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Meet Conner Williams, Tradwife Estee Williams Husband!

Tradwife Estee Williams is blowing up on TikTok and it is time to know a little more about her husband Conner Williams. This article brings you details about his age, job, and relationship. So, who is Conner?

Find out more about Tradwife Estee Williams’s husband as you keep scrolling down this article.

Meet Conner Williams, TikTok’s Tradwife Estee Williams Husband

TikTok’s Tradwife Estee Williams is currently married to Conner Williams. Tradwife has been posting about her relationship details to her followers along with content related to what it takes to become a trad wife. Conner and Estee met each other while they were in middle school. In one of her TikTok leading up to her marriage, she shared that she is marrying the boy she used to tease when she was in middle school.

Estee revealed in March 2022 that Conner proposed to her with her dream ring, princess cut solitaire. She captioned the IG post, “Today I am blessed beyond compare. My best friend proposed to me in the mountains 🤍 it’s so surreal that you Conner Wayne Williams will be my husband very soon. I am the luckiest woman to call this man all mine. The effort you put in day in and day out never goes unappreciated. You are truly one of a kind baby. I will love you forever.”

The engaged couple married at her childhood church Richmond’s First Baptist Church in January 2023. Explaining more about her marriage, she added, “Our wedding ceremony was beautiful and so emotional. Becoming one under God will forever be our biggest blessing. We incorporated the Christian tradition of foot washing to represent humility and serving your spouse, the unity candle representing becoming one, and of course communion. This day will forever be my most treasured memory.”

Estee also imparted a few tips to strengthen her marriage. Such as, she avoids unwanted interactions without her husband around like going to the gym alone which she does only with Conner. She also doesn’t let her husband help her with chores in the house as he works a labor job. Estee also lets her husband make big financial decisions and prepares meals according to Conner’s preferences.

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The married couple hasn’t shared any plans regarding their plan for having kids yet.

Since her TikTok exploded, Estee has been featured on Mirror and DailyMail. Speaking to Mirror, she said, “People are afraid to completely depend on a partner, but in an ideal world that’s what marriage is about. I worked as a nanny until we got engaged in 2022, but I stopped because I’d always aspired to this lifestyle.”

She added, “I’ve had tons of criticism since I started posting on social media. A lot of people think I’m taking women back to the 1950s and find it completely distasteful. But I believe nobody should be shamed for their choice.”

Estee wears 1950s-style clothing – choosing to don dresses rather than leggings. Estee’s Christian faith has inspired her decision to serve her husband, which she described as “an act of honor in the eyes of God”. Despite online critics calling Estee “backwards”, she believes being a trad wife gets a “bad rep” and said she and Conner are “equally reliant on each other”.

For Estee, cooking is a big part of fulfilling her responsibility to her husband. “I spend anywhere between three to five hours in the kitchen every day,” she said. “It’s important that my family has home-cooked meals and to not have overly-processed foods.”

The couple also hunts their own food – including deer, doves, and rabbits. “My husband is an avid hunter and we usually keep game meat in the freezer all year round,” she said. “Our freezer is full of hunted meat. The only other thing we can fit in there other than that is a bag of frozen fruit.”

On top of cooking for her husband, Estee keeps their house looking spick and span and believes in “serving him completely in the home”.

Apart from cleaning and cooking, Estee and her husband have a very traditional way of life. “We don’t keep a TV in the living room or bedroom,” she said. “We minimize usage and only watch on the weekend. If we want to watch a movie, we’ll watch on a laptop. A lot of women today wear leggings the whole time – and I used to be like that. But outside the house, I believe in wearing dresses that cover your body a little bit better.”

Estee said the secret to their relationship is trust.

Conner Williams Age

As of March 2023, Conner Williams is 23 years old.

Who Are Conner Williams Parents?

Currently, there is no information about Conner Williams’s parents. He hasn’t posted any pictures or shared any information about his family members.

Conner Williams Job

Conner Williams has a job as an electrician. According to his Facebook, he works at Davis & Green Services. According to, an electrician makes a salary of $25.68 per hour in Virginia. 

Is Conner Williams On Instagram?

Yes, Conner Williams is on Instagram (@c_williams1331) and Facebook (@conner.williams.39982).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Conner Williams Birthday?

As per his IG, Conner Williams’s birthday is on 17 May.

  • Where Is Conner Williams From?

Conner Williams is originally a native of Richmond, Virginia.

  • How Tall Is Conner Williams?

Based on his pics, Conner Williams stands tall under the height of 6 feet.

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