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Emma Broyles Siblings: Brendan And Benjamin Broyles

Emma (Leigh) Broyles, the 100th anniversary Miss America is the first Miss Alaska to be crowned Miss America. She is also the first titleholder first Korean-American. Most Americans are aware of who Emma is. But did you also know about her siblings?

Emma was born in Anchorage, Alaska to Julie and Ronald Broyles. But she is not the only one born to these amazing parents. Let’s find out who they are.

Who Are Emma Broyles Siblings?

Emma Broyles is a middle child as she was born after her older brother Brendan Broyles and before the youngest one in the family, brother Benjamin Broyles.

Like Emma, Brendan and Benjamin are second-generation Korean Americans. Their maternal grandmother and grandfather, Myung “Sarah” Kim and Boo Yul “Paul” Kim, first migrated to the United States more than 50 years ago, right before their mom was born.

Meet Brendan Broyles, Emma Broyles Brother

Emma Broyles has spent a lot of her life on the sidelines cheering on Brendan at sporting events. Brendan has Down syndrome.

Emma recently talked to NBC NEWS not just about her longtime activism, her identity as a biracial Asian American, about her advocacy for Alaskan Native communities, but also exchanged so much about her brothers.

She recalled how growing up with her brothers they all played soccer together and as they got older, it was harder for Brendan to keep up with the other kids his age.

Emma talked about the incident when that made her first realize her brother was different. Their mother had enrolled Brendan in their local Special Olympics chapter. At the time, she said, she kind of got this almost maternal instinct, sibling instinct, to look out for him and to make sure that he had the same opportunities as she did.

This way, the siblings have been always close. In an August 2021 post on Facebook, their mother wrote how when Emma left for college two years ago, it was hard on Brendan. He had missed her and asked about her all the time. Two years later, Brendan was going through it again when his brother Ben was gone.

  • Brendan Broyles Age

There is seemingly a year of age difference between Brendan and Emma. So, Brendan should have turned 20 years old in 2022. As for Emma, born on 25 July 2001, she turned 21 the same year. But then, NBC NEWS in a 24 November 2022 article mentioned Brendan as a 22-year-old and this also contradicts not just ours but also Wikipedia’s reporting. Like Wikipedia, we believe that Emma is a middle child and Brendan is the youngest of the siblings.

  • Brendan Broyles Job

Brendan Broyles is an athlete in the Special Olympics and a primary source of inspiration for Emma’s activism as Miss America.

He graduated from high school in May 2018 making his family, especially his mother, very proud. Sharing glimpses from his graduation day later on her Facebook, she had written that she still gets a little choked up when she thinks about the look on Brendan’s face when he crossed the stage. She often says that she is proud of who he has become and thankful for all the people who have helped him get here in life.

  • Is Brendan Broyles Married Or Dating?

The relationship status of Brendon Broyles was not known until the time of this writing.

Meet Benjamin Broyles, Emma Broyles Brother

Benjamin Broyles is often called by the shortened “Ben” by his friends and family.

  • Benjamin Broyles Age

Benjamin Broyles is two years older than Emma. So, he should have reached the age of 23 in 2022.

  • Benjamin Broyles Job

There is some time before Benjamin Broyles starts paying his bills. Now, he is a student at the University of Miami. He enrolled in the college in August 2021 for a Bachelor’s degree, Biomedical Engineering program. Now, he is expecting to graduate in May 2025.

Before this, Benjamin attended Service High School where he received his High School Diploma from 2017 – 2021. He was really popular here. He was in the school’s varsity soccer team and he was also honored with the award in the ‘Humanitarian, Role Model’ category. Benjamin was also an active member serving as treasurer of the Service High School Partners Club. A youth leader for the Special Olympics Alaska Unified Champion Schools Program, he volunteered hundreds of hours over the course of his involvement.

Benjamin’s mom is apparently a teacher at this same school. She is said to be teaching students from grades 9 to 12.

As for the father, Ronald Broyles is a member of the Lakehill LRSA in Alaska, representing Seat C. He assumed office on 18 April 2017. So, his term ends in 2023.

  • Is Benjamin Broyles Married Or Dating?

Benjamin Broyles was clearly not married by 2022. As for if or not he has been dating, he chose to keep this information to himself.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Emma Broyles Siblings Reside?

In 2022, Brendan continued living in Anchorage, Alaska. However, Benjamin had moved to Miami, Florida for his college.

Like themselves, Brendan and Benjamins’s parents were both born in Anchorage, Alaska, too.

  • Are Emma Broyles Siblings On Instagram?

Only Benjamin Broyles had an Instagram account as of 25 November 2022. But, even this account @benbroyless with 1 post and 1,060 followers was kept private at the time.

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