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Daniel Apassingok Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Life Below Zero

Daniel Apassingok acknowledges that food is scarce and he’s got to be resourceful if he wants to keep providing for his village. So, it won’t be an understatement to say his selflessness, ingenuity, and creativeness were exactly what caught the viewers’ attention on Life Below Zero: First Alaskans.

Keep reading this Daniel Apassingok Bio to learn more about him. 

Daniel Apassingok On Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

National Geographic‘s Life Below Zero franchise keeps on expanding, and in May 2022, we got Life Below Zero: First Alaskans. It featured five individuals including Daniel Apassingok, all using different techniques and methods to thrive in the brutal environment of Alaska.

And we say “different techniques,” we mean it. The featured Alaska natives walk in two worlds — one of the traditional ways and one of the 21st-century challenges. Jody Potts-Joseph and his family lived on land by the Yukon River, Marvin Agnot’s waited for tides to survive,  Joel Jacko’s family lived a life of self-reliance, Steven Strassburg taught his seven children ancient methods of survival, while our star Daniel’s family relied on the Bering Sea to survive.

According to Daniel, the sea was their main food source. And given the short days (where the sun rises around noon and is down by 4), fishing wasn’t easy. However, he was happy with the life he led, providing for his family and the whole remote village of Gambell.

Furthermore, Daniel couldn’t be happier to be able to pass down his skills to his children. “It’s a beautiful thing that your children are learning how to survive out in that environment. Something that you passed down to them,” he explained.

The last we saw him, Daniel and his kids built a garage — a long-desired structure to protect their vehicles from the brutal weather conditions.

Also, we’ve some good news for you. The second season of Life Below Zero: First Alaskans is on its way. 

“With this second season of Life Below Zero: First Alaskans, we are honored to have been allowed to capture more of the daily lives, cultures, customs, and traditions of our Alaska Native cast members,” noted Alan Eyres, senior V.P of production of National Geographic.

How Much Is Daniel Apassingok Net Worth?

Daniel Apassingok garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

A John Apangalook Memorial High graduate, Daniel chose the adventurous lifestyle because it was what and where he grew up. While the star was just a kid, the village hunted in skin sailboats, chasing the whale in silence. Eventually, Daniel joined in on their trips, mastering one job at a time, and at the age of 19 was already a striker for his people.

However, hunting isn’t just enough to feed his family. So, he also worked as a maintenance man at the village school.

Daniel Apassingok Wife

Daniel Apassingok love his wife Susan Apassingok (Aakap). The duo shares a passion for hunting and they just celebrated their 28 years of togetherness on October 15, 2021.

Talking about their kids, they’ve got three — a daughter Danielle and two sons, Chris and Chase, who were also featured on Life Below Zero: First Alaskans as well.

Their youngest son, Chase Apassingok turned 18 on November 23, 2021. He is a dedicated athlete, a 4.0 student, and a brilliant hunter as well. This talented lad even delivered a speech at the 34th annual Elders and Youth Conference in Anchorage where he talked about his education in subsistence hunting, starting with mice, squirrels, and birds, all the way up to the bowhead whale he struck on a hunt with his family.

As for their middle kid, Chris Apassingok (21 in 2022), he was the first son to graduate and also the first one to have a baby. Infact, two babies.

And their oldest, Danielle turned 22 in 2022. She is a University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate and a basketball fanatic.

Did you know: Chris received several death threats from across the world after a whale hunt in 2017.

Daniel Apassingok Age

Daniel Apassingok was 51 years of age in 2021.

He celebrates his birthday on February 12 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

Is Daniel Apassingok On Instagram?

No, Daniel wasn’t on Instagram.

However, find him on Facebook at @daniel.apassingok.

Daniel Apassingok Height

Daniel Apassingok stands tall at a height above 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Daniel Apassingok From?

Daniel never left his home town Gambell, Alaska.

Over the years, the star has noticed a significant change in Alaskan weather, and he believed it was because of climate change. The ice didn’t stay as long and wasn’t the same quality. Whales passed at different times. And there were fewer calm days and more ferocious storms.

  • What Do We Know About Daniel Apassingok Family?

Daniel comes from a family of at least six — his parents, himself, and his siblings.

Mentioning his siblings, they are — Merle Apassingok (a Bering Air employee and member of the Protecting Future Generations Work Group, he turned 56 in April 1966), Quta Apassingok (a John Apangalook Memorial High graduate), Gugugyi Apasengaq (a University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate who was married to Delma Apassingok) and Apatu Apassingok (a John Apangalook Memorial High graduate).

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