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Tiffani Hawes Bio, Net Worth, Spouse, Ladies Who List

Let us introduce you to Tiffani Hawes, one of the realtors and businesswomen featuring on OWN TV’s reality show “Ladies Who List: Atlanta”. This article cover information on her net worth, her spouse, her family, and her career in real estate.

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Tiffani Hawes On Ladies Who List: Atlanta

Tiffani Hawes is one of the six ladies who came together to make up the “Ladies Who List: Atlanta” Cast in 2022. The show aired on OWN on 7 January. The show promises drama while detailing the lives of this group of businesswomen. Top-producing brokers, high-profile attorneys, and luxury agents will star in the show as they navigate their ever-changing work and personal lives while serving clients in the Atlanta real estate market.

But unlike some of her fellow casts, Tiffani is the attorney to close the deal on the show.

The eight-episode series also explores the personal and professional lives of these casts in OWN’s new TV show. Other casts who will be joining the show are Cristyl Kimbrough (closing attorney), Kira Oliver (luxury realtor), Quiana Watson (real estate broker), Robin Andrade (real estate broker), and Tiana Harrison (real estate broker).

Tiffani Hawes Net Worth

Starting with net worth, Tiffani Hawes sits on a total fortune of $1.5 Million.

In 2006, Tiffani graduated from Savannah State University with BS degree in political science and was heading to Texas to attend law school. However, he deviated from her original plan when she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child.

She then put law school off for a bit and went to Augusta State and studied for a paralegal certificate instead. She earned her paralegal certificate in a year and upon graduation, she was hired at a real estate closing law firm named Bush Law Firm, PC making $9.00 an hour.

Tiffani worked there for 1 year from 2007 to 2008. She then found another job working as Real Estate Paralegal at Fletcher, Harley & Fletcher, LLP where she made $30,000 a year.

From March 2009 to December 2012, she worked for Wilson and Associates, LLC as a Real Estate Closing Coordinator/Paralegal.

But during the crash of 2008, Tiffani’s husband lost his job and it was the perfect time for them to move to Atlanta so that she could pursue her law school dreams. After they moved to Atlanta her husband found a new job and she got accepted at John Marshall Law School and started attending night classes in the fall of 2010.

She graduated in 2013 with a JD in Sports and Entertainment.

While attending college, Tiffani also interned at The Riley Law Firm, LLC as a legal intern for three months.

After graduating, she took her bar exam in February 2014 and passed the bar and she founded The Hawes Law Firm in June 2014. Tiffani has been running the company ever since as a real estate closing attorney.

Who Is Tiffani Hawes Spouse?

Tiffani Hawes has been married to her spouse, Jeff Hawes for 13 years. On 30 August 2021, she took to her Instagram and wrote that they tied the knots in 2008, the same day. She explained that they spent $3,000 on their wedding and paid about $200 for her dress.

She wrote, “At that time we had one kid which was DJ. We didn’t start with much but it is amazing how working together, staying loyal, and realizing what is important in life allows you to create something beautiful and long-lasting! It allows you to grow together, build together, amass wealth together, and create long-term wealth for your children.”

Tiffani ended the post, “We have done everything together! Marriage is a wonderful thing and I am thankful Jeff was checking for me at SSU. And yes on my wedding day I didn’t wear any makeup. I always like to keep it simple”.

Now Jeff and Tiffani are parents to three children and as a couple, they are involved in her community. Speaking about Jeff, he is a licensed builder by profession. In a world filled with fidelity and divorce, he had been an example of loyalty and dedication for over 15 years, which Tiffani is very proud of. He had also helped her with a whole office move, from dealing with the contractors’ band and helping organize the whole office.

Tiffani and her spouse have two sons; DJ Hawes and Josiah Hawes, and a daughter named JoLee Hawes. DJ, the eldest child turned 15 years old on 21 October 2021. Their son Josiah celebrated his birthday on 12 December 2021. Moreover, their daughter turned 5 years old on 11 April 2021.

Tiffani Hawes Age

Reportedly born in 1984, Tiffani Hawes turned 37 years old in 2021. She celebrates her birthday on 3 October every year.

Tiffani Hawes Height

About Tiffani Hawes’ height, she stands tall under 5 Feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tiffani Hawes From?

Tiffani Hawes originally belong to her hometown in Columbus, Georgia.

  • Who Are Tiffani Hawes Parents?

Tiffani Hawes was born to her mother DrLori Amor and Fernando Garcia.

Based on the post from November 2021, Tiffani never knew her birth father growing up. She only met him when she turned 17 as a graduation present from her mother. Her mother facilitated the meeting.

Tiffani was grateful to meet him and open to the idea of whatever relationship they could have at that time in my life. In 2021, she moved to Chicago to spend some time with him. Together they formed a deep bond with each other. He passed away on 25 November 2021.

Tiffani’s mom, Dr. Lori is the CEO of 4 Evamor Inc. & 4 Amor Radio. She is currently married probably to Jackie Evans.

She has a brother named Juan Robinson who is married to Courtney Armour-Robinson. Juan currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany. He works in the administration at the United States Air Force and studied Sports and Health Science at American Military University.

Tiffani is of mixed ethnicity and her maiden name is ‘Robinson’.

  • Is Tiffani Hawes On Instagram?

Yes, Tiffani Hawes is available on various platforms. Her Facebook account is (@tiffani.robinsonhawes), her Instagram is (@tiffanihawes_closingattorney), and her TikTok account is (@closingattorneyhawes).

Moreover, she is also on Twitter and goes by the name (@tiffanihawesesq).

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