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Erin French Net Worth, Parents, Height, Married Life

American Chef Erin French, who is the owner of The Lost Kitchen, a huge 40-seat restaurant located in Freedom, Maine is now doing better in her life than ever. First, she battled her way through depression and addiction problems, then clawed out of the dark times and got The Lost Kitchen running again, and now she stars in the new Magnolia series, The Lost Kitchen.

This article will be all about Erin. Read until the end of the article to know about Erin’s married life, divorce, net worth, parents, and more.

How Much Is Erin French Net Worth?

By 2022, Erin French’s net worth was estimated to be under $1.5 million.

People reported that Erin’s inspiration to become a chef was formed in her childhood. Erin reportedly spent most of her free time in her family’s diner. The food and the surroundings around her had a major impact on her life. “My whole childhood is filled with memories there,” French said. “I remember the nutmeg-laced donuts, so warm and crunchy — I can still taste it. Food ran through our entire family. We were surrounded by it,” Erin told to People.

With the support of her mom, Erin started an underground supper club in her early 20s. She continued working there until she had the skills and knowledge to open up a big restaurant.

Along with the help of her former husband Todd French, she set up the first The Lost Kitchen in late 2011. Eventually, the restaurant was run out of their apartment in Maine and it caused a great deal of stress for Erin so much so that she had to take Xanax and Ambien prescriptions to lessen the effects of depression.

Over time, Erin developed an addiction to Xanax and Ambien. In 2013, Erin sought help and went into a rehabilitation facility. While at rehab, the famous chef got to know that her husband at the time Todd had secretly closed their restaurant and changed the locks.

After getting out of rehab, Erin had to fight through a bitter divorce and the custody battle for her only child. Although it initially seemed like Erin would never be able to stand tall after all the things that she had to go through, she was up and running in no time.

Erin clawed out of those times like a pro and opened up The Lost Kitchen again. She even documented all the dark times in her life in a memoir called Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Story: Remaking a Life from Scratch.

As an author, Erin has also written another book named The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and a Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine: A Cookbook.

For her extraordinary cooking skills, she has been nominated for James Beard Award for Best Chefs in America four times. What’s more, she ended up being a semifinalist in all the awards ceremonies.

Erin French Married Life

Talking about Erin French’s married life, her first husband’s name is Todd French. Todd is a professional boatbuilder and he was married to Erin from 2006 to 2013. They also have one child, or, Erin’s only child, from their relationship. The kid’s name is Jaim.

Although Jaim does not appear very often on Erin’s Instagram, she wished him his 17th birthday. In September 2019, she made an Instagram post and wrote, “Wow how time flies. Hard to believe you only turned 17 today. Happy birthday to my dear, sweet, kind, and magical Jaim!” in the caption.

After almost 5 years of breaking up with her first husband, Erin found a man for herself, Michael Dutton, in 2018 through an online dating site. Together, they tied the wedding knot on August 24, 2018, and Erin revealed the news on August 27 of that same year. Erin took to Facebook on August 27, 2018, and uploaded their wedding picture with the caption, “Sometimes you have to trust that the hard times, the pain, and the tragedies in life have a purpose… If I hadn’t gone through it all, I would have never found you @mjdutton196 and all of these rich and beautiful moments that have come along since. Believe in second chances as I can tell you they exist.”

Erin French with her husband, Michael Button, during their wedding.

On August 24, 2020, the couple celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary. In an Instagram post from August 24, 2020, Erin uploaded a couple of their pictures and wrote, “Two years of wedded bliss with my best friend, biggest supporter and greatest love. Happy Anniversary @mjdutton808,” in the caption.

To talk a little about Erin’s man, Michael is a managing partner and a co-founder at 6ccMedia. A board member of the Judson University World Leaders Forum, Michael is also the Head of Media Relations at The Lost Kitchen. Erin’s husband also completed his studies at The Haverford School and Boston University.

Erin French Maiden Name

Erin French’s maiden name is Richardson.

Who Are Erin French Parents?

David Jeffery Richardson and Deanna Richardson are Erin French’s parents. Erin worked with her father, David Jeffery Richardson, at their family diner in Freedom, Maine.

As of February 2022, Erin’s parents were no longer together. David and Deanna got married on August 18, 1979, and were likely divorced in January 2019.

Erin French Sister

Aside from her parents, Erin French also has a sister, Alicia Richardson. As of this writing, Erin was working as a sales agent. Erin’s sister Alicia is also an inspiring nutritionist.

Erin French Height

Erin French stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

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Born in 1980, Erin French was 41 years old as of Feb 2022 according to

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Likewise, although we don’t know the exact date, Erin’s birthday falls in November every year.

  • Is Erin French On Instagram?

Yes, Erin is on Instagram and has a huge following on the platform. As of February 2022, Erin also had 160 thousand followers on Instagram. Also, you can find her on Twitter and Facebook as well. F

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