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Lorraine Fuisz Bio, Now, Age, Husband, The Dropout

Meet Lorraine Fuisz, wife of Richard Fuisz, a family friend of Elizabeth Holmes’s parents. Lorraine was close with Elizabeth’s mother Noel. She also appears on HULU’s TV show The Dropout. So, who is Lorraine? How old is she? How many kids do she and Richard have?

We explain it all below so keep on scrolling to learn more about her.

Who Plays Lorraine Fuisz On The Dropout?

Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub plays Lorraine Fuisz, wife of Richard Fuisz in Hulu’s The Dropout. Lorraine was a friend of Elizabeth’s mother Noel. Both of them were stay-at-home mothers back then raising children of similar ages. Lorraine’s son was in Elizabeth’s class at St.Patrick’sEpiscopalDaySchool, the neighborhood’s private elementary school.

Noel and Lorraine were in and out of each other’s houses. Both of them shared the love of Chinese food and often went out for lunch while the children were in school. Elizabeth and her brother frolicked in the Fuiszes’ pool and attended the Fuisz children’s birthday parties. While Richard was away, the Fuisz home’s power went out, so the Holmeses took Lorraine and her two children, Justin and Jessica, in for the night.

Although their husband didn’t have a pleasant relationship, that didn’t stop the two from maintaining a good relationship.

Coming to the actress portraying the role, actress Mary Lynn Rajskub plays Lorraine. The Detroit, Michigan-based actress is an American actress, comedienne, and singer. The actress who is of Irish, Czech, and Polish ancestry has 120 credits as an actress. The Larry Sanders Show, The Army Show, Magnolia, Veronica’s Closet, Sweet Home Alabama, Kelsey Grammer Presents: The Sketch Show, Grilled, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Be a Gentleman, The Mentalist, 2 Broke Girls, The Girlfriend Experience, Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy, A World Away, and Criminal Minds are some of her notable works to date.

Where Is Lorraine Fuisz Now?

Now, Lorraine Fuisz is living with her family in Franklin, Tennessee. Not much is known about her current life.

Lorraine Fuisz Husband

After things started to crumble for Theranos, her husband was ready to do anything to bring them down. He also talked a lot about the Holmes family.

Richard also faulted Elizabeth’s mother Noel for her indulging her daughter’s childhood fantasies. He explained to Inc., “Elizabeth’s mother, Noel, told my ex-wife about Elizabeth’s idea for a wrist bracelet with needles that would test peoples’ blood in real-time, detect diseases, and administer drugs all in the same device. These are the thoughts of a child.”

Since then, Richard has made several posts on his Twitter regarding Noel. In December 2021, he wrote on Twitter, “Physician. Noel Holmes. Noel, you took such pleasure in the courtroom during the unfair and false action against my Family. How am I to feel now as your daughter faces the likelihood of prison. Remember YOU raised Elizabeth.”

“Our kids grew up with their kids. They were jealous of our family,” Richard claimed according to Oxygen. “I was a physician who had many patents and made money off of them and knew Arabic.” He even claimed that Holmes’ mother “programmed Elizabeth to be like me, invent and learn a language.”

In the show, her husband is played by actor William H Macy.

William also explained that when he was filming it was an ongoing investigation at the time and all the information that he needed was on the script. Thus, William didn’t want to meet the real Richard.

How Many Kids Does Lorraine Fuisz Have?

Lorraine Fuis and her husband Richard share two children, a son Justin and a daughter Jesse James. Justin is married to his wife Brittany. He is the founder and CEO of Fuisz Media and attended Georgetown University. Lorraine and Richard’s only daughter Jesse James married in February 2021 with her husband Travis. She graduated from USC.

Her husband Richard was previously married to Patricia Fuisz. Patricia worked as a nurse and was the mother of his three sons Joseph, John, and Dr. Tony Fuisz.

Joseph is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School. He works as an attorney, inventor, and entrepreneur. He founded Fuisz Pharma LLC.

Moreover, Joseph is married to his wife Helena Robinson since 2006 and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He is currently serving as the CEO of NOVA Thin Film. Joseph also did cross-checking of Channing Robertson, Stanford professor of Elizabeth.

Whereas, Tony is a Cardiologist and not much is known about John.

Lorraine Fuisz Age

Reportedly born in November 1946, Lorraine Fuisz reached the age of 75 in 2021.

Lorraine Fuisz Job

There is no information on Lorraine Fuisz’s job.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Lorraine Fuisz Maiden Name?

Lorraine hasn’t revealed her maiden name.

  • Is Lorraine Fuisz On Instagram?

No, Lorraine doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. However, she has been featured a couple of times on her husband’s Facebook.

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