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Monique Robinson Bio, Love After Lockup, Age, Job, IG

Monique Robinson is one of the cast members of season 5 of Love After Lockup which premiered in December 2022. While the show explores her relationship with her boyfriend Derek, there is more to learn about her outside of the show. This article is about her children, and her job among other things.

So, join us and discover other details about Monique.

Love After Lockup: Are Monique Robinson And Derek Still Together?

A brand new season of Love After Lockup premiered on 16 December 2022, and one of the four couples that instantly grabbed viewers’ attention was Monique Robinson and her inmate boyfriend Derek. Monique met Derek through a prison pen-pal group on Facebook. Monique after seeing Derek’s photo couldn’t help but send him a message.

In one clip Monique explained, “One night, it was late, I couldn’t sleep, so I’m just scrolling on Facebook, clicking on things, and then somehow I came across a prison pen pal group.”

Derek also fell for Monique once they started communicating with each other and wanted to become serious. They are still together after two years. Their family disagrees, though. Even Monique’s friends are dissatisfied with her romantic life and her connection to Derek.

But, the catch for this couple is they haven’t met each other in person. Monique worries that their dynamic will change once Derek is out of prison. Derek is a fitness enthusiast, and Monique lied about having the same interest as him. So she worries about his response after they first meet.

Monique, though, gives Derek credit for her decision to have weight-loss surgery.

She also admitted to her friends that she is worried about what Derek will think of her when he gets out of prison in a few days and meets her face-to-face for the first time ever. Monique explained to her friends, “I’m nervous. It does cross my mind, like what if, you know, I’m not what he imagined, or what if he [doesn’t] like me? I’m trying to think positive, but it’s hard when y’all are being so negative.”

Viewers who watched episodes of the new season didn’t hesitate a second to declare that Monique catfished Derek. Soon Monique also took to her IG to comment about the catfish allegations. She wrote, “Now I done let y’all play with me on this internet long enough. I hate how Love After Lockup trying to push this narrative like I’m catfishing a man in prison. I use filters on pics like every other woman. Also, I gave y’all plenty of pics to choose from when y’all did my intro and y’all did not use ONE full body pic.”

She added, “Why is that??? Like I was sending nothing but filtered selfies for 2 1/2 years? 🙄 be fuckin fr!! I’ve always been a confident BBW. Y’all cannot bully me or fat shame me because I know who tf I am!! Stop the bullshit.  #loveafterlockup  #loveafterlockupwetv.”

Are they still together? Only time will tell what Derek’s reaction will be though Monique appears to be a genuine person.

More about Monique, she was a mother once before. However, her child Maliah Char’Leigh Robinson passed away on 27 January 2017 just three days after her birth. She made several posts about her daughter on her Instagram and shared the agonizing pain she felt from the loss of her daughter.

In one post she wrote, “I birthed you and lost you in 3 days, I often think about how my life would be if you were still here. I find myself constantly trying to imagine what u would look like now. If you were to look like me or your dad because I couldn’t stand him during my pregnancy.”

In 2022, Maliah would’ve been 5 years old had she survived. She also has a son named KJ from her previous relationship who celebrated his 9th birthday on 3 August 2022. Her last marriage can be traced back to as recent as July 2020.

In 2015, Monique wrote on her Facebook, “SOME OF YOU FEMALES ARE SO F**KIN CONFUSED!!! MY GOAL IN LIFE IS NOT TO CHASE AFTER A MAN NOR AM I SEARCHING FOR ONE!! IM SO CONTENT WITH BEING ALONE!!! Some of u females are only good for laying on ur back and working that petty-ass minimum wage job to take care of the worthless ni**a u lay next to every night that ain’t got a dollar to call his own! But what do I know?? I’m just out here worrying about MYSELF!! WORKING, going to school, my own place (NO SECTION 😎 NO kids, I think I’m pretty blessed!! I’m too busy trying NOT to be like u pathetic ass mfs who desperately need a man to validate u! Some of u ho*s need to take notes 😂 I can show u how to be independent.”

Monique Robinson Age

Love During Lockup star Monique Robinson is 34 years old. According to her Facebook, she was born in 1988.

Monique Robinson Job

Monique Robinson is currently working at VCA Chicago North Animal Hospital as a Client Service Representative. In her role. she is committed to providing the best possible service and our Client Services team loves to exceed pet owners’ expectations.

Her job description reads, “Whether it’s answering your calls, guiding you and your pet to the exam rooms, or checking you in and out quickly, our Client Service representatives and Receptionists are dedicated to providing helpful client and patient support that raises the bar on customer service.”

She has also posted about her job on her Facebook. In April 2015, Monique wrote, “Today I start my first day at my new job! I’m excited and nervous because I have been working at my last job for almost 8 years and I guess that was my comfort zone but I’m excited for a fresh start for something new and better!! Happy Monday!”

Is Monique Robinson On IG And Facebook?

Indeed, Monique Robinson is on both Facebook (@monique.robinson.777) and Instagram (@miss.nique).

Monique Robinson Height

Based on her photographs, Monique Robinson stands tall at a height of around 5’6”.

Monique Robinson Family

Monique has a younger sister named Calandra Robinson who turned 33 years old in October 2022. Her other sister is Kandice CJ Robinson who was a former baker at Sam’s Club. She opted to maintain silent about the details of her parents.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Monique Robinson Birthday?

Monique Robinson celebrates her birthday on 25 July.

  • Where Is Monique Robinson From?

Monique Robinson is currently a dweller in Chicago, Illinois. It is also her hometown.

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