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Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Bio, Age, Job, Snowflake Mountain

One of the snowflakes who is melting on the new Netflix survival series Snowflake Mountain is Deandra Joseph.

Snowflake Mountain on Netflix is about ten young adults who deviated from their way of life. Joel Graves and Matt Tate, two survival specialists who will put them to the test, were approached by worried family members. The magnificent nature that their parents thought they needed to enjoy more frequently is the only thing they still had after losing their phones and WiFi.

But, getting them wasn’t easy as they were lied to by stating that they were signing up for an extravagant reality show.

A $50,000 cash reward is up for grabs, so efforts are not in vain. The candidates will learn how to compete, network, outsmart rivals, and do whatever else is required to come out on top in the end.

The contestants are Sunny, Deandra, Liam Brown, Randy Wentworth, Rae Hume, Darriea Clark, Olivia Lagaly, Devon Smith, and Solomon.

You’ll discover information related to Deandra’s life after this. This article provides information on her age, occupation, family, and romantic status.

Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee On Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain

Deandra Joseph spoke with New York Post about her experience being on Netflix’s Snowflake Mountain.

Before that she revealed to the outlet, “I am very dramatic. People say, ‘Why do you have to always be on [Level] 10?’ But I don’t feel like I’m spoiled. But to other people, I can see why they’d say that”.

She added, “I feel like I work hard for my stuff. But I understand the term [snowflake]”.

Deandra and her nine fellow contestants were told that they were heading to a luxury resort for an all-expenses-paid party. But, when they arrived in England’s Lake District, they were roughing it in the wilderness. Deandra’s reaction was, “They bamboozled me!”.

She added, “When I got out of the van and saw that I was in the mountains, I could have cried. And then we had to pick limited items to bring – I had four suitcases, and I had to pick one. I was so sad [without] my makeup. I could be butt naked, and I would have been A-OK, but I just take so much pride in looking a certain way I know most people are like, ‘Girl, that’s not important.’ But as long as my nose is contoured, I’m OK.”

Deandra broke when she woke up with incests. They had me in a little tent, and I woke up to a spider on my face,” Deandra told The Post. “I still have PTSD, I’m still crying. On my face? That’s just so rude”.

The Brooklyner also complained about the approach of the two survival experts. “I thought that they were super mean,” said Deandra. “I struggle with listening to authority — that’s been my whole life. I’m not a fan of rules. If somebody tells me not to do something, I’m going to purposefully do it, and then take a picture”.

So what was the takeaway for her? Did this “dreadful” impact how she will be leading her life after that?

“It humbled me, for a fact,” Deandra explained. “It made me feel more prepared for any situation. You could stick me in the wilderness right now, and I’ve got you. Bring me some hay and twigs, and we’ve got a fire!”

But that’s not all, she walked back home as a winner and $50,000 richer. After hearing the news she told, “Thank you so much like honestly I just want to cry”.

Her fellow cast congratulated her and she stated, “We all did this as a family, like the support and the appreciation”.

Is Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Dating Anyone?

In 2022, Deandra Joseph is single. By sexuality, she appears to be a bisexual individual.

Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Age

In 2022, Deandra Joseph is 25 years old. She was born in December 1996.

Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Job

Deandra Joseph has been working as a makeup artist for a long time. She completed high school at Bishop Kearney High School in Brooklyn, New York. In 2014, she received the best makeup award presented by Bishop Kearney High School Senior Superlatives.

She has a separate IG page (@beau.dee_beats) where she shows off her work. She is also Barbicide certified in July 2020. This means Deandra has received training and understanding of proper sanitation and disinfection practices and procedures consistent with the current highest industry standards.

Deandra completed her college education at St. Francis College, according to her LinkedIn.

Is Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee On Instagram?

Yes, Deandra Joseph is on Instagram (@beau.dee_) and also on Facebook (@deandra.joseph.37).

Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Height

A plus-sized beauty, Deandra Joseph’s height measures above 5 feet 6 inches.

Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee Family

Deandra Joseph was born to her father Daniel Joseph. Daniel was born on 27 April 1960 in Port au Prince Haiti. So, Deandra and her sister are first-generation Haitian-Americans in their family. In 2022, he is 62 years old.

On her father’s birthday in 2015, Deandra posted on her Instagram, “It’s a real ni**a birthday. happy birthday, daddy. Your baby girl loves you.”

Deandra is also close to her mother. Her mother turned 58 years old in February 2022. Although she lives with her parents and two younger sisters, she appears to have more than two sisters according to her father’s Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Deandra Joseph aka Beau Dee From?

Deandra Joseph is a native of Brooklyn, New York. Her current residence is also the same.

  • When Is Deandra aka Beau Dee Birthday?

On 3 December every year, Deandra receives birthday wishes from her family and friends.

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