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Jackson Fox Bio, Before, Partner, Height, Family, Survivor 42

The Season 41 of Survivor was likely the most diverse season to date, with its first-ever Southeast Asian, Filipino, and Asian Canadian winner. Erika Casupanan was also the first woman to win since Season 34. Now, season 42, releasing on 9 March 2022, brings to us another historic player in the form of Jackson Fox.

Jackson is the first-ever openly transgender contestant to participate in this game to win the hefty $1 million and the title of “Sole Survivor” (of course).

Now meet Jackson in and out of Survivor 42 in this ‘Jackson Fox Bio’.

Jackson Fox On Survivor 42

While there has been plenty of representation from the LGBTQ community on Survivor Jackson Fox is the first to bring his legacy on the show openly as a trans person.

Before this, there was Zeke Smith. However, he had outed as transgender only when during the show and on Season 34.

Jackson had applied on the show ten years ago. He did not get in then, but they contacted him and wanted him to do it this season.

Another surprising fact would be that he started watching Survivor on a dare. Never a fan of reality TV, someone had dared him to watch it. I did, and at that point, he was hooked. He says he has watched it every season since.

Now that he is himself a contestant on the show, he hinted that he would like to play similar to former contestant Elaine as well as Adam Klein.

Though there are already a few things that he is concerned about. He was supposing that his co-players might dislike the fact that he is likable. At the same, he also hoped to see traits like loyalty, transparency, honesty, and an ability to go under the radar, in his alliance partner.

Jackson Fox Before

“I had the opportunity the other day to put a suit on and join the living 😊and realized how lucky I am to have had the opportunity and means to become my authentic self”, Jackson Fox wrote on Instagram during ‘Trans Awareness Week’ next to this memory of him before transitioning.

Jackson Fox, now and before transition (PIC: Instagram)

A self-proclaimed kind, dedicated and assertive Jackson used to be a girl. This may come off as surprising to some, he said, now that they see him covered in tattoos.

“Transition changed my life. I went from smiling for others to smiling for myself”, Jackson keeps recalling and comparing his days now and then.

Does Jackson Fox Have A Partner?

We were not sure if Jackson Fox has a partner as of the time of this writing. However, there was a time when he could have even married. It was before the transition and Jackson was allegedly married to a man.

He reportedly was likely 35 around the time he got married. Jackson looked beautiful dressed as a bride. But, from what he said his life was miserable and was struggling with the pressures of making everyone around him comfortable and happy.

Jackson Fox Height

Jackson Fox stands above 6 feet tall. He was already at 5′ 10″ in 6th grade.

The first time since the transition at the age of 40, Jackson lost 30lbs lighter and not as much muscle early in January 2022. A month prior he also successfully underwent some kind of surgery for getting his “nerves released from under his graft.”

Jackson Fox Family

When asked, “what’s one happy memory you’ll pull from in your time of need?” Jackson recalled his now-deceased mother. He said it was the memory of his mother when she accepted him for who he was when he finally plucked up the courage to come out to her.

“My mom. No question. She had grace until the end. Her faith was unmatched. She was an awesome person. Not just a mother, but as a whole. I could only strive to be half the person she was”, this is again what Jackson shared when he was told to elaborate on who his hero (idol) was.

Jackson’s mother, if you should know, passed away in peace in his dad’s arm (in 2018).

On his Instagram, Jackson also talked about the time when he and his parents had a “very strained” relationship. By the look of it, he was not with them for a long time and was accepted in his transitioned self sometime in 2016 when his mother’s health worsened.

In the family, Jackson also has a brother.

What Does Jackson Fox Do For A Living?

As per Jackson’s BIO for CBS’s Survivor, he is a healthcare worker. On it, he also shared that he is proud of starting and running his own company.

Jackson also did puzzling, weightlifting, and dog walking, but more as a hobby. A “big softy” when it comes to animals, he is a collector of hurt or abandoned animals.

Jackson Fox Age

In 2018, Jackson realized that turning 45 was just a number and not what he is told he should be at this point in his life. Before this realization, Jackson said he kept worrying that he had not accomplished everything he had planned, that maybe he had made the wrong decisions. But since then he started to believe that everything he has done to this point was exactly what was supposed to happen.

In 2021, Jackson Fox turned 48.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Jackson Fox’s Birthday?

14th of August is when Jackson Fox celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Jackson Fox From?

Jackson Fox was born and bred in his hometown of Pasadena, a very small southern town in Texas. Although currently, he was based in Houston.

  • What Is Jackson Fox Birth Name?

Jackson was yet to reveal the birth name that his parents gave him when he was born as a girl.

  • How Much Is Jackson Fox Net Worth?

Jackson Fox reportedly held above $400K as net worth as of February 2022.

He should have made around $39,450/year working as a community health worker in Texas.


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