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Youssef Khater Bio, Today, Age, Ethnicity, Worst Roommate Ever

Netflix has premiered a new true crime docu-series titled Worst Roommate Ever. The five-part documentary show features four harrowing stories of seemingly harmless roommates who turned into real-life nightmares. One of the four con artists and criminals that we meet in the show is Youssef Khater.

Keep reading to know about his age and his whereabouts today.

Meet Youssef Khater, One Of The Subjects Of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

Danish marathon runner, Youssef Khater is one of the subjects of Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever. In 2011, police arrested him for the attempted murder of Texan housemate Callie Quinn and defrauding several people out of thousands of dollars. As the story goes, he posed as a Palestinian marathon runner and boasted that the Federacion Palestina de Chile sponsored him to set a record by running the 2653-mile length of Chile.

He also claimed members of the Federacion Palestina, Carlos Medina, and Carlos Krauss gave him $8000 for that. However, the organizers reportedly disqualified him after they noticed a muscle tear in his leg. But, the medical examination revealed otherwise so he stopped returning their calls.

According to Texas Monthly, Youssef lured Callie to a tire shop and hit her over the head with a toilet seat, before burying her alive. But, Callie survived the incident and reported to the police. Their roommate also accused them of borrowing money from her and the other two Mexican students.

Then, they also learned that Youssef had borrowed $50k ($12000 of athletic gear and given him $38,000 to jointly buy a property) from British runner Dominic Rayner. Dominic confronted Youssef to claim what he owed but Youssef plotted a hike was physically attacked the British runner but only caused minimum harm.

Later, Youssef “begged him not to tell anyone what had happened” according to the Texas Monthly article.

Youssef was reportedly arrested in 2009 but failed to appear on trial in Jan. 2011. He was wanted for arson, embezzlement, forgery, and fraud. But, police got hold of him on 9 August that year after setting him up for a wire transfer. He initially insisted that he wasn’t responsible for attacking Callie but later confessed. But, he told he had no intention of killing her.

Where Is Youssef Khater Today?

After the arrest, Youssef Kater spent 541 days in prison for fraud. He served 61 days in prison. In 2015, as a follow-up, Texas monthly reported that he was going by the name Josef Maria on Facebook. Moreover, he also used the alias, Josef Carter. He also ran in the 20th Marathon Costa Rica on 6th December in San Jose.

On 10 January 2017, The Costa Rico Star reported that Youssef had been arrested in Puerto Viejo on suspicion of committing massive fraud in the country. Tico Times, another outlet reported that he was released shortly after. There are no other stories about his life reported on media after that. At the time, he was living in Costa Rica since at least 2014.

Youssef was last located in his home country, Denmark, back in 2018.

Youssef Khater Age

In 2011, Youssef Khater was 33 years old. So, he should be over 43 years old as of 2022.

Youssef Khater Ethnicity

Youssef Khater is of Lebanese-Danish ethnicity.

Is Youssef Khater Married?

There is no information on Youssef Khater’s marital status. There was no follow-up on his relationship or his marriage while the case was ongoing. Since he remains completely off-grid now and away from social media, there is no concrete information on his marriage and his dating life, or kids, if he had any.

What Is Youssef Khater Nationality?

As for nationality, Youssef Khater is a Danish citizen.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Youssef Khater Birthday?

Youssef Khater’s birthday eluded the public knowledge.

  • What Do We Know About Youssef Khater Family?

Youssef hasn’t shared any information on his family members.

  • Is Youssef Khater On Instagram And Facebook?

Reports reveal that Youssef was on Facebook but locating him was impossible because he might’ve deleted his account.

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