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Davina Thomasula Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, HGTV

A dream never dies. Davina Thomasula, who always wanted to follow in her contractor dad’s footsteps, finally stepped into the real estate business in 2017 after working in hospitality for 2 decades. On top of reconnecting with her passion, the dreamer now has also landed her own HGTV show called Small Town Potential.

Get to know her better as this Davina Thomasula Bio proceeds.

Davina Thomasula On HGTV Small Town Potential

HGTV Small Town Potential goes beyond flipping houses, decorating rough abodes, and finding the perfect forever home for a buyer. It also takes its viewers to beautiful green spaces in the Hudson Valley in New York. This area is listed as a National Heritage, “steeped in history, natural beauty, culture, and a burgeoning food and farmer’s market scene,” per its very own website.

Real estate agent, Davina Thomasula along with her partner Kristin Leitheuser helps families moving to the Hudson Valley find their perfect house to renovate and call home. In each ep, Davina designs a plan complemented by the area’s natural surroundings that Kristin will bring to life with the help of her dad and building partner, Don Leitheuser.

“The Hudson Valley is full of unique and beautiful towns nestled along the Hudson River,” Davina said. “So many people are moving here because each town has a lot to offer and so much potential. I’m a real estate agent and designer who finds these upstate newcomers just the house they’re looking for.”

Are Davina Thomasula And Kristin Leitheuser Married?

Davina Thomasula and Kristin Leitheuser aren’t married as of June 2023. Well, at least, not before they filmed Small Town Potential.

The duo started their love story in 2014 after meeting at a bar in New York City. It seems Davina was working as a bartender when Kristin visited the bar with her recreational basketball team after a game.

“I played it safe and ordered a Guinness and the rest is history,” Kristin said.

The couple went on to get engaged five years later. Thereafter, they got so busy with their lives that they never had time to think about settling down for good. “Everyone is wondering when we’re going to get hitched, but we’re so busy with all of our projects!” Kristin shared. “But we have so much happening in our work life, we’re taking all the other stuff day by day.”

According to Davina, she loves the fact that her partner is never afraid to speak the truth. “I always know I’ll get an honest answer or opinion out of her,” she explained. As for Kristin, she loves the way Davina lights up a room. “People are just drawn to her spirit,” she says. “She can engage and find a commonality with anyone.”

Trivia: Davina and Kristin share the same favorite color — Green.

How Much Is Davina Thomasula Net Worth?

Davina Thomasula flaunted a net worth of above $850 thousand by 2023.

As mentioned before, Davina initially started her career in the hospitality business. She was a bartender at Park Bar from 2007 to 2019. Whilst working there, she also served as a “VP of Culinary/ Food & Drink Talent” at

So, it was only in August 2017, that she became a Licensed Real Estate Agent and joined Keller Williams NYC. Now, she has sold over 35 properties in NY. “I have passion for anything that I set my heart and mind to. I truly enjoy helping others where I can and not just in real estate. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing someone say, ‘Thank You for your help,’” she said.

But though she might have stepped into the real estate world, she still hasn’t completely left the hospitality industry. In fact, she now co-owns a bar named Goodnight Kenny (a tribute to Davina’s father Kenn) in Poughkeepsie, New York.

As for her education, Davina attended Florida International University to study Communications and Broadcast Journalism from 1999 to 2002.

Davina Thomasula Age

Davina Thomasula was 43 years of age when Small Town Potential premiered in 2023.

But she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Davina Thomasula Family

Davina Thomasula has her family to thank for her success. They are her inspiration and motivation. “I will always look up to my family. They’re just so hardworking,” Davina said.

Her mother, Deborah A Collins (born:  Mar 1955) was also featured in one of the ep on Small Town Potential when Davina worked on her house. She could be heard requesting that her kitchen cabinets match her green eyes.

“Making over my mom’s house, which is 600 feet away from our house in Kingston, New York, really hit home for both of us,” Davina said in the ep. “There was a lot of pressure because she’s family and if she didn’t like it, she would have let us know.”

As for her father, Ken Thomasula, he was a musician who worked at night and took naps during the day. “Goodnight Kenny is what we scream to him every time he goes for a nap,” said Davina. Thus, her bar’s named Goodnight Kenny.

“Happy Father’s Day to the coolest Dad in the world,” she wished him on FB on Father’s Day 2018.

Sadly, Davina’s parents have long separated. But they both have found love again and remarried.

As for her siblings, Davina’s brother David Cogen is the founder of (a site for all technology how-to’s, wireless news, and device reviews), while her 13-year-younger sister Kendelle Ann worked as a registered nurse in ICU.

Davina Thomasula Height

Davina Thomasula stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm).

She is much shorter than Kristin who is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When IDavinas Davina Thomasula Birthday?

Davina receives her birthday wishes on February 4 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Is Davina Thomasula From?

Davina was born in Buffalo, New York. But she grew up in Coral Springs, Florida.

Now, she resides in Kingston, New York with her partner.

  • Is Davina Thomasula On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @davinathomasula and Facebook @davinathomasula.

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