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Santos Rosario Bio, Now, Age, Wife, Larry Ray, Sarah Lawrence

Santos Rosario is one of the victims of Lawrence “Larry” Ray who survived the cult before it turned for the worse that it was. During his testimony in 2022, Santos made some shocking revelations, Larry made him and his sister wear diapers because they were “acting like children.”

Santos testified during his third day of testimony in Manhattan Federal Court that he left the ominous cult in 2015 as he became more and more afraid of “The Ray Family’s” leader. When Ray told him and his sister Felicia, who was also a part of the strange cult, to wait around Ray’s Upper East Side apartment wearing just diapers, Rosario claimed he decided he had to leave the group.

The siblings’ diapers were placed on by Isabella Pollok, Ray’s right-hand lady who is also accused in the case.

“I don’t remember the context or what we were being blamed for this time but Larry said that me and my sister were supposedly acting like children and he had Isabella put diapers on us,” Rosario reflected during his trial. “We just waited there until Larry said we could take them off.” Santos left the cult after five years in order to avoid Ray’s interrogations and physical assault. He then moved into a homeless shelter.

“I couldn’t take it anymore. … These interrogations with Larry started getting scarier and longer. And I couldn’t articulate at the time but I was terrified to be there. So I just looked for an opportunity to run away. I had been in the shelter before so they sent me to the same one I had been in the year before,” Santos revealed.

Learn more about him below int his article below.

Meet Santos Rosario, The Larry Ray Cult Survivor

Santos Rosario had high hopes when he left for the prestigious liberal arts Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, back in 2009. However, his hopes were quickly crushed. The truth is that because of his mental health issues and family issues, he didn’t have the best time in high school. As a result, he was truly delighted once he made real, compatible friends on campus.

It should therefore come as no surprise that his group chose to relocate into the Slonim Woods 9 dorm townhouse during their sophomore year in 2010, which ultimately signaled the start of his downfall.

Santos later started dating his roommate Talia Ray, which only served to reinforce her praise for her father Larry as he moved in the following year. Due to the way he handled himself and claimed to have been set up, the fact that he had just recently been released from prison also didn’t appear to worry the then-youngster, which further impacted their interaction.

The college student admitted it disturbed him that his father was supposedly frequently unfaithful after observing Larry seemingly assisting another roommate with her personal issues.

Santos initially thought Ray was likable and reliable. But the friendship quickly took a sinister, deceptive turn. By 2011, she claimed Ray was continually accusing him of wasting his time, poisoning him, and damaging his possessions while constantly demanding money as payment for the purported betrayal. He claimed that Ray had total control over him.

Santos had no idea that Larry had used this moment of weakness as his perfect opportunity to become violent in all senses—abusive, coercive, controlling, and manipulative. It really began so well that the young man introduced the man to both of his older sisters, Felicia and Yalitza, in the hopes that he could help them as well.

However, it quickly devolved into sheer agony. Along with eventually moving in with Larry and a few other people in a small flat, this three were also pitted against one another to the point where their once-trusting relationship broke down.

According to evidence presented in the 2022 trial, Santos believed he was part of a scheme to kill Ray that implicated Ray’s former closest buddy, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik. Ray served as best man at Kerik’s wedding in 1998, but he later testified against the former top police officer in a corruption case. He claimed that he truly thought he was using ricin to poison Ray and the other members of “The Ray Family.”

In 2022, Santos appeared on Hulu’s show Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence.

Where Is Santos Rosario Now?

Despite everything that occurred, Santos was finally able to leave Larry’s cult in 2015 after becoming more and more afraid of the leader and his right-hand woman (also known as a lieutenant), Isabella Pollok. The last straw for him, though, was not the cash, the slaps, the chokeholds, or the knife against his genitalia, but rather the way Larry had Isabella punish him and Felicia by putting diapers on them.

Though it’s important to note that the kid was subjected to so much pressure by the abuser during extortion interrogations that the kid once called his mother and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t aid him.

Returning to Santos’ escape, the then-mid-25-year-old decided to live in shelters because he had no idea how to even get back to his family’s house after realizing he was out of the cult’s area. It was understandable that he found it difficult to accept responsibility even though his parents had made it obvious that they would always welcome all three of their children with open arms because none of it was their fault.

In 2019, Santos briefly returned to the cult, but after having a sincere chat with federal prosecutors, he quickly grasped the severity of the situation and permanently turned his back on it. Thus, after Larry’s arrest in February 2020, he was given the authority to not only testify against him but also establish contact with his family.

Santos Rosario Age

Santos Rosario is 31 years old as of 2023. He was born in August 1991.

Santos Rosario Wife

Currently, there isn’t much about Santos Rosario’s married life. He is keeping his personal life away from the public eye.

Is Santos Rosario On Instagram?

No, Santos Rosario is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Santos Rosario Birthday?

Santos Rosario celebrates his birthday in August.

  • Where Was Santos Rosario Born?

Santos Rosario was born in Bronx, New York.

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