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Geege Taylor Bio, Age, Job, Ex-Husbands, Leave It To Geege

Geege Taylor has been through a lot. She’s been divorced twice, battled against breast cancer, and raised a baby with autism. No wonder, her past experiences make her an expert in helping people raise their autistic children. And Lifetime has documented it all on Leave It To Geege.

Keep reading this Geege Taylor Bio to learn more about it. 

Meet Geege Taylor, Star Of Leave It To Geege

Lifetime’s new show Leave It To Geege premiered on January 12, 2022, and it saw Geege Taylor and her “perfectly imperfect family”, helping others on their journey of raising an autistic child.

So, her “perfectly imperfect family”, included her son Pootie Taylor (who was diagnosed with autism at 8 months old) and her daughter Harper Taylor (an art enthusiast). But there were no signs of her ex-husbands over the first few episodes.

According to Geege, “there’s a lot of heart in this show.” Unlike a bunch of other reality TV shows filled with drama, Leave It To Geege was all about “a family and a community who comes together and supports several people with autism on the show.”

Also, Geege recalled the first time the crew of 15 came to her house. “It was crazy,” she said. However, over time she just kind of forgot that there were people in her house with cameras from sunup to sundown.

The filming was completed in 3 months in December 2021.

All excited for the see herself, Geege took it to her IG a day ahead and on the day of the premier to promote the show. 

Did you know: Geege’s story was once featured on Dailymail back in May 2019.

Geege Taylor Ex-Husbands

One of Geege Taylor’s ex-husbands is Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley Jr (son of Ainsworth and Mary Faye Thomas Dudley Powell). He is a Mercer Univ-W. George L.S graduate who went on to become a lawyer at the Georgia State Bar.

The pair were married in 2002 and the two kids featured on Leave It To Geege are theirs. We have no idea why they divorced, but we do know is they were separated before 2010.

Geege’s other husband remained a mystery to us.

Talking a little about Geege’s kids, Harper Calhoun is a University of Georgia graduate who was very much into arts. She even did some commission works during the COVID-19 pandemic, charging around $50 for mini human figure charcoal drawings.

Find her over IG @harperportraiture, and FB @harper.calhoun.7.

As for Pootie, his real name is Ainsworth Gatewood Dudley III. He went to Beverly Hills High School and later graduated from Yale University. Strangely, his FB @ainsworth.dudleyiii mentioned that he was from Shanghai, China, and lived in  Jerusalem, Israel.

“I’m in love with my son and he’s amazing,” Geege once shared about her son.

Trivia: Pootie’s caregiver’s name is Tyler, and Nicky is his best friend.

Geege Taylor Boyfriend

Geege Taylor was dating a photographer/film producer named Mark George as of 2022.

Her boyfriend, Mark @markgeorge spent most of his life on the back of a Harley. Then in 1978, he met an out-of-work photographer in a small hotel in the Scottish Highlands, and the incident changed his life.

Since then, he’s been in the photography industry forever 30 years and has worked with World’s most respected photographers including Sir Don McCullin and the two great, late photographers Terence Donovan and Richard Avedon.

How Old Is Geege Taylor?

Geege Taylor was around 54 years of age when she first appeared on Leave It To Geege in 2022.

The star’s real name is Angie Taylor but she’s also known as Angie Dudley or Angie Harper.

Geege Taylor Job

Geege Taylor might be a reality star, but before that, she was recognized as the author who wrote a book about her life. Besides that, we have no info on what other jobs ventures she’s been upon. Even her Linkedin wrote her only “experience” as “me” in “Me and Co.”

However, we do know that she was a stay-at-home mother in 2011.

Maybe she’d always been busy advocating for autism acceptance, she didn’t get enough time to carry on with her career. But Geege has no regrets if that’s the case. She once confessed even if Leave it to Geege lasts one or 10 years, she’ll be satisfied with the experience but won’t stop campaigning for her son or others with autism. 

The last we saw her, Geege was partnered with the award-winning production company World of Wonder, working for autism acceptance.

As for her education, Geege is a 1986 Clarke Central High School graduate.

How Much Is Geege Taylor Net Worth?

Geege Taylor garnered a net worth of under $400 thousand by 2022.

But this may soon rise, as Leave It To Geege rise up the charts.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Geege Taylor Born?

She was born and raised in Athens, Georgia.

  • Who Are Geege Taylor’s Parents?

Geege’s parents are Frances Hoge Harper and William “Billy” Whitehead Harper. The two were together ever since they were in their 20’s and even as of 2022, they were happily married.

For reference, Frances who is a University of Georgia alumna was born in 1942.

Other members of Geege’s family include her sister and her “Navy captain, Harvard graduate, beer-drinking, belly-buster laughing Yankee” uncle Andy.

  • Is Geege Taylor On Instagram?

Yes, find her on IG @geegetaylor, and Facebook @angie.dudley.773.

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