar drivers are among the singles. It goes without saying that this time around, there will be more interesting characters.

Is Creed McKinnon Dating Anyone?

When Creed McKinnon signed up for season four of “Too Hot to Handle,” he was eager to get to know the contestants who were women. The young businesswoman, who is from Perth, Australia, was highly attracted to Kayla Richart but soon discovered that her interests were elsewhere. His dismay was short-lived, nevertheless, because of Sophie Stonehouse, a 22-year-old event manager from Brighton in the United Kingdom. The British national’s one and only long-term relationship had caused her to give up on meaningful relationships.

The moment Sophie and Creed arrived at the retreat, they learned that ‘Wild Love’ was a hoax and that they were actually a part of the well-known Netflix program. They both made the decision to try the experiment and discover how they related to one another. In the first few episodes of the show, their relationship grew stronger, and they even shared a kiss that cost them money from the prize fund. But when two new people joined the group, their dedication to one another was put to the test again.

Ethan, the new male cast member, had the option of going on a date with one of the female contestants, and he picked Sophie. Sophie acknowledged that she and Ethan got along great and that he was exactly the type of man she would consider her type. Ethan asked permission to kiss after saying that he had been given the option of doing so without any financial penalties. Sophie, however, declined the offer and said she preferred to investigate her relationship with Creed.

In 2022, there is no telling if Creed McKinnon is currently dating anyone. He doesn’t like to post his current dating life or at least his life after the show. But, he seems to have dated a few times and one of his partners might be Talea Meshae. At times, he also referred to her as his “soulmate” and “someone that gives me the confidence to chase dreams and enjoy life”.

In September 2021 post, Talea wrote, “dreaming w u is the dream. only to the moon, you go creedo.”

No, they are only friends or even best-friend and travel partners.

Creed McKinnon Age

At the time of filming the show, Creed McKinnon was 24 years old.

Creed McKinnon Family

Though Creed McKinnon has mentioned his mother in a few posts, there isn’t much about his family.

Is Creed McKinnon On Instagram?

Yes, Creed McKinnon is on Instagram (@creedmckinnon), Twitter (@CreedMcKinnon), Facebook (@creed.mckinnon.18), YouTube (@creedmckinnon), and TikTok (@creedmckinnon).

Creed McKinnon Height

Per Creed McKinnon’s pictures, he stands tall above 6’2”.

Creed McKinnon Job

Creed McKinnon is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast by profession. He co-founded VersaWare Technologies in September 2021. His company is a smart kitchen appliance company allowing users to build nutritionally driven meals to become their healthiest selves.

Creed is also serving as an advisor at The Boldest. Moreover, she also worked at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo as Web Developer, and before that Social Media and Marketing Coordinator at Gililife.

Moreover, Creed’s diverse background because of his travel helps him succeed in every objective he was tasked with. He has acquired experiences in numerous facets of life and he developed a passion geared toward uplifting others and progressing the world toward a healthier lifestyle.

This passion of his developed into a love for tech innovation, content creation, athletics, and social good. He writes in his bio, “I have worked in website development, created content for some of the world’s largest brands and been a marketing strategist for companies across the globe, written my own ebook regarding health living accompanied by coaching calls, all while performing at a high level of the sport with exceptional grades and forming a market-disrupting company.”

Creed attended North Idaho College and graduated in 2019. He graduated from

Besides his work, Creed has also done some volunteering work at SALT-VILLAS and Player One Performance.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Creed McKinnon Birthday?

Per his IG, Creed McKinnon celebrates his birthday on 22 July.

  • Where Is Creed McKinnon From?

Creed McKinnon grew up in rural Australia. At the age of 14, he moved to South Africa. He also lived several years in Indonesia, before settling in the U.S.

  • How Much Is Creed McKinnon Net Worth?

Creed McKinnon’s current net worth is under $150 thousand.

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