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Meet Wiley Cerilli, Galey Alix Ex-Fiance! His Bio, Age, Job

Dale Moss and designer Galey Alix (née Gravenstein) are dating, says Page Six, US Weekly, and the others.

These headlines come more than one year after Dale, the former football player, and his Bachelorette fiancée Clare Crawley split for good.

If you were wondering if Dale’s new love interest is also new to the internet and people, let us tell you that she is a designer and she actually on her own built an empire of her own and a fanbase of millions. And now, since the news of her and Dale Moss’s romance, people have not just been curious about her and those related to her. Even her already famous ex-fiancé, Wiley Cerilli has found himself amid the discussion.

Meet Wiley Cerilli, Galey Alix’s Ex-Fiance

Galey Alix moved from Connecticut to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2020; to start her own home renovation business and also to get over her recent breakup with Wiley Cerilli.

Later in May 2021, during an interview with the University of Florida, Galey revealed what had actually happened between her and Wiley her, boyfriend turned fiancé at the time.

Wiley and Galey were engaged for a year and Galey thought this was the right time to leave her job and family in Florida to move to Connecticut with her him. The decision however did not serve her well as weeks before the wedding, she realized that he was not the man she thought he was.

As her wedding day neared, Haley realized that she had developed an eating disorder. And when she told Wiley about it, instead of helping her out he had told her to go back to Florida.

Speaking of when all this happened, Galey’s footage of surprising Wiley (fiancé at the time) by converting one of their garages into a gym (from September 2018), still remained on her Facebook.

Feeling hopeless and lost, Galey had thus gone back to Florida battling severe depression and anxiety. She was devasted also because, at the time, she had been decorating the dream home she bought with her fiancé.

And that was actually when Galey had also started to uncover her passion for creating spaces. And so when she moved back to Florida, a friend asked her to decorate her house and surprise her like she had surprised her ex-fiancé. “I felt like my world had been rocked,” Galey told in the interview.

But, in her words, she always pushed herself and was determined to give her pain a purpose. And soon enough, Galey Alix Design was born.

What Is Wiley Cerilli Relationship Today?

Several months later, after calling off the engagement, Galey said, when she was feeling devastated, unwanted, and unworthy in Florida. And Wiley Cerilli had got married to another woman in once a ‘Wiley and Galey’s dream house’ in Connecticut.

And even before Galey, Wiley was married to Allison Mahoney. Wiley had announced his engagement to Allison in March 2011 via a Twitter post. He wrote: “I’m now engaged to Allison Mahoney, the most amazing woman in the world! Enjoying our last day in the Aruba sun!”

Speaking with The Next Web, Wiley then talked about his engagement. He said, “I asked my incredibly amazing fiance Allison Mahoney to marry me on the white sand beaches of Aruba. We had a white cloth table setup with torches lit around it to eat dinner and watch the sunset. We are getting married in 3 months and 8 day… yes, I am that excited.”

Whereas, according to The Knot, they tied the knot on 29 October 2011.

By profession, Allison is an attorney. Almost two months after their engagement Wiley posted another Twitter post dedicating his fiance to graduating from Fordham University School of Law “with straight A’s.” Per her LinkedIn, she is currently working as a publicist at Spiral5 starting from January 2022.

Did You Know: Wiley’s ex-wife Allison was interviewed by Medium.

Wiley Cerilli Age

Born in 1980, Wiley Cerilli reached the age of 42 in early 2022.

Wiley Cerilli Job

Since December 2015 until February 2020, Wiley Cerilli was the co-founder/CEO of Good Uncle; a restaurant that had kits outlets opened at Syracuse University, University of Maryland, Colgate University, and Lehigh University.

On LinkedIn, Wiley also writes that he is very fortunate to have been a part of amazing teams at other ventures at Seamless, SinglePlatform, Experience Camps, and First Round Capital. All these were Wiley’s workplaces in the past before Good Uncle.

How Much Is Wiley Cerilli Net Worth?

Wiley Cerilli, who sold his two-year-old SinglePlatform for $100 million in 2012, must have significantly expanded his $10 million net worth over the years.

After selling the startup, he founded to help local businesses manage their online listings to Constant Contact, Wiley had bought his mother a three-bedroom house; near a quaint suburban town outside of New Haven, a place near to his sister’s.

Before this, the matriarch was renting an apartment in a three-family house in New Haven, Connecticut. And a year before the new house, a burglar had broken in during the middle of the night.

Is Wiley Cerilli On Instagram?

Wiley Cerilli could be found on Instagram @wcerilli (by his full name Wiley Benedetto Cerilli). And as of 6 June 2022, it included 683 followers and 2 posts.

Wiley rather seemed more active on Twitter @wileycerilli and ‘Wiley Cerilli’ Facebook.

Wiley Cerilli Height

Once an avid boxer, according to his ex-partner Galey, Wiley Cerilli appears to stand above 6 feet tall.

Wiley Cerilli Family

Wiley Cerili’s mother, Jane Arnold Cerilli claims on her LinkedIn that she has retired from her full-time job at Bank of America. As of 2022 and she was based in New Haven, Connecticut. Also, she turned 73 in September 2021.

Back in 2012, when the Business Insider, where his then-wife worked, covered his success story as an entrepreneur, he thanked his mother for his success. He had then detailed how his mother’s “5 Lessons” led him to his startup’s $100 million exit.

Also, Wiley made the readers picture the time when she was 17. His father, a real estate developer, had just passed away (due to cancer). And money, in his words, was an issue “to say the least”. His mother had thus sat her kids to ask them for permission to leave her job and start her own business.

For siblings, Wiley has a sister named Anna Cerilli. Professionally, Anna has been the president/founder/CEO of SAYS WHO for a while now; a public benefit corporation formed to increase access to mobility options for children with special needs. Anna has a special needs child of her own. She is Serena; and back in the day, Galey had made a movie for her asking people on Facebook to donate to help special needs children.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Wiley Cerilli Birthday?

Wiley Cerilli’s birthday is on the 20th of January and therefore he is an Aquarius.

  • Where Is Wiley Cerilli From?

Wiley Cerilli reportedly hails from Westport, Connecticut. And currently (as of 2022), he was based in Pawtucket city in Rhode Island.

  • Where Did Wiley Cerilli Recieve His Education?

Wiley went to Moses Brown High School from 1994 until 1998; attended Syracuse University for a year; transferred to NYU and dropped in and out five times.

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