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Jody Potts-Joseph Bio, Age, Married, Height, Life Below Zero

National Geographic’s fan-favorite franchise Life Below Zero expanded once again with the all-new series Life Below Zero: First Alaskans on 30 May 2022.

Judy Potts-Joseph whom we are going to talk about in the rest of the writing is one of the individuals at the center of this series and in a world that Indigenous Alaskans have inhabited for thousands of years, but is also rapidly changing every day.

Jody Potts-Joseph On Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

Life Below Zero: First Alaskans follow new Alaska Natives as they use different techniques and methods passed down from generation to generation in order to thrive in the brutal environments.

And Jody Potts-Joseph and her family who live off the land on the Yukon River, Marvin Agnot are at the center of this show just like the Apassingok family who survive on what the Berin Sea provides; Joel Jacko and his self-reliant family; and Steven Strassburg who teaches his seven kids ancient survival methods.

So, it is basically supposed to be a documentary about indigenous Alaskans’ walk in two worlds, one of tradition and another of 21st-century.

First Alaskans also mark as the first nonfiction series with a cast of Alaska Natives serving as the central focus. And good news to those who have loved it so far: National Geographic already ordered a second season of the unscripted show days before the premiere of Season 1.

Jody Potts-Joseph Net Worth

Jody Potts-Joseph reportedly had less than $800K as her net worth as of 2022.

As per LinkedIn, she continued being the law enforcement officer at Tanana Chiefs Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska (since joining in October 2013).

Moreover, Jody started working as a dog musher, tour guide, expeditions, chef, and dog handler at Arctic Winter Adventures on 28 January 2019; joined Arctic Wild as a guide in August 2021 and Skiland in February 2019.

Speaking of her education, she holds a BS degree in Applied Indigenous Studies and Environmental Management from Northern Arizona University.

Is Jody Potts-Joseph Married?

Jody Potts-Joseph has been married to respected Iraqi veteran Jamey Joseph since 3 July 2021. About the wedding, Jody later revealed on her social media that she married her love and soul mate. The day she got married, she wore a beautiful dress made by my mom Adeline; and the maid of honor was her daughter Quannah.

Jody Potts Joseph with her husband as seen in July 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

Jody and Jamey seemingly got engaged also around this time.

Speaking of Jamey, Jamey worked as a maintenance technician at Doyon Remote Facilities and Services at the time of this writing. While in the past, he was a construction supervisor at Arctic Contracting; studied at Big Bend Community College. On his Facebook, he also mentions hailing from Stevens Village of Alaska.

So, you know, Jamey alone is also the father of two grown-up boys, Jacob Joseph and Jevaughn Joseph. The last time, their step-mom shared, in June 2022, Jacob had been in the US Marine for almost two years and was stationed in North Caroline; and Jevaughn was wildland firefighting one of the many fires in Alaska.

Jody Potts-Joseph Kids

It is not just Jamey who brought kids from their previous relationships into their marriage. Jody also is the mother of two sons Izzy Juneby and Denali and a daughter called Quannah Rose “ChasingHorse” Potts.

Quannah was born on 7 June 2002; Judy was rushing to the IHS hospital in Tuba City to give birth to her baby girl, but she barely made it to the hospital in time, and before she knew baby Q was laid in her arms. Fast forward to today, Quannah has been making rounds in the modeling world. At only 19, she was already going to Paris for Fashion Week, to walk the runway representing some of the biggest fashion houses, including Chanel.

Denali, the youngest, 17 on 31 October 2021.

As for the first-born Izzy, he turned 21 on 30 September 2021. On her IG on this day, the proud momma gushed that Izzy has been her main sidekick, hunting, and adventuring with her around the world since he was a baby. Always tough, funny, and ready for everything, Jody says he is the protector of his family and reminds her of the most important things in life.

About Jody and her kids, even Life Below Zero stated that they are climate warriors advocating for stronger climate policies to protect the lands that have provided for their people for millennia.

Jody Potts-Joseph Late Husband

Jody Potts-Joseph’s former husband and her kids’ father Eli Tyler Black passed away one day on 20 March 2017.

Eli, who lived until the age of 40, was from Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. Jody also revealed on Facebook that Eli was a very talented athlete and was a Native American All-Star football player in the Navajo Nation. (

Is Jody Potts-Joseph On Instagram?

Jody Potts-Joseph could be found on Instagram @iron.jody and there were 799 posts and 14.9K followers as of 19 June 2022.

She also kept her 5.4K followers posted on ‘Jody Potts-Joseph’ Facebook.

Jody Potts-Joseph Age

Born in the July of 1977, Jody Potts-Joseph turned 44 years old in 2021.

Jody Potts-Joseph Height

A strong and innate leader, Jody Potts-Joseph stands above 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jody Potts-Joseph From?

Jody Potts-Joseph was born and bred in Eagle Village, Alaska. She moved to Stevens Village, also in Alaska, in 2021 and had been living there ever since (as of 2022).

  • What Do We Know About Jody Potts-Joseph Parents?

Jody Potts-Joseph is Gwich’in (or Kutchin). The Han Gwich’in are Athabaskan-speaking First Nations people of Canada and Alaska Native people; inhabiting in the northwestern part of North America, mostly above the Arctic Circle.

Her mother is Adeline Juneby Potts. She introduces herself as a “child of Gid” and writes “married” as her relationship status on Facebook. Also, she reached the age of age 76 in April 2022. Adeline used to look just the same as Jody now. Sharing several TB memory of her from back in the day, we saw Jody thank her for the love, nurturing, and devotion that carried the family through so much in life.

Jody has also been very lucky to have Mike S Potts as her father; who other than being attentive instilled a lot of good values and a strong sense of adventure in his daughter. Now self-employed, according to his Facebook, he went to Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Mike’s father was a pilot in the U. S. Navy during WWII and was married to his mother Sue Collins all his life.

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