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Eversen Bevelle Bio, Family, Height, Job, The Circle

After three hit seasons of catfishing, hashtagging, and virtual bonding, The Circle returned for Season 4 on 4 May 2022. And among the nine newbies ready to make their best first impressions was Eversen Bevelle who unlike his fellow players John Franklin and Parker Abbott was not catfishing but playing himself.

For more, about his journey on The Circle and personal life, read through this ‘Eversen Bevelle Bio’.

Eversen Bevelle On The Circle

Eversen Bevelle is playing himself. Why? “35 years I have been practicing to be Eversen. Who else could I be?”, he said.

In the trailer for the show, he described himself as being the life of the party, as someone who loves making people laugh and spreading positive vibes through active communication.

So, will Eversen be taking home the grand prize? The finale episode releasing on 25 May 2022 shall tell or before that if he gets eliminated before.

In the meantime, a lot of people are keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that Eversen will be the one to ultimately come out on top since he has such a fun personality. And he also promised viewers that are going to be the voice of entertainment throughout his stay on the show.

Does Eversen Bevelle Have A Girlfriend?

Eversen entered The Circle Season 4 as a single man ready to mingle with other players in the game. Also, as of this writing (May 2022), his relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’.

In the meantime, we could also tell you that this person believes that no matter where one is from or what language one speaks, love and smiles are universal. And this he loves to share with everyone, and just with his girlfriend.

Eversen Bevelle Age

Eversen Bevelle reached the age of 36 in 2021.

Eversen Bevelle Family

Eversen’s dad is Everett Lee Bevelle of Conyers, Georgia who turned 63 in July 2021. Then, there is Pattie Bevelle of Atlanta, Georgia, Eversen’s mum who turned 64 in January 2022. As per her LinkedIn, she had been working at Emory Healthcare as their nursing supervisor since September 2008. And these folks have had a divorce since at least 2010.

Addressing her step-mom Eversen’s sister, Joi Simone Bevelle had actually taken to her Facebook to write “FATHER, I LOVE YOU DEARLY. BUT THAT WOMAN YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO MARRY IS WEARING ME DOWN TO MY LAST SHRED OF HUMANITY AND MY CIVILITY IS SURE TO FOLLOW” around that time.

The very step-mom, Thermice Jordan Bevelle, is no longer alive. She breathed her last air sometime in 2019.

As for Eversen’s sister Joi, she turned 28 years old in August 2021 and was based in McDonough in Georgia as of 2022.

Lastly, if you also need to know ‘if Eversen’s mum is also married?’, a couple of years ago Eversen with humor revealed that his mum had asked him to find her a man who had to be Black and was required to love God.

Is Eversen Bevelle On Instagram?

Indeed! Eversen Bevelle could be found on Instagram @reverend_dr_e and he had 407 posts and around 18.6K followers on it as of 14 May 2022.

Eversen also entertained some 28K followers on ‘Reverend Dr. E’ Facebook.

Eversen Bevelle Job

According to LinkedIn, Eversen Bevelle had been working full-time (until present) as a cruise director at Carnival Cruise based in Miami, Florida as of April of 2011. So, because he lived at sea for eight years, he loves to go around as “Marman”.

While in the past, Eversen was once a DeKalb County Government employee, another time a photographer at Atlanta’s Royal Photography, and also before that, he was productions assistant at Grand Visuals.

Eversen Bevelle Height

Athletic and seemingly fitness lover Eversen Bevelle stands 5′ 11″ tall in height. Also, so you know, his hair color is a natural black and his eyes are naturally brown.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Eversen Bevelle Birthday?

It is on the 26th of February that Eversen Bevelle celebrates his birthday. And for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Pisces.

  • Where Is Eversen Bevelle From?

Eversen hails from his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Although, as of 2022, he was based in Decatur city in Georgia, which is northeast of Atlanta.

  • How Much Is Eversen Bevelle Net Worth?

Eversen reportedly had around $500 thousand net worth as of 2022.

Now a reality star, Eversen is also the one from Season 4 of The Circle who has the most experience with blues and jazz music. So far, he is said to have hosted tons of music festivals and worked as a TV station reporter in the past. Photography is considered to be another of his talents. It was 2005 when he began hosting shows on an off-camera/radio.

Speaking of his education, Eversen studied Film & Television Production and also Sociology at Alabama A&M University. She graduated from here in 2009. And before that, he had gone to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and Southwest DeKalb High School.

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