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Sunny Malik Bio, Age, Job, Height, Snowflake Mountain

Sunny Malik is one of the cast appearing on Netflix’s new survival show Snowflake Mountain.

Ten young adults who strayed from their way of life are the subject of Snowflake Mountain on Netflix. Concerned family members contacted Joel Graves and Matt Tate, two survival experts who will put them to the test. The only thing they have left after losing their phones and WiFi is the lovely nature that their parents believed they needed to experience more often.

However, efforts are not useless because a $50,000 cash prize is up for grabs. The candidates will gain knowledge about competing, making friends, outsmarting other contenders, and whatever else is necessary to emerge as the ultimate victor.

So, let us introduce you to the competitors: Sunny, Deandra, Liam Brown, Randy Wentworth, Rae Hume, Darriea Clark, Olivia Lagaly, Devon Smith, and Solomon.

You’ll discover information related to Sunny’s life after this. This article provides information on her age, occupation, family, and romantic status.

On 25 May 2022, Sunny posted on IG, “why nobody tells me I got a lazy eye @netflix”. In the teaser, he says only three lines, “Feels Borderline Abusive”. It appears that seems to be the case, which means extra excitement for viewers to see these young adults tackle mentally and physically exhausting tasks.

Sunny Malik On Snowflake Mountain

Sunny Malik, who jokingly refers to himself on Instagram as a “hot dog restaurant,” hails from a successful family. Meanwhile, the self-described himself as a “naturally lazy person”. He would rather stay in to relax than do anything else.

Sunny clearly enjoyed the comfort since he settled in before taking on menial duties with the attitude that he would always do what was necessary but would refrain from doing anything he did not want to. That’s why he even thought about abandoning the wilderness-survival camp after just a few days, especially because “there are bugs everywhere… these people are so loud. This is just not for me”.

But as soon as he started actively participating, Sunny discovered he could be and do much more, which inspired him to continue and gradually improve both his actions and mindset for the better.

Speaking about his experience in Snowflake Mountain, he shared, “Breaking down that deer. It was definitely something that changed me a lot. (Diazepam) If I hadn’t broken that barrier, I wouldn’t have climbed up that tree; I wouldn’t have broken that [wooden] board [with my palm]. So [the deer] was like my–my catalyst”.

Is Sunny Malik Dating Anyone?

Per his social media post, no, Sunny Malik is single. But in the late January 2022 post, he and his friends re-enacted a proposal, maybe as a joke. His friend got down on his knee at a spot overlooking a frozen looking a frozen lake at Estes Park. Sunny acted as if he was shocked by the proposal like in the real engagement.

In the third picture, Sunny showed off his ring, while his “partner” looked like he was crying holding his chest with a palm.

That is the closest to anything romantic Sunny posted on his Instagram.

Sunny Malik Age

Reportedly born in April 1995, Sunny Malik is 27 years old as of June 2022.

Sunny Malik Job

Sunny Malik is a 2013 graduate of Parkland High School. He excelled in school growing up, but quietly changed his major in college to something “less demanding” so he could concentrate on relaxing. Sunny has a strong desire to fight for change and participated in demonstrations during the BLM movement.

What Is Sunny Malik Ethnicity?

Sunny Malik’s ethnicity is likely of Indian-American ethnicity.

Sunny Malik Family

The only thing we know about Sunny Malik’s family is his cousins are working on Wall Street, his sister is pursuing a legal career, and his buddies are employed in Silicon Valley.

He has posted pictures of his sister a few times on his IG. However, he didn’t give away many details. But, he hasn’t followed any of his family members on his socials.

Sunny Malik Height

While the long hair and beard are among his distinct features, Sunny Malik’s height is 6 feet. He has an average build.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sunny Malik Birthday?

Sunny Malik’s birthday is in April.

  • Where Is Sunny Malik From?

Sunny Malik’s hometown is in Pennsylvania, United States.

  • Is Sunny Malik On Instagram?

Yes, he is on Instagram. Sunny Malik’s Instagram handle is (@sunnymalicc).

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