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Debbie Depp Bio, Age, Job, IG, Johnny Depp Sister


The 2022 Depp v. Heard trial got multiple people involved in the case; from watchmen to their families. And this time we have Johnny Depp’s sister Debbie Depp, reportedly on Amber Heard’s list of potential witnesses.

But who is she? This “Debbie Depp Bio” explores her life.

Meet Debbie Depp, Johnny Depp Sister

After weeklong hiatus, Depp v. Heard trial resumed on May 16, 2022, and Debbie Depp was reportedly set to appear as Amber’s witness and could therefore provide vital evidence.

This would be the first time Johnny’s sister gets involved in the situation.

Previously, Johnny’s other sister, Christi Dembrowski appeared on the stand in April to testify on behalf of her younger brother.

But unlike Christi, Debbie is Johnny’s half-sister. Her alleged biological dad is Bob Palmer. This means, Debbie and Johnny only share their mother Betty Sue Palmer (who was abusive and passed away on May 20, 2016.)

After their mother’s death, Debbie and her husband went on to live on Johnny’s 41 acres Kentucky farm. The Pirates of the Caribbean star then kicked them out so he could sell the property as he had blown away millions on his addictions and a bank-busting divorce from Amber.

Reportedly, the farm was initially auctioned to sell for $2.9 million but Johnny slashed that price to $1.6 million after not finding a buyer.

Ever since then, Debbie and Johnny developed bad blood between them. However, the two were at odds even before that — when Johnny flew their dying mother out to California from Kentucky. At the time, Debbie was taking care of her, and Johnny, out of the blue, just took her away.

Talking a little about the Depp family, Debbie’s mother Betty Sue Palmer’s maiden name is Wells. She was married to Bob Palmer after her divorce from John Christopher Depp I. Sadly, Bob died around 2000.

Besides Debbie, Betty and Bob also shared another kid named Danny who was born on n November 14th, 1953 and was adopted by John Christopher Depp. He is a writer who worked with Johnny on The Bave and he has other projects.

Debbie Depp Age

Debbie Depp was 66 years of age when she was all set to appear in Depp v. Heard trial in 2022.

She is 8 years older than her half-brother Johnny Depp.

Debbie Depp Job

Unlike Johnny, his sister Debbie Depp isn’t in the limelight. She leads a humble life as an elementary school teacher in Lexington.

Reportedly, a job as an elementary school teacher in Kentucky paid around $65 thousand per annum in 2022.

On the other hand, Johnny’s net worth was over $150 million. And not to mention, he will be getting a hefty sum if he were to win the “Depp v. Heard” 2022 battle.

To be precise, Johnny claimed $50 million in damages from defendant Amber Heard, who in turn counterclaimed $100 million. Johnny sued his ex-wife in February 2019 over an op-ed she wrote which was published by The Washington Post in December 2018, which allegedly led him to lose a defamation lawsuit against News Group Newspapers.

Is Debbie Depp Married?

Yes, Debbie Depp is married to her husband Richard Rassel as of 2022.

He is 7 years older than Debbie and is the son of Sophia Miriam Surmacz Rassel and Oakley Lee Rassel. His father, Oakley was a 7th Generation Floridian and WWII veteran while his mother Sophia was a registered nurse. The two first met at a doctor’s office, got married, and moved to Lake City in 1990.

Sadly, both of Richard’s parents have long passed away. Also, his brother, John Brian Rassel has already left this world. The last we checked, Richard’s surviving siblings were Stephen (married to Josette), David (married to Barbara), Julie (married to Sidney), and Linda Rassel.

Now, coming back to Debbie and Richard, they were together when Johnny kicked them out of his farm. Speaking to a media outlet after being asked where they were moving, Richard, then, shared, “I couldn’t tell you, I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything about him. We don’t talk about him. I don’t know the last time he was here. I’ve been in out a lot, too.”

Also, Debbie and Richard share a son named William M Rassel. He was born in November 1980 and is now a Recording Engineer/Record Executive working at Work In Progress Music/Film, LLC.

As of 2022, he resided in California, USA, with his wife Heather L Rassel — a Lexington, KY, native and a Henry Clay High School 1999 graduate who turned 40 in June 2021.

Here’s William’s Instagram @brashk, Facebook @william.rassel, and Twitter @brashk.

Debbie Depp Height

Debbie Depp stands tall at a height under 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Debbie Depp Live?

Debbie’s last known residence was Lexington, Kentucky.

  • Is Debbie Depp On IG, Facebook?

No, Debbie isn’t on Instagram or Facebook.

  • When Is Debbie Depp Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes on May 10, making her of the Taurus zodiac.

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