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Frances Hoge Harper Bio, Age, Husband, Leave It To Geege

Lifetime’s new show Leave It To Geege is all about Geege Taylor and her “perfectly imperfect family”, which also includes her mother Frances Hoge Harper. The oldest in the family, Frances is filled with wisdom and jokes about her granddaughter’s arts.

Let’s get to know her better as this Frances Hoge Harper Bio proceeds. 

Frances Hoge Harper On Leave It To Geege

Leave It To Geege premiered on January 12, 2022. But the viewers were shown a glimpse of Frances long before — on its teaser. The clip went:

Frances: I’m just concerned about one thing…

Harper: What?

Frances: You doing Nudes! (jokes)

Harper: Oh my Gosh! (chuckles a little)

If you’re new to the show Harper is her granddaughter. She is an art enthusiast who attended the University of Georgia. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she even did some commission works charging around $50 for mini human figure charcoal drawings.

Frances’s other grandkid is the show’s star, Pootie Taylor (who was diagnosed with autism at 8 months old). His real name is Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley III. Reportedly, Pootie attended Beverly Hills High School and later graduated from Yale University. But strangely, his FB @ainsworth.dudleyiii mentioned that he was from Shanghai, China, and lived in Jerusalem, Israel.

And obviously, Frances’s daughter Geege Taylor is the show’s lead. She helped others on their journey of raising an autistic child. Talking about what makes this show different Geege shared that unlike a bunch of other reality TV shows filled with drama, Leave It To Geege was all about “a family and a community who comes together and supports several people with autism on the show.”

Also, Geege recalled the first time the crew of 15 came to her house. “It was crazy,” she said. However, over time she just kind of forgot that there were people in her house with cameras from sunup to sundown.

The filming of the first season was completed in 3 months in December 2021.

Frances Hoge Harper Age

Frances Hoge Harper was born in 1942. That made her 79 years of age when she first appeared on Leave It To Geege in 2022.

Her daughter Geege was around 54 then.

Is Frances Hoge Harper On Instagram?

No, Frances wasn’t on Instagram as of 2022.

However, reach out to her over Facebook @frances.h.harper.

Frances Hoge Harper Husband

Frances Hoge Harper is one of the lucky ones! She was still married to her husband-of-over 5 decades William “Billy” Whitegeah Harper as of 2022.

Back in Dec 2021, Geege even made an appreciation IG post for her parents — putting pictures of them from when they were young — captioned, “Puddin and Pappy. This is before they got old as hail but even at 100, they still look great.”

However, they still had a long way to reach 100 then.

“Your folks are gonna kill you for calling them 100!” a comment wrote.

Frances Hoge Harper Job

Frances Hoge Harper is retired now. Well, if we have to we can label her job as a “reality star.” But other than that, Frances didn’t seem to have been involved in any other jobs as of 2022.

Growing up, Frances suffered from dyslexia and struggled a lot with her studies. However, she pushed through Athens High School in Athens, GA, and later even graduated from the University of Georgia.

Knowing the struggles of dyslexia, and having an autistic grandkid, also made her a perfect cast to help others in need.

Did you know: Frances’ granddaughter also attended the University of Georgia.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Frances Hoge Harper From?

Frances could be from Athens, GA.

She spent all of her life there.

  • What Is Frances Hoge Harper Maiden Name?

Frances’ maiden name is “Hoge”.

  • How Tall Is Frances Hoge Harper?

She stands tall at a height under 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

  • How Many Kids Does Frances Hoge Harper Have?

Frances has at least two kids — Geege and Susan Harper.

Her daughter, Susan went on to marry Everett Jones III and welcomed three kids with him, namely — Everett Edward Jones IV, Mary Frances, and Catherine Taylor. Unfortunately, Catherine unexpectedly passed away on Feb. 17, 2018, at the age of 17.

As for Geege, she is divorced twice. One of her ex-husbands is Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley Jr, a Mercer Univ-W. George L.S graduate who went on to become a lawyer at the Georgia State Bar. The pair were married in 2002 and the two kids featured on Leave It To Geege are theirs. We have no idea why they divorced, but we do know is they were separated before 2010.

Fortunately, Geege found love again and was dating a photographer/film producer named Mark George as of 2022.

Talking more about her family, Frances is the oldest of 5 kids. Her great grandfather is Chancellor David Crenshaw Barrow, after whom the Barrow Elementary School in GA, US was named.

Also, she has an uncle named Legare Walker Hoge Sr. who lived in  Athens, Georgia.

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