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Destiny Payton-Williams Bio, Age, Ex, Brother, Net Worth

OWN’s press release on the upcoming episodes of Love & Marriage: Huntsville mentioned its cast in pairs except for Destiny Payton-Williams. Obviously, something happened!

So, let’s take a deeper look at this star’s life as this Destiny Payton-Williams Bio proceeds.

Is Destiny Payton-Williams Still Married?

No, Destiny Payton-Williams isn’t married (as of 2022). She and La’Berrick Williams divorced while filming Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

According to Destiny, La’Berrick allegedly left the show hoping she would be fired. “He was more of a proponent of the show than I was. And when he walked away, it was because he wanted them to stop filming with me,” she explained.

As for the reason why they decided to part ways, Destiny believed it was because she may have emasculated her ex-husband. She said, “I told him in the hospital that if we continued like this, we’re not going to make it. He thought it was a threat. And I wasn’t threatening to divorce him. I was saying we cannot continue like this, we’re not going to make it. And so I think he was trying to beat me to the punch.”

But with this being said, it was infact Destiny who first asked for a “separation.” So, even if they disagreed whatsoever, they could have just hopped in the car and left.

Looking back, Destiny first met La’Berrick back on December 15, 2013, at a mutual friend’s Christmas Party in Huntsville, Alabama and it was love at first sight!

So, following multiple dates and an impromptu engagement day, the couple then finally held their “Royal Wedding” on September 7, 2019,  at West Point Military Academy in West Point. NY.

Talking about their kids, Destiny and  La’Berrick Williams welcomed their first son, Law Williams on June 17, 2019.

Their son, Law even has his own FB @yesitlaw.

Who Is Destiny Payton-Williams Ex?

Destiny Payton-Williams’ ex-husband La’Berrick Da’Juan Williams is the founder of Jell’s 4 Ever BBQ. His American BBQ restaurant is located at 3703 North Memorial Parkway Huntsville, AL.

Prior to founding his own business, Destiny’s ex was working as a Project manager at Boeing Company. And also, he’s a foreigner United States Army.

As for his education, this Huntsville, Alabama native attended Buckhorn High School, studied Management at United States Military Academy, Master’s Business Administration at Alabama A&M University, and systems engineering at West Point.

In 2022, this 40-year-old man was single.

Find him on IG @laberrick_williams and FB @laberrick.williams.

Destiny Payton-Williams Age

Destiny Payton-Williams was 40 years of age in 2022. 

She is the same as her ex-husband La’Berrick.

Who Is Destiny Payton-Williams Brother?

Destiny Payton-Williams lost her big brother, Dejaymo Payton Adams before 2019.

On his birthday (i.e. on September 15) ever since, Destiny then often took it to her FB to pay a tribute to her “best friend/guardian angel/her loving brother”

Her bother, Dejaymo (a.k.a Jay) was an Art Institute Of Michigan graduate who went on to work as a supervisor at Prestige Group.

The Love & Marriage star and her bother were born to their father, Donnie Williams (no relation to Destiny’s ex-husband) 

“I didn’t want to change my name as a child when I moved with him for the same reasons I didn’t want to drop Payton when I got married,” Destiny explained why her last name is Payton and not Williams.

Other members of her family include — Terry Payton, Pamela Wynn, Jonell Sears, Beauteous Kyla, Krissy Barnette, Aisha Amina, and Tj Dathug Payton.

Also, Destiny considers her life coach Tonnia Sellers to be her family.

What Does Destiny Payton-Williams Do For A Living?

Destiny Payton-Williams is the CEO of MaDonni Group LLC — a full-service Beauty Supply Store to Salon Suites that provide all of your beauty care needs including Lash Extensions, Brow Tinting/Micro Blading, Nail Services, and more.

She founded the company back in September 2013 after spending 4 years and over  30 million dollars in sales for a fortune 500 company.

Yes, she used to be in the real estate industry before. Changing her career to “all things beauty,” Destiny realized her dream to be the first Black-owned beauty supply and salon suites owner in Huntsville.

So, what inspired her to make a drastic career chance? Well, the inspiration for the beauty store derived from receiving a provisional patent with her then partner for developing a hair product. She then worked hard to penetrate a close circle in the corporate world and found quality products and the perfect location.

Today, her company’s one of the leading suppliers of beauty products. No wonder, her definition of success is what most common people don’t even dream about. “I define success in the legacy you leave. What will people say about you when you’re not in the room, how do you make people feel, and how will you be remembered,” she boasted.

Destiny Payton-Williams Net Worth

Destiny Payton-Williams flaunted a net worth of above $6.5 million in 2022.

Here’s her IG @madonnibeauty, FB @destiny.payton, and Twitter @DestinyPayton.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Destiny Payton-Williams Zodiac Sign?

Destiny’s birthday is on May 1, and that makes her of the Taurus zodiac,

  • What College Did Destiny Payton-Williams Attend?

Destiny studied international business at Clark Atlanta University, and later graduated with a performing arts degree from AMDA – Alumni in 2011.

  • Where Is Destiny Payton-Williams From?

Destiny hails from Detroit, Michigan.

But as of 2022, she resided in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • What Is Destiny Payton-Williams Height?

She stands tall at a height under 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).

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