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Ethan Smith Bio, Family, Height, Job, Too Hot To Handle

“I think Lana’s going to have a job on her hands…I’m a bad boy by nature” Ethan Smith updated his social media BIO as he decided to become one of the participants in Too Hot To Handle Season 4. The world came to know about Ethan on this Netflix show sometime later on after it premiered on 7 December 2022.

Keep reading and discover who Ethan is and what happened to him on Too Hot To Handle.

Ethan Smith On Too Hot To Handle

Ethan Smith arrived on Too Hot To Handle only on S04E04. He however did not get to make a solo entry. He was joined by fellow newcomer, Peruvian bombshell Flavia Laos.

Once in the game, Ethan in beginning only had eyes for Sophie as he picked her for his first date. But, Sophie declined to use his “free kiss” pass gifted by Lana. So, Ethan left her out in the cold and instead decided to go after Flavia. Soon afterward, viewers also saw Ethan moving on to Brittan, who by the time had grown tired of James’s obsession with the prize pool. So, even here, Ethan succeeds in splitting up Brittan and James.

Ethan Smith Dating Status

Ethan Smith did not seem to be dating anyone at this point in his life. He was also supposedly single when he went on Too Hot To Handle. According to the show’s co-creator Louise Peet, favorable qualities required to be cast on this dating game show are a) being hot, b) you’re young, and c) you’re a commitment-phobe. Considering this, Ethan must have fit the bill in terms of his habits, in terms of his love life, and his commitment phobia.

As of late 2022, Ethan did not appear to have really fallen in love with anyone from the show. He continued to give a ‘single man’ kind of vibe, often traveling and hanging out with friends. He sure may not have found himself a girlfriend on this journey. But, he certainly left the show with some friends. One can tell from his social media sharing, lately, that he found bromance with fellow contestants Seb Melrose, and Creed McKinnon.

Yet, we can also certainly tell one or two things about Ethan’s preference for ladies. There are a couple of videos on his TikTok where Ethan’s lip syncs to songs, telling ladies who are not into the gym and who are not blondes to keep their distance. When a woman “has that blue eye” and blonde hair, he finds it to be the “killed combo”.

He also admits to being a “bad boy by nature”.

How Old Is Ethan Smith?

Ethan is 26 and hails from Bristol, England. His birthday is currently unknown, but since he’s 26, we know he was born in 1996.

Ethan Smith Family

One can tell Ethan Smith is really fond of his family. He often mentions them on his social media posts. Yet so far, we could only tell that he has a mother and a younger brother.

Back in 2020, during the first global COVID pandemic time, we saw him document helping his much younger brother get fitter. Ethan’s then chubby-appearing brother was starting his new secondary school and he had asked his older brother to help him get fitter and lose some weight. Ethan in turn was super excited and happy that he wanted him to help. For some time afterward, Ethan kept on giving updates on his little brother’s weight loss journey. He was happy that he was doing good. Ethan said he was enjoying the training and that in turn, they were also bonding really well.

Ethan Smith Height

Ethan Smith stands above 6 feet in height. On 27 November 2022, he took to his social media to share that he is 20lb down and “happy again”. Motivated more than on other days, he said he was hoping to stick around this weight this time.

Other than being big on the gym, fitness, and healthy habits, Ethan is also truly covered in tattoos.

Is Ethan Smith On Instagram?

Yes. Ethan Smith could be found on Instagram @smithethan. On this personal blog, there were 245 posts and 28K followers as of 14 December 2022. Apart from showing glimpses of his many travels and workouts here, Ethan also routinely uploaded fun videos on his TikTok account (@smithethan1). Here, at the time of this writing, he entertained some 23.3K followers. His TikTTok videos tend to be an extension of what he posts on Instagram rather than anything different.

Ethan Smith Job

Outside of the newly found reality TV fame, Ethan Smith is a fashion model. He especially likes his job when it demands him to go abroad. Earlier in 2022, he loved shooting in Lisbon. He mentioned he was there for work purposes.

An up-and-coming influencer, Ethan also makes his living from brand endorsements. More recently, we saw him endorsing Dapper Dan‘s hair products.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ethan Smith From?

Ethan Smith comes from Bristol city of England. This place, if you don’t know, is straddling the River Avon in the southwest of England with a prosperous maritime history.

  • When Is Ethan Smith’s Birthday?

Ethan Smith had not yet revealed on social media the facts concerning his birthday, when is it, and how he celebrates it.

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