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Galey Ali Bio, Net Worth, Height, Dale Moss, Who Is She?

Dale Moss, after gaining fame for winning season 16 of The Bachelorette and becoming engaged to the show’s star, Clare Crawley, is back to causing abuzz again. This time around, i.e., after eight months since his second split from ex-fiancée Clare, Dale is now dating another stunning lady called Galey Alix.

So, who is Galey Alix? Let us tell you in the rest of the writing.

Meet Galey Alix, Dale Moss’s Girlfriend

According to E! News and other media outlets, Galey Alix is officially dating Dale Moss (as of June of 2022).

Speaking of the evidence, despite the alleged couple keeping their budding relationship on the down low, Galey is said to have shared the first “subtle” video of them together on her Instagram story on 5 June 2022. But (of course) the video did not clearly show Dale. On it, Galey was seen sitting between someone’s legs next to a fountain while taking in some live music at Hyde Park Village in Tampa, Florida. While the man in the clip was wearing mustard yellow and white sneakers, resembling the shoes Dale wore in a December 2021 Instagram post. Then “casual weekend activities” is what Galey named their outing as.

So, Galey and Dale’s romance speculations come just five months after Dale was spotted out and about in New York City with Argentinian model Florencia Galarza. A source had then told E! News that the pair were just hooking up and things were casual between them.

Galey Alix Ex-Fiance

Galey Alix, who also goes around as Galey Gravenstein, was once engaged and thinking of getting married too; and that happened before Dale.

After a year-long engagement with this man, she left her job and family in Florida to move to Connecticut with her fiancé. The decision however did not turn out well as weeks before the wedding, she realized that he was not the man she thought he was.

So this had happened. As her wedding day neared, Haley realized that she had developed an eating disorder. And when she told her fiancé about it, instead of helping her out he had told her to go back to Florida.

Feeling hopeless and lost, Galey had thus gone back to Florida battling severe depression and anxiety. She was devasted also because, at the time, she had been decorating the dream home she bought with her fiancé.

And that was actually when Galey had also started to uncover her passion for creating spaces. And so when she moved back to Florida, a friend asked her to decorate her house and surprise her like she had surprised her ex-fiancé.

This ex-fiancé that we have already talked a lot about is Wiley Cerilli, who according to his Facebook and LinkedIn, is the Brooklyn, New York-based CEO/Co-founder of Good Uncle, a restaurant.

Galey (of course) did it as a way to recover from feeling devastated, unwanted, and unworthy, and soon Galey Alix Design was born.

Galey Alix Age

Born in 1993, Galey Alix reached the age of 28 in 2021.

How Much Is Galey Alix’s Net Worth?

Galey Alix reportedly had more than $2.5 million as her net worth as of 2022.

As of 2022, she was the CEO and Founder of Galey Alix Design; vice president and director at Goldman Sachs. “I work in finance & have a side romance with DIY design. And my dogs. And videography”, she has put it simply, all things she does, her job and amusements, in a sentence.

Galey like most of her siblings went to the University of Florida. With each of her siblings branching into the medical field, she described herself as the “blonde sheep” who grew up believing that a law degree would be her opportunity to both set herself apart and rise to her own potential.

There is so much Galey has still not revealed to the world. Whenever we spot her in an interview she makes to talk more about things like how tackling homes for her millions of followers helped her tackle herself.

Galey Alix Family

Galey Alix has always known that she is the luckiest to have the best possible parents one could ask for. So, she often gushes about them on social media, on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Apparently, Galey’s mother also has the same name as hers. The elderly’s is Galey Hoover Gravenstein and she also goes around as ‘G Hoover Gravenstein’. Now (2022) a Gainesville, Florida native, she turned 66 in March 2021.

Speaking of her siblings, there is Michael Gravenstein who studied Molecular Biology and Microbiology at the University of Central Florida and also medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine; Karling Gravenstein; Nikolaus Lee Gravenstein who studied at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

So, clearly, two of Galey’s siblings have walked in their father, Nikolaus D Gravenstein’s footsteps; who at the age of 71 has had a very prosperous career in medicine.

Galey Alix Height

Galey Alix, with a genuine track and field background, stands below 5’5” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Galey Alix From?

Galey Alix hails from Gainesville, a city in northern Florida.

  • When Is Galey Alix’s Birthday?

Galey Alix’s birthday is on the 2nd of November. So, she is a Scorpio.

  • Is Galey Alix On Instagram?

Indeed! Galey Alix could be found on Instagram @galeyalix where she had 48 posts and 1.6 million followers as of 6 June 2022.

Galey also entertained 2.9 million followers on TikTok @galeyalix.

On these platforms, and on ‘Galey Alix’ Facebook, Galey said that she worked in Finance on weekdays and on Design on weekends.

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