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Adults Adopting Adults Kim, Joe, Vickie! Age, Job, IG

A&E TV has put forward some bizarre TV shows but it has reached a new height of weirdness with the new TV show ‘Adults Adopting Adults’. Yes, you understand from the title what it could be about. Some of the adopters and adoptees that we meet in the show are Vickie, Joe, and Kim.

Learn their bizarre story in this article.

Adults Adopting Adults Vickie

Meet ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ star Vickie who is looking to adopt Kim Chui. Adult adopting is a weird practice but is widely prevalent around the world. In the preview of the show, she has spoken about her motivation to be Kim’s adoptive parents. Vickie has been married to her husband Joe for over 29 years at the time of the filming of the show.

Vickie has two sons from her previous relationship named William and Joseph. Plus, she had her third son named Richard with her current husband. She wanted her sons married and give her grandchildren but hasn’t happened yet. But there is surely no stopping her at this point because she would go as far as adopting adults to make her wishes come true.

  • How Old Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Vickie?

‘Adults Adopting Adults’ star Vickie looks over 54 years old but her precise age remains unknown as of 2022.

  • What Does “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Vickie Do For A Living?

‘Adults Adopting Adults’ didn’t share what job did she do to support herself and her family. Although she did mention that she has been permanently disabled since 2012 because of her back injury.

  • Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Vickie On IG?

No, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ star Vickie must be on social media platforms because she and Kim met each other on social media. But Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram whatever she is on hasn’t been made public yet.

Adults Adopting Adults Joe

‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Joe is the husband of Vickie. Because of his wife’s back problem, he is the only moneymaker in the family. Speaking with the camera, Joe shares that he finds Kim’s offer to him and Vickie to live with her very shocking. He shared that he was very skeptical about the surrogate grandchildren because it seemed odd to him.

As a reasonable person, Joe crossed question his wife how do you know if it’s not someone looking for babysitters because he had never heard of it before. He was concerned about Kim’s mother being in the picture because they have re-connected with each other after 8 years.

  • How Old Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Joe?

‘Adult Adopting Adults’ Vickie’s husband Joe is over 50 years old as of 2022. Like his wife, he too hasn’t shared his precise age.

  • What Does “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Joe Do For A Living?

For a living, Joe works as a truck local driver. He hauls the trash dumpsters so he and his wife Vickie aren’t very well-off financially. But, Vickie admitted that the financial difference between her family and Kim’s family doesn’t make any difference to her because it was her sentiment to become a grandmother that’s what drove her to make the crazy decision to adopt Kim.

Glassdoor shared that truck driver makes nearly $55,839 in a year.

  • Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Joe On IG?

No, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ star Joe hasn’t shared his IG account.

Adults Adopting Adults Kim

Kim shares that her choice to get adopted by another family is for her kids to have grandparents. Kim, who was born in Korea and was adopted and brought to the states, is not on the right speaking term with her mother Valerie. She had a troubling upbringing and at one point during a fight with her mother when she was 14, Kim told Valerie she wasn’t her mom.

So, viewers and even the producers of the show believe the adoption process was Kim’s way of getting back at her mom. But, Kim vehemently disagreed that was her intention.

Kim shared about plans of breaking the news at her daughter Kayla’s 9th birthday where Valerie was invited. The preview of Kayla’s birthday party was sheer awkwardness and Kim’s husband Joe was uncomfortable with him. After Valerie meets Vickie and Joe, Kim breaks down the news of her adoption to her Valerie and it didn’t go well as expected.

Kim told Valerie that the only reason why she was doing it was that she never thought the two of them would reconcile.

  • How Old Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim?

Kim from ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ should be at least 35 years old or more as of 2022.

  • What Does “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim Do For A Living?’

‘Adults Adopting Adults’ sensation Kim was described to be a successful accountant. Accountant in the Las Vegas area makes about $59,096 per year.

  • Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim On IG?

Like her adoptive parents, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ starlet Kim also doesn’t seem to be on Instagram as of this moment or has been kept a secret.

  • Who Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim’s Baby Father?

‘Adult Adopting Adults’ star Kim’s baby father is Joe, a successful attorney. They share two children Kayla, 8, and Marcus, 3 at the time.

Related FAQs

  • What Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Stars Vickie And Joe’s Last Name?

The last name of Vickie and Joe remains a secret to avoid ruining the show. We are unaware of their last names.

  • Where Do “Adults Adopting Adults” Stars Vickie And Joe Live?

Vickie and Joe are the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • What Is “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim Last Name?

“Adults Adopting Adults” Kim’s last name is Chui.

  • Where Does “Adults Adopting Adults” Star Kim Live?

Kim and her family are also residents of Las Vegas, Nevada.

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