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Felicia Rosario Bio, Now, Age, Instagram, Sarah Lawrence

Meet Felicia Rosario, the victim at Sarah Lawrence College. Where is she now? How old is she today? Is she on Instagram?

Delve into details with this article here.

Felicia Rosario On Hulu’s Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence

One of the victims of Lawrence “Larry” Ray featured in Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence on Hulu was Felicia Rosario. Over the course of nearly ten years, Larry preyed on college students’ fears, previous pain, and innocence. He moved into his daughter’s dorm room at the prestigious liberal arts college Sarah Lawrence College in New York in 2010 and began abusing students he had “treated” sexually, psychologically, and physically.

The three-part series examines the disturbing atrocities committed and the mental pain through records and film. As they try to regain their lives, survivors also offer their own firsthand perspectives.

Felicia had been introduced to Ray by her sister Yelitza and brother Santos, a student at Sarah Lawrence. The Columbia medical student and Harvard grad became so enamored of him that she would refer to him as her “husband.” She and Isabella Pollock were there when the FBI searched the house where they were staying. A federal judge gave Ray a 60-year jail term in January after finding him guilty of a number of offenses, including sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor, and conspiracy.

Felicia sat down with TV Insider and talked about why she made the decision to appear on the show. She said, “When the opportunity came to do the documentary, I was still with Larry. Larry decided he wanted to proceed. I was doing it to help him, really because he didn’t give us a choice. Then after he got arrested. I started to really start to see what was happening and what was going on. I realized the situation I was in, and I went back to Zach.”

She added, “After I figured out what was going on, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. Then I came back to Zach and was like, “I don’t want people to think Larry is a good guy. I want to make sure people know the truth about who he was and what he did to me.” And so I wanted to set the record straight. And set the record straight on me.”

Felicia told the outlet that she found the interview process therapeutic. She said, “It was incredibly helpful to talk to someone willing to listen. We were looking for the same thing. We were both trying to get to the truth. Having that partner in Zach helped. He asked tough questions, but those are the hard questions I wanted to find answers to for myself.”

Where Is Felicia Rosario Now?

Felicia Rosario shared that the experience she had for years was very traumatic for her. She added that some of the experiences that she had gone through, she has blocked it off now and doesn’t remember at all.

She added, “There was so much more. To be honest, that clip you saw of him bodyslamming me in the kitchen and me screaming, I don’t even remember it happening. Sitting here talking to you right now, I don’t remember. I definitely have blocked out a lot of the horrible things he had done to me for my own sanity.”

If provided with the opportunity to speak to Larry, Felicia said that “Truth Wins”.

When asked about how her life is now, Felicia replied, “Life is good right now. I have my family again. I’m reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I am working and living independently. I don’t have a path back to medicine yet, but I hope to find my way soon.”

Felicia is currently working as a Senior Associate II at Princeton Consultants. She has been employed there since July 2022. Her job specification includes Project management, strategic planning, risk management, and software development. At the time, Felicia was a Columbia and Harvard University medical graduate.

In September 2022, she attended ENTITY Academy and earned a certificate in Data Science.

Felicia Rosario Age

In February 2023, Felicia Rosario is 40 years old. She was born in June 1982.

Felicia Rosario Parents

Felicia Rosario is the daughter of Martiza Rosario and Santos Rosario Sr. Maritza is 64 years old born in 1959 hailed from Río Verde Abajo, La Vega, Dominican Republic.

Moreover, she has a sister named Yalitza who is 33 years old. Furthermore, their brother Santos is currently 31 years old.

Is Felicia Rosario Married?

Currently, not much can be said about Felicia Rosario’s married life. She is very reserved about her dating life and hasn’t shared much on her socials.

Is Felicia Rosario On Instagram?

No, Felicia Rosario is not on Instagram. However, she has a Facebook (@felicia.rosario1).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Felicia Rosario Birthday?

Felicia Rosario’s birthday is in June.

  • Where Does Felicia Rosario Reside?

Felicia Rosario is currently residing in the Bronx, New York.

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