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Dr Jay Rosan Bio, Now, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Theranos

Meet Dr. Jay Rosan, an executive from Walgreens who helped the organization strike a multi-million dollar deal with Theranos.

Here you’ll learn about age, wife, and net worth. Keep scrolling down to learn more about Jay.

Who Plays Dr Jay Rosan On The Dropout?

On Hulu’s The Dropout, Dr. Jay Rosan was played by actor Alan Ruck. Born on 1 July 1956 in Cleveland, Ohio the actor is best known for playing in Succession (2018-2021), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Freaky (2020), Dirty John (2018), Gringo (2018), The Exorcist (2016), The Catch (2016), The Whispers (2015), Greek (2007-2011), The Bronx Is Burning (2007), Spin City (1996-2002), Muscle (1995), and Speed (1994) among other movies and TV shows.

In the show, Dr. Jay comes with bad jokes and high fives and is very energetic. According to Alan, “My name is Dr. Jay. I used to play basketball” was his first joke and his ice breaker. Alan confirmed that it was something he did regularly.

Speaking with, Alan shared that it is one of the characters he was played where the character makes big mistakes and goes for broke and just doesn’t quite make it. The actor also shared that director Michael Showalter was the one who thought of this role for him.

Commenting on Dr. Jay, Alan told E! News “Even though Dr. Jay Rosan may have behaved foolishly, in this particular story nobody called him an idiot, whereas Connor is constantly reminded that he’s just not cutting it—mostly by his siblings.” Alan thought Jay was “someone having a midlife crisis and totally captivated by this young woman and her schemes, which he really wanted to believe was true.”

Meanwhile, speaking with about the show, Alan explained, “It is a comedy in the classic sense that you watch stories about foolish people, and then hopefully you don’t make those mistakes.”

Dr Jay Rosan At Theranos

When Elizabeth Holmes brings in Sunny Balwani to help run the company and lands a major business deal with drug store Walgreens. And comes Dr. Jay Rosan who helped broker and worked as an executive in Walgreens’ health-innovations unit. Walgreen spends $50 million on Theranos.

As reported, the partnership between Theranos and Walgreen began when Dr. Jay met Theranos’s Elizabeth randomly at a health-technology conference. Walgreens had built a successful vaccination model in stores. They were looking to invest more in the medical lab business.

In 2011, Walgreen got serious about investing in Theranos leading Walgreens, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Jay made arrangements for Walgreens to pay Johns Hopkins to evaluate their investments. Johns Hopkins would test Theranos’ technology in their labs to ensure it could perform its purported tests. But, Theranos didn’t give the machine. Dr. Jay and other Walgreen executives visited Theranos.

They were disallowed from seeing the lab and they were worried Theranos would move forward with a competing drugstore chain if they pressed Theranos too hard for access.

So, without any verification, Walgreens continued and announced the deal in 2013. They started Theranos testing centers in Arizona and California. But, the tests were never done in Theranos machine. In June 2016, Walgreens terminated the partnership.

What Is Dr Jay Rosan Doing Now?

Dr. Jay Rosan kept working in Walgreens after the deal fell through. He spent most of his career as Vice President of Health Innovation. He was also a part of the Walgreens Innovation Network. Rosan is well-known for being one of the HMO of Pennsylvania’s initial medical directors. In addition, he is a co-founder of Medovation.

Jay was recently appointed to the board of directors of Group K Diagnostics (GKD), a firm that focuses on biological inventions. He appears to be in the Gwynedd Valley area of Pennsylvania.

How Much Is Dr Jay Rosan Net Worth?

Dr. Jay Rosan has a net worth above $2 million.

At the start of his career, Jay started out as a family physician and serial entrepreneur with experience in a variety of areas, including medicine, health insurance, the Internet, and broadband delivery. He was the managing partner of a successful family practice that grew from one physician to eight. Because of its strong beliefs, respect for patients, and holistic approach to care, the practice became and continues to be one of the most successful in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania.

Dr Jay Rosan Age

Reportedly born in 1945, Dr. Jay Rosan turned 77 years old in 2022.

Dr Jay Rosan Wife

Dr. Jay Rosan hasn’t shared much about his relationship. His marriage escapes public knowledge.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dr Jay Rosan From?

Dr. Jay Rosan was born to his parents Howard Rosan and Suky Koralsky in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a brother named Dr. Stuart Rosan. He is currently living in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

  • How Tall Is Dr Jay Rosan?

Dr. Rosan measures tall above the height of 6 feet 1 inch.

  • Is Dr Jay Rosan On Instagram?

Dr. Rosan is not on Instagram. However, you can find him on Twitter (@jrosan) and Facebook (@jay.rosan).

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