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Gabrielle Nieves Bio, Age, Job, Chris, IG, Love During Lockup

Meet Gabrielle Nieves from WeTV’s reality show ‘Love During Lockup’. She is one of the cast members who is currently maintaining a relationship with a jailbird partner. The show unfolds details on how they are maintaining their relationship. Scroll down this Gabrielle Nieves Bio.

Here you’ll learn about her age, job, information on Chris, and her IG.

Love During Lockup: Are Gabrielle Nieves And Christopher Still Together?

WeTV has returned with some of the bizarre prison love stories in their show “Love During Lockup”. The show featured the pair Indie and Harry, Max and Tara, Gabby and Chris, Haley and Dalton, and Santiba and Talsey. The five partners who are outside of the prison are ready to let the camera into their romantic lives.

This particular article unfolds information related to New Jersey resident Gabrielle Nieves and her partner Christopher.

As the story goes, Chris who was a cellmate of the boyfriend of Gabby’s cousin saw her photo and wanted to get in touch with her. She admitted that it wasn’t something she wanted to get into initially but she succumbed to it eventually and started talking to him. They have been in a relationship since 2019.

But his generosity is something that stood out. Christopher offered to pay her phone bills so she could talk to him. He also paid her rent and bought her a $20,000 BMW which looked “as good as new”. But, Gabrielle ended up dismissing the fact that she was her “sugar daddy”. Talking about her relationship she explained, “We take part in our relationship 50/50. I know how to handle him and he knows how to handle me.”

In the promo of the show, Gabby explained that she visits him every week on Saturday and even touches each other even though it isn’t allowed. About being ready to share her relationship on national television, she explained that she feels like everyone is in a different situation and she feels that everyone should be able to do just what they want and not be judged by others.

Moreover, Gabrielle shared that she was nervous about putting her story out to the world and being judged but she has already made her move so she doesn’t care.

About her boyfriend, Christopher was incarcerated for six years robbery and possession of drugs. The money he gets to splurge on his beau, he got $150,000 as a settlement deal after guards beat him up on Riker’s Island. Chris also proposed his beau with a $5,000 ring. Gabby announced the engagement on her IG in July 2020 writing, “I said YES”.

Are they still together?

It is most likely so because Gabrielle had admitted that she saw herself being with Christopher for a long time.

Gabrielle Nieves Age

When the show was filmed in 2021, Gabrielle Nieves was 27 years old.

Gabrielle Nieves Job

Talking about her job, Gabrielle worked as a bartender at Orange, New Jersey. She is yet to reveal the establishment she works for.

If you’re interested to know, a bartender in New Jersey makes an average of $26,003, according to ZipRecruiter.

Is Gabrielle Nieves On IG, Facebook?

Yes, Gabrielle Nieves is on Instagram. Her IG account handle is (@realbossgabb_loveduringlockup) that has 1,682 followers. But, her account has only 9 posts as of this writing. She doesn’t seem to have an account on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gabrielle Nieves Birthday?

Gabrielle might celebrate her birthday on 1 June, however, the fact is yet to be confirmed.

  • Where Is Gabrielle Nieves From?

Gabrielle Nieves hailed from New Jersey, United States. She currently resides in Orange but has also lived in New Brunswick, Long Island City, and Matawan.

  • Has Gabrielle Nieves Revealed Her Family?

The relationship with Gabrielle had with her fiance Christopher certainly didn’t thrill her family members. They obviously tried to change her mind but she opted to have a “carefree attitude”. She explained, “Whoever’s with me is with me and whoever’s not, I’m sorry it has to be that way.”

According to Gabrielle’s Instagram bio, her father has passed away. But, we couldn’t find any obituary that unfolded further information on her. Some of the people that Gabrielle is related to include Bernadette and Glen Nieves.

  • How Tall Is Gabrielle Nieves?

Gabrielle stands tall to the height above 5 feet 6.5 inches.

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