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Dominique Defoe Bio, Family, Height, Too Hot To Handle

Dominique Defoe is one of the ten new faces joining Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. Her appearance has made fans of the show want to learn more about her because of her straightforward and unapologetic personality.

Well, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find answers about Dominique Defoe’s age, family, height, and job.

Dominique Defoe On Too Hot To Handle

Netflix announced its cast for season 4 of the hit dating show Too Hot To Handle. Although there have been nearly 14 to 15 cast members in the previous season, season 4 will only have 10. One of the singletons who made the castaways of this season is Dominique Defoe.

Dominique said: “I’m the sexiest nerd you’re ever gonna meet.” Her bio reads: “This computer science student takes brains and beauty to a whole new level. When she’s not reading tarot cards for friends and family, she’s manifesting her next love interest. Despite this, Lana is definitely not who she envisioned meeting in the not-too-distant future! Dominique is always ready for new adventures, but without her gems and stones to aid her, how far can she push herself?”

Her pals say she lives in her imagination and is somewhere between a daydream and a nightmare, according to her bio. Dominique also has a presence on LTK, a platform for small businesses to showcase and market their services and goods.

Too Hot to Handle centers on ten seductive singles who are notorious for having meaningless hookups and one-night stands and failing to establish committed partnerships. The next group will be sequestered together on the picturesque Turks and Caicos Islands, where they are forbidden from kissing, having sex, and even enjoying themselves.

Every time the chastity rule is broken, money is subtracted from the huge prize pool, which starts out at $100,000. Other cast members joining him on the show are Brittan Byrd, Creed McKinnon, James Pendergrass, Jawahir Khalifa, Kayla Richart, Nick Kici, Nigel Jones, Seb Melrose, and Sophie Stonehouse.

The cast members come from a variety of nations, including the U.S. and Australia, and they have a variety of interesting jobs. Entrepreneurs, models, and even racecar drivers are among the singles. It goes without saying that this time around, there will be more interesting characters.

Dominique Defoe Dating Status

When Nigel Jones joined the fourth season of “Too Hot to Handle,” his focus was split among a number of the female cast members. The New Jersey businessman was excited to meet Kayla Richart, but he was also interested in learning more about potential ties with Dominique Defoe and Jawahir Khalifa. The show’s AI host Lana noticed Nigel’s inability to concentrate on just one person and instructed him to pick one girl to go on a date with.

Nigel ultimately chose Kayla as his companion, leaving the others dissatisfied. The evening did go very well, and Nigel and Kayla even had a passionate kiss. After this, Kayla appeared to have Nigel in her sights, but Nigel could not say the same, as he ended up flirting with Dominique the exact same night. Given her interactions with the New Hersey native, Dominique was perplexed when Laa disclosed that Nigel and Kayla had kissed.

As soon as Dominique told Kayla everything, the latter was devastated and chose to break up her relationship with Nigel. Given Nigel’s behavior, Dominique was originally apprehensive to establish a relationship with him, but she soon made the decision to give him another chance. After that, Nigel and Dominique spent some time together and appeared to start to connect on a real level. However, because of their hard beginning, many people have questioned whether the pair has succeeded in real life.

Back in 2016, she was in a relationship with her boyfriend Kru. In July 2016, she wished her now ex-boyfriend, “happy birthday bby!!” They even went to high school prom together and were together at least until May 2017.

How Old Is Dominique Defoe?

Reportedly born in 1999, Dominique Defoe turned 23 years old in 2022.

Dominique Defoe Family

In March 2016, Dominique Defoe posted pictures of a few women, likely from her family. She captioned it, “here’s to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” It is the only post that is related to a family member.

One of her family members is her aunt Denise L Defoe who is the author of a book named They Chose Me: An Adoption Story. She takes readers on an emotion-filled journey as she navigated her feelings of pain to a place of peace.

Denise L. Defoe is currently working as a Psychotherapist with a background in Aging and Health Care. Born in San Diego, CA, and raised in Silver Spring, MD, her passion is to help others and empower them to live a fulfilling life while creating lasting memories.

Denise enjoys traveling, swimming, and spending time with family and friends. Her husband is Dr. David I. Defoe and together they are the proud parents of their daughter Dayna Imara.

Dominique Defoe Job

Dominique Defoe is a model, influencer, and writer. She stated on her LinkedIn bio, “Passionate and innovative sales professional with 5+ years of customer-facing experience, 2+ years of direct sales experience, and 2+ years of hands-on marketing/influencer strategy experience. Brimming with creativity and ready to bring a combined background of both technical expertise and knowledge of the creative industries to my new position.”

She started her career as a social media strategist at South Valley Dance Arts. She joined the company in January 2015 and worked there till August 2017. Her social media skills included Social Media Optimization (SMO), Direct Sales, Digital Marketing, Client Relations, Relationship Building, Brand Strategy, Content Development, and Leadership.

In August 2018, Greystar hired Dominique as Sales Development Representative in Boulder, Colorado. A year later, she started working at Boulder Valley School District as a strategy consultant intern where she worked for only five months eventually ending her internship in December 2019.

Before she quit her job at Greystar, Dominique worked as a remote freelance content creator. In July 2022, she started working at Yelp as a sales development representative. She also uses her social media to advertise herself as a future reality star and influencer when she’s not studying or reading tarot cards for her friends.

Talking about her education, Dominique attends the University of Colorado Boulder. She secured her undergraduate degree in computer science in 2022.

Is Dominique Defoe On Instagram?

Yes, Dominique Defoe is on Instagram (@DominiqueDefoe and @dominiqueselixirs). She is also on TikTok (@dominiquedefoe_).

Dominique Defoe Height

Besides having an exotic appearance, Dominique Defoe stands tall under 5’5”.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Dominique Defoe Birthday?

Dominique Defoe celebrates her birthday on 10 November.

  • What Is Dominique Defoe Ethnicity?

Dominique is of mixed ethnicity. She is half-Black and appears to be half-Asian.

  • Where Is Dominique Defoe From?

Dominique Defoe is reportedly from Colorado, United States.

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