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Pootie Taylor Bio, Age, Real Name, Dad, Leave It To Geege

A brand new family docuseries Leave It To Geege launched on Lifetime on 12 January 2022 and we were introduced to many new faces and personalities who have never been to the reality TV screen before. Among them is Pootie Taylor.

Now let us tell you everything about him including his journey on the show in this ‘Pootie Taylor Bio’.

Pootie Taylor On Leave It To Geege

Leave It To Geege Geege features Angie ‘Geege’ Taylor, an Atlanta area-based single mother of two whom life could be a Lifetime movie, as the makers claim. These two kids are Pootie Taylor and Harper Taylor.

So, Geege has been twice-divorced, survived breast cancer has been all along advocating for autism acceptance in hopes to educate and help others navigate their way through the ups and downs of raising an autistic child. That is of course following her first-hand experience with her non-verbal son Pootie.

Therefore, Geege’s family, including Pootie, are just as much a part of this show. There’s Geege’s Southern to the core mother Puddin’ (Frances Hoge Harper) and Pootie’s elder sister Harper Taylor.

Anyway, let us tell you more about Pootie Taylor on Leave It To Geege.

Pootie was diagnosed with autism when he was a baby. He was taken for an autism assessment at 18 months and was diagnosed within five minutes.

As a result of it, Pootie can not speak and struggles cognitively. So he was going to a school where he received speech, occupational and behavioral therapy, the last time we checked in 2019.

Pootie currently lives with his family in Athens, Georgia, and Pottie’s best friend, Nicky, is also a cast member of the show. Nicky, as it happens is also Harper’s best friend besides George, and Tyler who are also part of this reality venture.

Tyler, full name Curtis Elliott, here, other than being a family friend is Pootie’s caregiver too.

What Is Pootie Taylor’s Real Name?

Pootie Taylor’s real name is Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley III, which he was given after his father, Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley, Jr.

Pootie Taylor Dad

Just as the theme of Leave It To Geege suggests Pootie Taylor’s parents are divorced and no longer living with each other.

Anyway, let us tell you who Harper’s dad is.

Pootie and Harper’s dad Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley, Jr. married their mother Geege on 18 February 2002. Afterward, Harper and Pootie were born.

So, Pootie’s parents were seemingly married until before 2010. As of that time, Harper’s mom was dubbed as a stay-at-home mother who resided in Athens with her two kids and husband Ainsworth.

Fast forward to several years, Ainsworth has been practicing as a lawyer at JUSTIA LAWYERS in Georgia. Meanwhile, his ex-wife and Pootie’s mom, age 54, seemed content in a different kind of life also taking care of kids. Of course, that life also includes her boyfriend, Mark George.

Pootie Taylor Age

Pootie Taylor turned 19 years old in 2021.

Is Pootie Taylor On Instagram?

Pootie Taylor was not on Instagram until 16 January 2022. But, one could locate him on his ‘Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley III (Pootie)’ Facebook; where he pointed out one or two facts about him. It says Pootie lives in Jerusalem, Israel, and is from Shanghai, China which disagrees with the claims made on Leave It To Geege. Because according to the latter, Pootie and his family are now based in Athens in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Pootie Taylor Job

Pootie Taylor’s above-mentioned BIO also implies that Pootie’s job is to organize shrimp tails at Captain D’s; that, he studied at Yale University and went to Beverly Hills High School. (So you know, Captain D’s is a seafood restaurant serving freshly caught quality made seafood since 1969.)

Pootie’s mother Geege has revealed the rest of the story of her and Pootie’s life also in her book. The matriarch says she used to worry about her son’s future and how he would be dependent on her for life. But that, now, she is so glad he will be living with her.

And Geege is okay knowing that her son will never be a journalist, a doctor, a lawyer, an author, or work for the President of the United States. Because she believes he has been put on this earth for a far greater cause — to teach everyone around him what pure love is.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Pootie Taylor Birthday?

It is on the 29th of September that Pootie Taylor celebrates his birthday. So yes, he is a Libra. As they say, Libras born on September 29 are sensitive people who enjoy keeping secrets.

  • How Tall Is Pootie Taylor?

Pootie Taylor stood below 5’10” tall as of January 2022.

  • Is Pootie Taylor Dating?

Because it is Pootie Taylor’s mother Geege who is updating fans about big/small events in her son’s life, we can also rely on her to tell us when Pootie is dating someone.

Geege strongly believes that just because her son is special does not mean he is “not getting the ladies”. So, she was super proud of Pootie when, back in July, Pootie found “true love” in his girlfriend Kendall Jolly. Together, they made a couple of appearances on Geege’s Instagram @geegetaylor. Kendall too posted a couple of pictures with Pootie with the caption “all smiles for the best summer hanging with my best guy!!” on 5 July 2019.

Pootie Taylor with girlfriend Kendall Jolly (PIC: Instagram)

Today, however, it was not clear if these two were still dating.

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