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Danny Zzzz Bio, Wife, Height, Son Mason, AGT: Extreme

Participants of America’s Got Talent: Extreme each had their reasons and ambitions. Meanwhile, some craved for fame and that stunning $500,000 cash prize, the magician and illusionist Danny Zzzz just wanted the world to know the name of his recently deceased son, Mason.

This Danny Zzzz Bio explores his life.

Danny Zzzz On AGT: Extreme

Danny Zzzz’s audition act on AGT: Extreme was the perfect example of why the show’s spinoff was labeled “extreme.” The magician was raised to a height of 140 feet, suspended in the air locked inside a box, and he had one minute to escape before the box fell automatically.

So, after the preparation was done, the audience started the count down, and the box fell exactly after a minute. Surprisingly, Danny had already escaped and was holding on to the lifting hook, as a spotlight focused on him.

“I’m looking at how high this thing is when it crashed. It was one of the scariest things, honestly, I’ve ever seen. So, I would love to be able to say yes,” the hard-to-please judge Simon shared.

And it wasn’t just the judges who were astounded by this daring performance. “Mason would be so proud that nobody can understand. This sort of love is completely inseparable and won’t stop. That was amazing, really,” a viewer wrote.

“Well, this guy is very brave for doing escapes like that,” another added.

What Happened To Danny Zzzz Son Mason?

Danny Zzzz opened up about the tragic loss of his 22-year-old son, Mason on AGT: Extreme, but he didn’t reveal how Mason passed away.

According to Danny, it was September 18, 2020, when Mason left this world. Coincidentally, the date was also the same day Mason was born. Heartbroken, Danny took it to his FB exactly a year later to write a long letter, pouring his heart out.

“Today this story has ended. I feel cheated – that it was written too fast. Not enough content, not enough romance. This story didn’t end with a victory or twist. This story ended tragically. I wish there were even one more page to change its last,” a paragraph read.

Recalling all the precious moments he spent with his late son, Danny shared he remembers “all the birthdays and Christmas presents, scraped knees, and karate classes.” Also, he mentioned that Mason used to share stories about girls while also sharing a beer with him.

Seems like the father-son had an amazing bond. No wonder, Danny get himself a palm(hand) tattoo mentioning the dates in his son’s memory.

Danny Zzzz Wife

Danny Zzzz is probably separated from his wife. On a FB post after his son’s death, Danny labeled her as his son’s mother (rather than his wife). According to him, Danny’s mother and her side of the family “were a pillar of strength” at the moment of grief.

For those of you confused, no, Kelly Kingsland isn’t his wife. The two are really good friends of over a decade and the co-host of their live show “Winesday with Dan & Kelly.”

Talking about Danny’s other kids, the magician is the father of five. Though most of them remained anonymous, we know that his daughter Ever turned 13 on Feb 20, 2022. “She is all my reasons,” he once talked about her.

Danny Zzzz Height

Danny Zzzz stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

His distinct features include — deep blue eyes and blond hair.

How Much Is Danny Zzzz Net Worth?

Danny Zzzz garnered a net worth of under $1.5 million.

A world-class entertainer, Danny first started his career as a laborer. He then went on to dabble around in the music scene for a while, until he found himself becoming a renowned tattoo artist and owner of a successful group of tattoo shops.

Still wanting more from life, Danny jumped into a broadcasting career as “Danimal,” the on-air host and producer with legendary Southern Ontario rock station 97.7 HTZ-FM.

Over time, his obsession with magic and a fascination with the power of the subconscious mind led him to pursue a career as an illusionist, hypnotist, and escape artist.

Ever since then, Danny has been touring around the US, providing family-friendly, free of vulgarity, and corporate shows. Most of his shows included hypnosis, comedy magic, mentalism, and escape artistry.

Besides this, Danny also offered motivational programs.

Did you know: Danny has appeared in a TED talk back in 2020.

Danny Zzzz Age

Danny Zzzz was born in 1970. That made him 51 years of age when he appeared on America’s Got Talent: Extreme in 2022.

He was one of the older contestants who appeared that season.

Danny Zzzz Parents

Danny Zzzz comes from a broken family. His parents were divorced while he was just a kid. No wonder, by 14 he was headed for the streets.

However, Danny’s mother remarried later, and it was his step-father who filled the magician’s world with love. “He’s never “scolded” me or pushed his beliefs on me. Never expected me to work or do things at his home. I can honestly say he’s never asked for anything. He has just loved my mother, her children, and grandchildren as though they were his own. He has just loved and supported in whatever way was needed. No expectations,” Danny praised him.

As for Danny’s siblings, he has a big sister named Robbie Craine Davidson, who is a medical assistant by profession. Also, she was the club treasurer of Optimist International and a Niagara Health System employee.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Danny Zzzz Birthday?

Danny celebrates his birthday on April 20, making him of the Taurus zodiac.

  • What Is Danny Zzzz Real Name?

Danny’s real name is Daniel Paulin.

He hails from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, and resided there as of 2022.

  • Is Danny Zzzz On Instagram?

Yes, find him over Instagram @dannyzzzz1.

Also, here’s his Facebook @dannyzzzz (private) and @LosersUnited (professional), Twitter @dannyzzzz, and Youtube.

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