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Eilyn Jimenez Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height, Designing Miami

After shows like Fixer Upper and Flipping Out we have Designing Miami. A recent release on Netflix (21 September 2022), it is a show about a young Latino power couple Eilyn and Ray Jimenez juggling their work and personal lives. They are competitors and a married couple who run competing interior design firms in Miami, Florida.

Eilyn, who opts for a more minimal approach, is the founder of Sire Design, a team fronted by all Latina women based in Miami. Find out what else we know about her in this writing called ‘ Eilyn Jimenez Bio’.

Eilyn Jimenez On Netflix’s Designing Miami

The official trailer for Designing Miami gives us a glimpse into the relationship between show stars  Eilyn and Ray Jiminez as they dream of becoming the most notable interior designers not just in Miami but in the world.

Also, another theme of the show, it seems, is that Eilyn and Ray Jimenez despite being perfectly wedded in matrimony and business, do not always see eye-to-eye when it comes to interior design. In fact, that is what is believed to be the beauty of this whole unscripted show.

In Eilyn and her husband’s journey to making South Florida chicer one house at a time, she with a minimalist aesthetic and he with a more maximalist approach, are also joined by their just as passionate group of staff.

And since we are talking in detail about Eilyn, she will be seen in tune with her all-ladies staff (lead interior designers Valentina Leon and Karina Perlaza, Camila Milagros as a junior interior designer, Andrea Ritter as an architectural drafter, and Maria Gabriel Hernandez as architectural drafter) at Sire Design and well all of them have promised it will be worth a watch.

As for Eilyn, she is the founder and creative director of the company. With her impeccable ability to juxtapose bold style with tasteful elegance, Sire Design has become renowned throughout the country. If you also need to know, this Miami-Based Interior Design Studio, specializing in high-end residential and commercial build-outs and renovations, was instigated in January 2007.

Eilyn And Ray Jimenez’s Relationship

Eliyn and Ray Jimenez got married on 16 October 2019 in front of their closest family and friends at the most epic party they ever had in beautiful Sitges, Barcelona, España. Now, looking at the glimpses from the day that they put on social media one can say the celebration they had were fairy-tale-come-to-life.

The couple first met in 2017 and the next year on August 29th they got engaged. They were away celebrating Eilyn’s 29th birthday in the black mountain of Santorini Greece and Ray had planned it all. That he will also get down on one knee as he wished her a ‘happy birthday’. And so it happened and soon Eilyn also had taken to the internet to show off her giant diamond ring.

Eilyn Jimenez Age

Eilyn Jimenez turned 33 years old in 2022.

Who Are Eilyn Jimenez Parents?

Eilyn’s father is Rolando Cueto. On IG @rolando.cueto, he turned 54 in November 1967 and has been seemingly always based around Miami, Florida. Eilyn’s mother, Miriam also had an Instagram account (@mirimir2000).

Eilyn loves her parents dearly and believes one day is not enough to honor how special they are to her. Yet, now and then she thanks them for being there for her, for showing her the way, for being patient with her even when she made it difficult for them, for believing in her and encouraging her to dream, being her greatest supporter throughout life, and most importantly for cheering her on to fulfill all her crazy dreams.

As for siblings, Eilyn has a sister named Lisette Victorero. On IG @lisettevictorero, Eilyn is also into the real estate business. In fact, it seemed like the realtor/general contractor is also in a way part of Netflix’s Designing Miami. It was also her who had organized a beautiful bridal shower for Eilyn back in the day.

How Much Is Eilyn Jimenez’s Net Worth?

Eilyn Jimenez, who is also actively involved in designing pro-bono projects, and her husband Ray were believed to be standing at around $2 million net worth as of 2022.

An interior designer’s salary is based on the number of projects they can tackle in a year. But Eilyn being a top-rung professional in Miami, should be making more or less than $55,000 to $60,000 annually.

What’s more Eilyn also has celebrity clients at times and even takes on multiple projects simultaneously. So, one can expect her income to be more in the range of $70,000 per year.

As for Ray, he is the founder and creative director of the design house Raymond Nicolas, also based in Miami.

Eilyn Jimenez Height

Beautiful Eilyn Jimenez stands above 5’4” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Eilyn Jimenez’s Birthday?

Eilyn Jimenez’s birthday is on August 29th and that makes her a Virgo.

  • Where Is Eilyn Jimenez From?

Eilyn grew up in a loving Cuban-American family. Since both her parents were immigrants, she said, life in the United States was a bit challenging initially. Yet they learned to fit right in and Eilyn had a lovely childhood.

On Facebook, she mentioned always being a Miami, Florida native. So, if not in Cuba, she was born in Miami.

  • What Is Eilyn Jimenez Maiden Name?

Elilyn Jimenez’s maiden name is Elizabeth Cueto. At times people also called her Emilio Cueto.

  • Is Eilyn Jimenez On Instagram And Facebook?

Eilyn Jimenez could be found on Instagram @eilynjimenez_ and there were 94 posts and 4,708 followers on it as of 22 September 2022.

Eilyn also actively shared glimpses from her on Facebook.

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