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Dee Valladares Bio, Boyfriend, Parents, Height, Survivor 45

Meet Dee Valladares, who decided to go on Survivor 45 inspired by players like Sandra Diaz-Twine and hoping to be the next Latina female winner. She said she has been hustling her entire life so getting down and dirty for the million-dollar prize was not something that she had to think twice before committing to. So, what became of it? We shall reveal all in this writing called ‘Dee Valladares Bio’.

Dee Valladares On Survivor 45

Dee Valladares started watching Survivor in 2020 and soon got attached to it. Recalling those early encounters with the show, Dee told CBS that she knew it innately and felt it and she too should be on it. Besides, being passionate about it, she also was driven by the million dollars. She said she hoped to win that to take care of her family. And then, she also wanted to inspire people and set examples to go out there and do things that scare them.

When Dee was asked, “What’s one life experience you feel has prepared you most for the game?”, by, she confidently said it was starting her business with her business partner three years ago that prepared her for the Survivor challenge.

Once in Survivor 45, she was expecting to gravitate toward people that she feels are just authentically themselves and are honest. It is not understood if she was successful that way.

Dee was introduced to watchers as someone competing as an original member of the Reba tribe sporting.

There were 17 others joining Dee on this journey. They were divided into three tribes: Belo, Lulu, and Reba.

Dee Valladares Boyfriend

Dee Valladares appeared to be single as of September 2023. She talked about just about everything on Survivor 45, just not her dating life.

When she was asked about her pet peeves, Dee said it is any form of waste, wasted time, money, opportunity, food, and banana-favored candy.

How Old Is Dee Valladares?

Dee Valladaress turned 26 years old in 2022.

Who Are Dee Valladares’s Parents?

Dee Valladares is really fond of her parents. All she has for them is immense love and respect, especially for them leaving behind everything in Cuba to bring her and her brother to the States for a better future. She gushed during a CBS interview for Survivor that her folks came to America not knowing English, and had to hustle multiple jobs just to have a plate of food on the table for the kids.

Dee’s mom’s name is Lisset Valladares. She can be found on IG @lissetv as well as on Facebook. Also, she turned 54 in August 2023.

Then, there is Osmany Valladares. He is Dee’s dad and can be located on IG @ovatv. He turned 56 years old in May 2023.

It is not unusual for Dee to bring up, also show her parents to her people on social media. She just can not get enough of talking about them. Even during her Survivor interview, she opened up that her dad is her perfect example of not needing materialistic items to be happy. She believes she has only seen him mad three times. He also is the “practical psychologist in the family” according to her.

Last but not least, Dee’s brother is Osmel Valladares who turned 30 in January 2023. A couple of years back on his birthday, Dee shared a childhood picture of them together and next to it wrote, that although they never had much, their mom and dad always made sure they had each other and that their love was enough. Dee also loves to tell everyone that to her her brother is “My ride or die always”.

Since June 2023, Dee’s sibling has been working as a senior internal auditor at American Tower in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area.

Dee Valladares Job

Dee Valladares is an entrepreneur committed to the pursuit of her own true potential. Since June 2022, she has been working in sales development at Drata, a global security and compliance automation platform based in Miami. Next, she is the co-founder of Wanaroam, a company that was launched by Dee and her fellow free-spirit partner in July 2019.

Growing up, Dee dabbled in a lot of different things. She went to school for psychology but when she found out they did not make much money, she felt like she had to do something else. And so she started doing retail sales. She eventually went into pharmaceutical sales and into tech sales before starting her own business, a backpack company. Why that particularly? Because Dee herself has always loved backpacking somewhere new with her camera, hockey, and volleyball.

Dee Valladares Height

Dee Valladares stands below 5’3” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dee Valladares From?

Dee Valladares originally hails from Havana, Cuba. It is from there that she emigrated to Miami, Florida, where she continued to live by 2023.

Lately, when Dee was asked by CBS people to comment on what it means to be an immigrant in the United States, she explained that she has grit and has been working since 14 years of age.

  • Is Dee Valladares On Instagram?

Yes. Dee Valladares was on Instagram @roamwithdee as of September 2023. This IG account included 201 posts and 12.7K followers.

Dee also showed glimpses of her life on ‘Dianelys Valladares’ Facebook, on TikTok @roamwithdee, and on Twitter @roamwithdee.

  • When Is Dee Valladares Birthday?

Dee Valladares’s birthday is on October 2nd which makes him a Libra.

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