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Galey Alix Parents: Nik And Galey Gravenstein! Age, Job

The popular social media star, Galey Alix is now dating the Bachelorette alum, Dale Moss. After keeping their budding relationship on the down low, Galey took it to her IG story on June 5, 2022, to share their first subtle video, letting her fans in a little on her love life.

But today, we aren’t here to discuss their relationship. Rather, this article is all about Galey Alix’s parents and her relationship with them. 

Who Are Galey Alix Parents?

Galey Alix loves her parents Nik And Galey Gravenstein. And anyone who’s been following her over socials knows it.

According to Galey, her mother Galey is “one bad *ss mamajama” and she hopes to be even half the “Mom” her mother is someday.

As for her dad, the star had a lot of talk about Nik. She recalled that her father would always crimp her hair before parties, get her breakfast in the bed with Captain Crunch in milk every birthday, and put a flower in a mini vase that he hand-picked from their yard.

Also, Galey mentioned that it was her dad who consoled her she can now “live on an island” when her home was flooded.

On every heartbreak and every letdown, her dad was always beside her with perfectly timed dad jokes that couldn’t even be scripted.

“You’re my first call when I close a big trade at work or after I finish a design project and I just need someone to celebrate with, so that it actually feels like I did something,” Galey dedicated an IG post to Nik on Father’s day 2019.

Meet Galey Alix Mother, Galey Gravenstein

Galey Alix inherits her name from her mother Galey Gravenstein. She is her consummate role model, confidant, always present shoulder, and a forever friend.

Galey’s mother, Galey was born to Dorothy Galey Hoover and Samuel Preston Hoover Jr. Sadly, both of them have long passed away — Dorothy at the age of 82 on Feb. 20, 2011, after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, while Samuel at the age of 73 in Feb 2002.

Talking a little more about them, Dorothy was an identical twin (Maribel) born to Frank and Edith Galey. She was the first woman to be named to the University of Idaho ski team and was very active in the Delta Gamma sorority.

As for Samuel, he attended school at the University of Florida, where he was a member of Kappa Alpha and ran track. After graduation, he then spent four years in the Air Force and moved to Orlando in 1954 to begin his career as an investment adviser. 

Trivia: Galey’s mother also has a brother named Frank Hoover.

  • Galey Gravenstein Age

Galey Gravenstein turned 66 years of age on March 15, 1959.

Her maiden name is “Hoover.”

  • Galey Gravenstein Job

Galey Gravenstein started working part-time jobs right after graduating from Edgewater High, but she never revealed what it was.

Also, we have no information about her career.

  • Is Galey Gravenstein On Instagram?

Yes, find Galey on Instagram @nggators.

Also, here’s her Facebook @ghoover.gravenstein.

Meet Galey Alix Father, Nik Gravenstein

Galey Alix inherits her sense of humor from her father Nik Gravenstein. He’s a cool guy, always making dad jokes, and cherishing others’ smiles. No wonder, Galey said that he never got a day older aesthetically but only wiser cerebrally.

Here’s more about him.

  • Nik Gravenstein Age

Nik Gravenstein was born on April 22, 1951. That made him 71 years of age in 2022; seven years older than his wife Galey.

He was born to parents, Joachim S. and Alix T. Gravenstein. Sadly, both of them have long passed away — Joachim on January 16, 2009, at the age of 83, and Alix at the age of 86 on  June 1, 2015.

His father, Joachim was a graduate research professor emeritus in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida. He married Alix on August 27, 1949, and went on to share 8 kids including Nik.

  • Nik Gravenstein Job

Like his father, Nik Gravenstein the Jerome H. Modell Professor of Anesthesiology in the Division of Multispecialty Anesthesiology, as well as a Professor of Neurosurgery and Professor of Periodontology at the University of Florida.

He earned his medical degree from the University of Florida, where he also completed his residency and fellowship.

Nik was even honored with the 2020 University of Florida College of Medicine Faculty Council Lifetime Achievement Award for all his hard work. That’s quite an achievement!

  • Is Nik Gravenstein On Instagram?

No, Nik isn’t on Instagram.

But you can spot him on his daughter’s IG @galeyalix

Related FAQs

  • Are Galey Alix Parents Still Married?

Yes, Galey Alix’s parents are still married. The two have been together since 1980 and have cherished over 4 decades of married life.

  • How Many Kids Do Galey Alix Parents Have?

Galey Alix’s parents share 3 kids other than Galey.

Their son, Michael Gravenstein was a Psychiatry resident who studied “Molecular Biology and Microbiology – Pre-Med” at the University of Central Florida.

Their other son, Nikolaus Lee Gravenstein worked at the University of Florida College of Medicine. In 2022, he resided in Tampa, Florida with his wife  Kaycee Gravenstein.

As for their daughter, Karling Gravenstein, she was more into yoga and fitness.

  • Where Do Galey Alix Parents Live?

Galey’s parents resided in Gainesville, FL as of 2022.

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