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Geronimo Mörtl Bio, Age, Job, Height, Family, Dating, MIC

Made In Chelsea returned with a brand new spin-off series on 13 August 2023. Its 16 original cast members came back, and the duo Jane Aubrun Mautin and Geronimo Mörtl were also newly introduced in the Corsica season. In the rest of the writing, we shall tell you all about Geronimo Mörtl, who was introduced to the show as a fellow newbie, Jane’s friend. Jane, meanwhile, was brought on the show through Miles Nazaire.

Keep reading and we shall tell you more.

Geronimo Mörtl On MIC Made In Chelsea

With Geronimo Mörtl, this new season of Made In Chelsea has also become the first UK show in TV history to broadcast a three-way kiss between a male throuple.

Geronimo along with Joel Mignott and Robbie Mullett decided to showcase their three-way relationship in this show filmed in Corsica. Actually, in an attempt to depict the dynamic of this relationship sensitively, Channel 4 even employed a “queer expert” to oversee the storyline.

The episodes of MIC see Joel and Robbie, who are in a committed relationship, establish a romantic bond with Geronimo. One scene between them shows them kissing each other before welcoming Geronimo to join them in a three-way moment. About this bond, Joel has described it as “very slow, very sweet, very communicative”. He said, “It wasn’t just about s*x.” Joel really praised the Channel 4 people for having endeavored to really be on their side in the storyline. About the network, he gushed that they worked with them tirelessly to portray their story in the best possible light. Indeed, the TV show has done its utmost to catch this relationship between Geronimo and the duo authentically.

And of course, this is not the first time Made in Chelsea has made TV history like this. In 2020 too, it became the first reality series to show a same-sex wedding. Ollie Locke and his now-husband Gareth had gotten married. Still together, the couple was expecting twins together, via surrogacy, at the time of this writing.

Meanwhile, like Jane Aubrun Mautin, Geronimo was also previously a contestant on the French series La Villa Series 8. So, it appears even before coming on MIC, Geronimo, and Jane knew each other. In fact, people have been saying they are really good friends. These two have also been seen on one another’s TikTok pages, enjoying vacations together and collaborating on content.

Is Geronimo Mörtl Dating Anyone?

As of August 2023, Geronimo Mörtl’s relationship status was not understood. It was not known if he really found love for real in the Made In Chelsea show. He did not give away any hints about it on social media.

A self-confessed flirt and partier, Geronimo to the cameras on Channel 4, said he is bisexual and loves boys and girls equally. Also, he said when he desires someone he will do everything in his power to get them.

Geronimo Mörtl Age

Because Geronimo Mörtl was born in 2001, he reached the age of 21 in 2022.

Geronimo Mörtl Family

At this point, there was no way for us to know who Geronimo Mörtl’s parents are or his sibling(s) are. Also, it was not understood what kind of family background he comes from.

Yet once on Instagram in 2021, he talked about spending part of his childhood living on the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Geronimo Mörtl Job

Geronimo Mörtl is model. He is represented by several modeling agencies including Enjoy Models Agency, Smith Management, and Sway Models.

At the same time, Geronimo also has been pursuing her studies at ITIC Paris, an institution providing BTS to Masters and Professional Training. He got enrolled here in some kind of program that we do not know about in 2022. And so per LinkedIn, he is waiting to graduate sometime in 2024.

How Much Is Geronimo Mörtl Net Worth?

Geronimo Mörtl reportedly had an estimated $100K net worth as of August 2023.

Geronimo Mörtl Height

Brown-haired and also brown-eyed Geronimo Mörtl stands around 6 feet and 4.5 inches in height. His chest-waist-hips measurements on his model profile on ENJOY MODELS’s website is 98-72-96 (inches).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Geronimo Mörtl Birthday?

It is not understood when exactly Geronimo Mörtl’s birthday is. But, because he seems to be an Aries, the day should lie somewhere between March 21 and April 19.

  • Where Is Geronimo Mörtl From?

Geronimo was born in Trinidad and Tobago, a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela. As of 2023 though, he had been residing in Paris.

On his TikTok BIO, Geronimo proudly mentioned the flags of Trinidadians and Tobagonians, and Lebanon. So, these should be his nationality.

  • Is Geronimo Mörtl On Instagram And Facebook?

Geronimo Mörtl was on Instagram, and other social media platforms too, but not on Facebook. As of 14 August 2023, his IG @geronimomrl included 72 posts and 43.4K followers. He also already had a fan page on IG (

On TikTok @geronimo.mrl, he enjoyed 95.1K followers and one could also look him up on his YouTube channel @geronimomrl (5.63K subscribers) and on Twitter (@iamgeronimomrl).

On these platforms, Geronimo mostly has posted travel and trendy fashion fits related content.


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