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Elizabeth Finkelstein Bio, Cheap Old Houses, Age, Net Worth

Elizabeth Finkelstein has returned on HGTV with a new show called Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House? She who is known for Cheap Old Houses is collaborating with her husband and few others to restore old houses. Read all about her here.

In this bio, we bring you details about her age, net worth, parents, and more.

Elizabeth Finkelstein On HGTV Cheap Old Houses

Elizabeth Finkelstein and Ethan Finkelstein who is best known for Cheap Old Houses have returned with a new show titled Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House? The new show premiered on May 14, 2024, at 10 p.m. ET.

Elizabeth and Ethan take prospective ancient house buyers on visits to two real estate listings and assist them in assessing their suitability for affordable restoration before embarking on the eight-episode season’s journey from pipe dream to dream home.

“This show follows the natural evolution of our Instagram feed, which started off, and still does very much at its heart, showing people old houses for sale,” Elizabeth shared. “But as people started buying them [the houses], we started to realize that it would be really fun to help people understand that it is possible to restore them.”

“This [restoring an old house] is a long game. We get them in the door and it’s up to them to continue to build on the restoration of this house and continue the journey,” says Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and Ethan then work with architectural designer Scott Reed and interior designer Jennifer Salvemini to assist the homeowners in discovering, restoring, and revitalizing these incredible, character-rich homes and structures.

“It’s giving people the permission and showing them how to do it,” Ethan added. “We’re trying to inspire America that homeownership can be possible. You can still buy cheap old houses all across America.”

“If you love House Hunters, if you love This Old House, if you love interior design shows, this gives you all the best of the best into one little one hour segment. And we couldn’t be happier with it,” says Ethan.

How Much Is Elizabeth Finkelstein Net Worth?

In 2024, Elizabeth Finkelstein has an estimated net worth above $1 million. With her fascination for restoring old hoses, Elizabeth started getting traction on Instagram via her profile Cheap Old Houses currently has 2.8 million followers. The former historic preservationist has become an unconventional social media influencer thanks to the site’s following.

Elizabeth Finkelstein is a specialist in unpolished diamonds, far from the glitzy Hamptons or homes in the Hollywood Hills. The Instagram community of ancient home hunters loves her findings, such as a Gothic Revival asking $15,000 in Georgia and a $9,900 colonial that recently went up for sale in Virginia. Her posts receive thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Her parents meticulously repaired her childhood home, an 1850s Greek revival, which she claims occupied the weekends of the first ten years of her existence. This endeavor sparked her passion in historical homes and contributed to her talent for marketing them.

Elizabeth knew there was something unique about the brick house in Queensbury, N.Y., an hour north of Albany, having grown up there and even been married there. She was therefore irritated when her parents found it difficult to sell it when she was in her 30s.

“They had a really hard time finding a realtor who knew how to sell it,” Elizabeth said. She thought she could do better.

Coincidentally, she had recently quit her position as a preservationist at a nonprofit research organization in Greenwich Village, New York City. While looking for a home in the suburbs of New York, she had two goals in mind: starting a family and figuring out how to work from home.

“I wanted something that would allow me to spend time with my child,” she said. “I didn’t want a five year gap on my resume.”

Elizabeth then launched CIRCA Old Houses, a property listing website centered on the mystique of vintage homes, in 2013. Ads for real estate typically highlight characteristics like luxurious appliances and large square footage, which aren’t always present in older homes. Finkelstein takes a distinct approach, emphasizing woodwork, charm, and historical features.

After the website went live, Cheap Old Houses and Circa’s 50,000-follower Instagram account swiftly became viral.

According to Elizabeth’s LinkedIn states that she is a writer at Country Living Magazine and Researcher & Copywriter at Town Residential. Previously, Elizabeth worked at Openhousenewyork as a program manager, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission as a researcher, Pratt Center for Community Development as a research consultant, Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation as Director of Preservation & Research.

Furthermore, Elizabeth also states that she worked as Chair, Mentoring Committee at Damsels in Design NYC, Copywriter, Tour Guide & Architectural Historian at Free Lancer ( Self Employed), and Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute.

Elizabeth went to New York University, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy, and Pratt Institute.

Elizabeth Finkelstein Age

Born 1980, Elizabeth Finkelstein is 44 years of age.

Elizabeth Finkelstein Maiden Name

The maiden name of Elizabeth Finkelstein is Elizabeth Solomon.

Who Are Elizabeth Finkelstein Parents?

Elizabeth Finkelstein was born and raised by her parents Dr. Joel and Gail Solomon. She grew up in one of the most historic homes in Queensbury, New York, on Chestnut Ridge Road.

Her dad Joel is currently 76 years of age. Whereas, Elizabeth’s mom Gail is 73 years old.

Joel works as a pediatrics specialist who has over 49 years of experience in the medical field. Gail appears to be working as a Program Coordinator at Mediation Matters.

Elizabeth Finkelstein Height

Elizabeth Finkelstein stands tall above the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Elizabeth Finkelstein On Instagram?

Yes, she is. Elizabeth’s Instagram account has (@elizabethfinkelstein) 432 followers.

  • When Is Elizabeth Finkelstein Birthday?

Elizabeth Finkelstein’s birthday is in April.

  • Where Is Elizabeth Finkelstein From?

Elizabeth Finkelstein hailed from Queensbury, New York.

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