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Sophie Stonehouse Bio, Family, Height, Age, Too Hot To Handle

Months prior to the release of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix on 7 December 2022, Sophie Stonehouse was finally able to share her little secret she was also part of it. In this dating series created with the goal of fostering real connections between the contestants, Sophie is one of the hand-picked intriguing personalities presented as one of the season’s cast members. Now, because you all have been curious to know more about this participant, here is a tell-all including her age, family background, height, Too Hot To Handle journey, and more.

Sophie Stonehouse On Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle

Teasing a teaser of her season of Too Hot To Handle on social media Sophie Stonehouse welcomed people to catch her on the “bumpy ride”.

Sophie when she introduces herself from the retreat, she tells viewers that she does not settle for anything less than perfect, and her ideal choice of a man is very hard to find. She thus gave away to the new audience that she has only been in at least one long-term relationship and even that did not work out from her perspective. So, when she decided to go on Too Hot To Handle she went there with the mindset of preferring only casual relationships and enjoying the independence of being single. Yet, Sophie did anyone ended up enjoying her time with some of the hottest men on this exotic island that she went on.

Sophie Stonehouse Dating Status

Sophie Stonehouse appeared to be single and not seeing anyone as of the time of this writing. She became pretty close to Creed McKinnon on the show. Both she and he showed obvious and genuine signs of being interested in each other. In fact, this even led to them breaking the rule of kissing. They were then caught amid some ups and downs. But, even then they seemed to have overcome the challenging aspects of their connection. However, while all this transpired while on the reality show, the two never made any formal statements about their relationship post the wrap-up of filming.

Therefore, it was not known if or not this duo was still together. Nevertheless, this should be noted that they followed each other on Instagram and often dropped favorable comments on each other’s posts. Creed also visited Sophie’s homeland, England, in November 2022. So by now, even if they are not dating they should at least be good friends.

How Old Is Sophie Stonehouse?

The show’s virtual host Lana, introduces Sophie Stonehouse as a 22-year-old perfectionist who wants nothing less than what she can call perfect. So, there goes her age.

Sophie Stonehouse Job

Sophie Stonehouse only identifies as a digital creator on social media. But, on LinkedIn, she gets more into detail and mentions being an event manager for Global Fund for Children in London since February 2018. Here she also lists her skills as — the hospitality industry, cleaner, event planning, fundraising, research, social media, and salon assisting.

If you also need to know, Sophie is linked with the talent management company All-Star Entertainment when it comes to digital creating and maybe even modeling.

When she is not busy managing events and working for the community, she is maybe partying, having a good time with her friends, or enjoying her travels.

Sophie Stonehouse Family

Sophie’s mother is Michelle Stonehouse, also known as Michelle Slater. As per her Facebook, she was working as a dispensary attendant at The Leith Hill Practice and was staying in Billingshurst, West Sussex as of late 2022. She mentioned Rochester Hills, Michigan as her hometown and ‘divorced’ as her marital status. On 1 June 2022, she wrote here that 20 years before this day she left the soil of the USA. Then, she informed her people that she is heading back to where she came from with some good and some pretty bad memories. Likewise, on 5 October 2022, she wrote this status starting with peace is so hard to find after 50 and single.

At the time of this writing, nothing at all was known to the public about Sophie’s dad or when he and Michelle separated.

As for siblings, Sophie has a sister, a “mini” her, and a brother. Sister Gracie, on Instagram @graciestonehouse, looks so much like Sophie. She studied at Millais School as well as at The College of Richard Collyer. As for brother Aiden Stonehouse, he mentioned being a student of Economics at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Sophie and their mum were there to move him into his new college in September 2022. Mum, Michele gushed about this “proud mum moment” later on her Facebook.

Is Sophie Stonehouse On Instagram?

Yes. Sophie Stonehouse could be found on Instagram @sophiestonehouse with 68 posts and 13K followers as of 8 December 2022. It gives us a mini-tour of her life. Her Insta BIO, at the time of writing, also read, “If all else fails then at least I laugh at my own jokes…”.

Sophie also had her own YouTube channel, a TikTok account @sophiedeanstonehouse, a Twitter @SophDeanStone, and a Facebook account.

Sophie Stonehouse Height

Reality TV star Sophie, with stunning looks and natural charisma, stands below 5’6” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sophie Stonehouse From?

Sophie Stonehouse hails from Rochester Hills city in Oakland County of Michigan. Until late in 2022 though, she had been living in Billingshurst village in England.

  • When Is Sophie Stonehouse’s Birthday?

Sophie Stonehouse’s birthday is on March 9th and that makes her a Pisces.

  • How Much Is Sophie Stonehouse’s Net Worth?

Sophie Stonehouse reportedly possessed below $200K as her net worth as of 2022.

If you also need to know about her salary, the average events manager’s salary in the United Kingdom is
£35,978 as per’s several studies. But, Sophie is only working in London. So, she is expected to be putting in her pockets even more ranging from £45,702£35,375 to £63,750.

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