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Quizzer Brandon Blackwell Bio, Age, Wife, IG, The Chase

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell may be new to The Chase Season 3 fans but he is definitely not a newbie to game shows fans in general, as Brandon, if we borrow his own words, is a trans-Atlantic television quiz villain. And so this is not his first time showing off his knack in the shows like Jeopardy!.

For more about his career, The Chase journey, and his personal life-related stories, read through this ‘Quizzer Brandon Blackwell Bio’.

Meet Quizzer Brandon Blackwell On The Chase

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell is a game show veteran and one of the new chasers for the third installment of The Chase which premiered its first on 3 May 2022 on ABC. The game commenced with a premiere episode where Brandon “The Lightning Bolt” Blackwell, was faced by three fellow players, namely attorney Felice, teacher Phil and office manager Shannon. While all three of them put their best foot forward, Brandon anyway took the win in the final round of S03E01.

The fans of course were amazed to see the new guy on fire. They later took to Twitter to comment he was a good choice for a season premiere.

While Brandon himself wrote on IG that a ton of really great people who he likes a lot have worked very hard on this season of The Chase and that they should be the ones receiving all the credits. As for him, he said, he was just there to carry the ball over the goal line.

Apart from Brandon, who is trained under Jeopardy! all-timer Roger Craig, there were two more chasers who were ready to shake up the dynamics of the show, namely Buzzy Cohen and Victoria Groce.

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell’s Age

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell was 26-year-old as of April 2020. So, by April of 2022, he should have reached the age of 28.

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell’s Wife

Quizzer Brandon certainly had not married as of 2022. But then he also did not seem to have a girlfriend. At least we can say this with confidence that he was single back in 2016. At this time, he described in a tweet how his family uncomfortably staring at him used to turn the conversation to dating.

Anyway, his relationship status was unclear at the time of this writing.

Is Quizzer Brandon Blackwell On IG?

Indeed! Quizzer Brandon Blackwell could be found on IG @brandon2.jpeg where he had around 403 followers as of 6 May 2022.

Brandon also kept around 6,905 followers posted on Twitter @_brandon2_ where he writes in his bio that people have not heard of him here in the US because he does not compete in the US.

Then there was a ‘Brandon Blackwell’ account on Facebook too.

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell Family

According to a DailyMail story, Quizzer Brandon Blackwell’s mother is a lawyer and his father works in insurance. And this is all the public knew about Brandon’s parents as of 2022. And then back in April 2020, Guardian reported that the quizzer lives only with his mother and grandmother.

Lastly, Brandon also mentioned uncles Steve and Ed on his IG. But it was not clear if they were really related or if they were just his mentor figures.

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell Job

Since returning home from London, Quizzer Brandon had been waiting to start a job which had then gotten delayed by the COVID pandemic. So he had instead gone for a plan B and was training non-stop during quarantine as the pro and a showman anyway always did five to eight quiz leagues at one time.

Related FAQs

  • How Much Is Quizzer Brandon Blackwell’s Net Worth?

Quizzer Brandon Blackwell reportedly had more than $800K net worth as of April 2022. It is said, the WorldSpeed Quizzing Champion already had made over $400K in quiz show winnings before turning 20.

At 14, when he made his first game show appearance on Jeopardy! he had won $9, 950. Four years later he bagged $43, 033 on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?. After the next 12 months, he scooped $219, 255 on Million Second Quiz. Brandon has gone on to do many impressive things since.

In 2020, TV viewers saw him and his team from Imperial College London lift the year’s University Challenge trophy.

The Runner (2016) and Let’s Ask America (2012) champion, so you know, studied Masters in Computing at Imperial College London. And before that, he attended Bronx School Of Science and graduated in 2011.

And how can we miss the fact that he finished 2nd in the under-30 World Quizzing Championships?

  • Where Is Quizzer Brandon Blackwell From?

An enthusiastic quizzer since he was a child, Brandon is Queens, New York homie. The only time he left his home was to live in London for two years. He had moved there specifically to quiz because very early on he had known that Britain had the greatest quiz infrastructure in the world.

Fast forward to 2022, he was back home in Queens, where he lived with his mother and grandmother.

  • How Tall Is Quizzer Brandon Blackwell?

Brandon Blackwell stands below 5′ 7″ tall in height. And while in reality, he is charming and funny, some of his grimaces and eye rolls amid quizzing on TV have been interpreted as disrespectful or arrogant. The sad part is, that some of the flak he has received during his career have been racially charged.

The face he occasionally made as his brain raced has also earned him names like “the scowler”.

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